The Sleepy Girl Guide to Social Security Disability

Artist: Olivia Colleen Smith

A renegade disability guide for Spoonies.

This guide is designed for people with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lyme, and other related conditions. However, most everything in this guide would work for most everyone with any condition.

If you are too sick to continue working, applying for disability may be one of the most important things you can do to help yourself. It can bring you stability, medical treatment, and the ability to take care of yourself.

It can also be a great help to your loved ones who may be worried about you or may be trying to care for you without support.

Reading more and learning more and taking more steps is the best possible thing you could be doing right now. From what I have seen, the people who learn and question and wonder and persist are the people who get approved.

Before you begin, I would like to share one little inside tip: People do not get approved for disability based on how sick they are. They get approved based on how well their illness is documented and how strong their Social Security file is. This is terribly unfair. And yet terribly true. Luckily, you can make your Social Security file really great and give them everything they need to make the right decision. Please read on.

Getting Started 

👗 How Do I Know if I am Eligible?

👗  How to Get Started

👗  How to Decide: Apply Right Now or Wait and See?

👗  How to Improve Your Chances – Before You Apply

Forms & Questions

💠 How to Fill Out Forms & Answer Questions

💠 How to Answer 21 Tricky Questions You May Be Asked

Improving Your Application

🍅 How to Improve Your Chances – Complete List

🍅 How to Improve Your Chances – Short List

🍅 How to Kill Your Social Security Application

Waiting for a Decision 

🍎  How to Wait for an Application Decision

🍎  How to Wait for a Reconsideration Decision

🍎  How to Wait for Your Hearing

🍎  How to Wait for a Decision After Your Hearing

Frequently Asked Questions

💠  How Do I Collect All My Medical Records (even the secret ones)?

💠  How Do I Find a Good Lawyer?

💠  How Do I Double Check What is in My Social Security File? 

💠  How Do I Prepare to Go to the Social Security Doctor?

💠  How Do I Prove I Can’t Work / Can’t Function?

💠  How Do I Find a Sample Disability Letter to Give My Doctor?

💠  How Do I Find a Disability Form to Give My Doctor?

💠  How Do I Know if I am Seeing the Right Kind of Doctor?

💠 How Do I Learn the Social Security Rules for Doctor Visits?

💠 How Do I Have Doctor Visits That Create Helpful Records?

💠 How Do I Get Approved for LTD (Disability Through Employer)?

💠 How Do I Apply for Disability While Working?


🌸 How Document Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

🌸 How to Document Lyme Disease

Success Stories

🐠 How I Got Approved for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

🐠 How I Got Approved with Lyme Disease

🐠 How I Got Approved for Fibro

🐠 How I Got Approved: All Conditions 

Sleepy Girl Tips for an Easier Life

Just in case you did not already have enough to read, here’s a few things you can look through to make your life a little less confusing and a little happier or easier while you are applying.