If There is Any Chance You Will Ever Apply for Disability…

Robin mead

If you are considering applying for disability, or you think you might someday be considering applying for disability, here’s a bit of info that can really help you out:

How to Protect Yourself if Your Employer Offers LTD

Read this if you are still working and your employer offers disability insurance.

How Do I Know if It’s Time to Apply For Disability?

Read this if you’ve ever asked yourself this question.

How to Have Doctor Visits That Create Accurate Records

Start thinking about this now. What you do right now at your doctor’s office, and what you say right now during your doctor’s visits, may turn out to be important later on. Very important.

How to Be a Superhero (Before You Apply)

Read this if you’ve decided to apply and you want to do some extra special super duper things that may help give Social Security everything they need to approve you quickly!

Bluebell’s Story

Read this if you are thinking, “I can get by fine right now. I’ll wait until I really can’t live without help and then apply.”

What Should I Do? Reduce My Hours? Change Jobs? Apply for Disability?

Read this if you are too sick to work full-time and trying to figure out what to do.

How Do I Know if I am Eligible to Apply?

You don’t need to read this. You can just apply and see what happens. Or you can read this if you want to.

How to Decide: Apply Right Now or Wait and See?

Read this if you have a mysterious or fatiguing illness and you have decided to just keep waiting and see if things get better.

How High Will My Disability Check Be?

Read this if you are curious.

How to Can I Apply When I Can’t Afford the Doctor?

Read this if you don’t have health insurance. Or if you do have insurance, but still can’t afford medical care, lab tests, transportation, medications, etc.

What is the One Thing You Know Now that You Wish You Knew Then?

A survey of people on disability. Learn from the pros.

What Happens if I Don’t Read All My Medical Records?

If there is any chance you will ever apply for disability, now is the perfect time to start collecting, reading, and keeping your records (Hint: Do not read visit summaries. Do not read online records. These are not your full records.)





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