How To Make a Medical Outline to Help Your Disability Case

Robin Mead

Have you ever met someone who had a great doctor’s letter explaining the ways they are disabled, and yet they still got denied for disability?

Wondering how this can happen?

Here’s one common way:

In most cases, Social Security will not approved someone based on what one doctor writes on one day.

They want to see a history. They want to see that what the doctor said on this one day is similar to things that have been written over time in your records.

We know what you are thinking:

I’ll just give Social Security all my records. Then they can see I have been having problems over time. Problem solved!

If only it were that simple. Your records may be hundreds of pages. It is very common for important things to get overlooked or lost within your records. One way to help make sure that nothing important gets overlooked is to create a summary of your records.


Carnation Makes an Outline

Carnation collected all her records and created a medical history outline. Her outline was so good, the judge copied and pasted the entire thing right into her approval letter! Carnation’s case was approved fully favorable. Carnation Makes a Medical Outline

Rosemary Makes an Outline

Rosemary had a very hard case to win. In fact, all the lawyers turned her away because they said she wouldn’t win. Rosemary proved them wrong. She made a medical outline, and two months later, she was approved. Rosemary Makes a Medical Outline

Holly Makes an Outline

Holly got approved for disability in six months without ever needing to appeal or hire a lawyer. One thing she did to help her case was create this great synopsis: Holly’s Fantastic Medical Synopsis for Disability

Zinnia Makes an Outline

Zinnia made an outline to show how her medical records matched the Social Security Ruling for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She brought a draft to her doctor and he used it to create a letter. Two months later, Zinnia was approved. She never had a lawyer and did not go to a hearing. Zinnia Uses the Social Security Ruling for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Daisy Makes an Outline 

Daisy prepared a draft of her medical history and then shared it with her doctor who used it to create a letter. At Daisy’s hearing, the judge read the letter and said it was the single most important thing in her file. Then he approved her right on the spot! Daisy Wins Her Disability Case with a Letter

Want to Make Your Own Outline?

Before you can create a medical outline, first you will need copies of all your medical records. How to Collect All Your Medical Records (Keyword: All) Please make sure that you do not just collect visit summaries or use what appears online. You will need full records with all secret doctor notes,

If you have a friend or family member who is willing to assist you, this is a great thing to ask for help with.

When you are done with your outline, don’t forget to submit it to Social Security. Some of our readers prepared great materials and had them completely ignored because they were submitted the wrong way or went to the wrong place:  How to Submit

Make It Medical

It is better if you do not include any of your personal writing/thoughts/opinions or research. Direct quotes from medical records only. If you have writing you really want to share, save this and put it in a separate document.

What Do You Think? 

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