The Flower Girls Get Approved for Disability

Buttercup Makes the Best Disability Application Ever Seen

🌺 My mom was right: you have to do everything yourself. 

Lotus Gets a GREAT Doctor’s Letter for Lyme Disease and Chronic Fatigue

🌺 This letter was instrumental in winning my case. I was approved in ten months!

Violet Wins Her Case with Function Forms

🌺  When I got to court, the lawyer said I had the best documentation she had seen all month.

Daisy Wins Her Case with a Doctor’s Letter

🌺 Two weeks before my hearing, I met my attorney and he told me that I needed a doctor’s letter to make my case stronger. (He was right!).

Dandelion Switches Doctors

🌺  It was the smartest decision I ever made in my life. If I had stayed with that doctor, I never would have gotten approved. I’m certain of it.

Sweet Pea Gets Disability in 4 Months (without a lawyer!)

🌺 Don’t assume that our doctors are knowledgeable about Social Security and know what to do. We need to be our own advocates.

Marigold Gets Disability in 6 Months (without a lawyer!)

🌺  Seven steps Marigold took to win her claim

Acacia Gets Approved Through Observations

🌺 I didn’t know my doctor’s were observing me and writing everything down.

Carnation Makes a Medical Outline

🌺 Carnation’s outline was so good, and so helpful, the judge copied and pasted the entire thing right into her approval letter!

Jasmine Gets Disability in 6 Months (without a lawyer!)

🌺 We put ten things in one envelope. Six months later, I got approved

Laurel Gets Two Great Letters and Two Great Forms

🌺 I filed for disability four months ago and studied everything on this site. I learned yesterday that I was approved! I am thrilled! 

Daffodil Gets an Outstanding Letter for POTs and ME/CFS

🌺 I shared this letter with another family, and they got approved even faster than we were! 

Holly Gets Disability in 6 Months (without a lawyer!)

🌺 There is hope!!!!

Veronica Gets Approved in 9 Months (Without a lawyer!)

🌺 I never expected to be approved quickly because I am 24 years old and have multiple college degrees.

Jasmine Wins Her Case Despite “Normal” Test Results

🌺 Like many people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, nearly all of my tests and blood work came back normal, and I could not afford any fancy testing

Azalea and Willow Get Help While Applying for Disability

🌺 Some people think they have to wait until after they are approved for disability to get help and assistance. No. No. No.

Peony Wins Her Case Despite “Normal” Test Results

🌺 You don’t have to prove you are sick. You have to prove you can’t work. It seems like a small shift in perspective, but it is significant

Poppy Wins Her Disability Reconsideration in 5 Easy Steps

🌺 Only 7% of Requests for Reconsideration are approved. Here’s how Poppy did it.

Rose Uses the Blue Book to Get Approved for Disability

🌺 Rose got approved in three months by using the Blue Book

Daisy Helps Her Mom Get Approved for Disability

🌺 My mom was approved without a lawyer, in the reconsideration process. It was the first time we applied.

Belladonna Turns Water into Wine

🌺 My doctor said she would not fill out disability paperwork. I was so upset.

Jamesia Helps a Friend Get Approved in Two Months

🌺 There are many ways a friend, loved one, or family member can help 

Ivy Starts a New Application

🌺 Ivy spent two years applying for disability and got denied at a hearing. She started a new application and got approved in just six weeks! 

Rosemary Makes a Medical Outline

🌺 Everyone told Rosemary there was no way she would ever get approved.

Holly’s Makes a Medical Synopsis

🌺 Holly was approved fully favorable the first time she applied.

Sunflower Gets Approved for Disability from Toxic Mold

🌺 Even though I hired an attorney, she was useless and told me often: “I will get to it when I can.” So, I began researching on my own.

Social Security Disability Tips from a Former Social Worker

🌸 Amaryllis helped hundreds of disabled clients. Then she became disabled herself. 

Plumeria’s Disability Cover Letter

🌸 The Disability Examiner thanked Plumeria for organizing everything so well. She was approved in three months. 

How I Got Approved for Disability QUICKLY

🌸 Many many flower girls how got approved the first time they applied.

Technical Problems

Cindy Corrects Her Social Security Work Credits

🌸 Cindy was told she was not eligible to apply for disability because she did not have enough work credits. She fixed the problem. 

Michelle Gets Approved Despite Expired Work Credits

🌸 Michelle was told she was not eligible for disability because she waited too long to apply. She didn’t listen.

Sage Wins His Case by Ignoring Social Security

🌺 Even at that point, I knew what they were telling me was incorrect.

ME and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Zinnia Uses the Social Security Ruling for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

🌺 Zinnia’s doctor had never heard of the Social Security Ruling for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Lavender Solves the Problem of the CPET

🌺 The CPET is a great test to help your disability case for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. But there’s a problem!

Iris Gets Tested

🌺 Iris got five different tests while applying for LTD for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Hyacinth Gets an Amazing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Disability Letter

🌺 You can use this letter as a tool with your own doctor to create documentation for your case.

Going to School

Poppy Applies for Disability While in School

🌺 Poppy was in grad school while applying. Here’s how things went.

Hibiscus Applies for Disability While in School

🌺 I was able to live off the student loans until my disability was approved


Peony Appeals (and wins!) Her LTD Case

🌺 LTD is disability through your employer. Peony won her claim for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Dahlia Appeals (and wins!) Her LTD Case

🌺 LTD is disability through your employer. Dahlia also won her claim for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

More Flower Stories

Patty’s Lawyer Never Told Her What She Needed to Know

🌺 I had my lawyer for 15 months. He never once mentioned that anything was wrong.

Aster Figures Out How Much Actual Benefits He Would Actually Get

🌺 One person said $900, one said $1100, another said $980 and another said $1500.

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6 thoughts on “The Flower Girls Get Approved for Disability”

  1. Thank you so much for this blog. I have cerebral palsy and was on SSI and was able to switch over to Adult Disabled Child benefits. I had worked 3 very short term jobs (less than a year each) 20 years ago, so I was worried about my chances of getting approved. I gathered all my medical records, therapy, custom made shoes that were made for my feet, ANYTHING that I thought might prove how much my body had changed with the aging process. I wrote a very detailed daily activities report as well. I wrote out a summary of everything that was a barrier to future employment and brought it to my primary care doctor, who put it in proper medical terms. The two most important things I learned here were stay in touch with the person in charge of your case, and get as much proof of the way your disability affects your life as you can before you apply. I had to call my doctor’s office at least 5 times to get my entire medical record faxed over in its entirety. And each time I faxed over anything that supported my case, I called and checked in.So call constantly and be sure and fax things yourself if you can. It took about 5 months for me to be approved!


  2. I submitted my online application for SSD in February of this year. As of yesterday, I went online for a status update and found that after only 5 (grueling) months, I’ve been approved. Blessing or a curse? Prideful for year’s, I tried pushing through my pain. Bills have got to be paid, right? Finally, I was made to sit down.

    I received a call from a company who stated that were working in conjunction with my insurance and noted I may qualify for disability. I listened and of course there’s always fast-talking and a hidden fee attached. So I instead of being interviewed, I began to interview them and asked “what were the flags that made you think that I could potentially qualify”?

    Before I set out on my on to apply I immersed myself in researching. I wanted this claim to be fail proof. By going onto the SSA’s website, and YouTube for free disability (attorney) consultative advice regarding my impairment(s), I armed myself with what I felt is complete understanding of what is considered “severity” according to their rules.

    I gathered every medical record that I could possibly get my hands on no matter how many year’s they were prior to the filing date as long as they were associated with my impairment. I listed doctors living, or deceased. Practice opened or closed it didn’t matter. I made every follow up appointment took every medication and reported every side effect. I was DETERMINED!

    However, what I was completely unaware of was “after the decision is made”.

    There are so many things that I been completely unaware of until now. What a wonderful resource this is. I haven’t been able to put this aside. – No kidding

    I gone from one resource to another within your website that a new day has come and yet I feel both excited and refreshed 😃

    Thank you for your time and efforts in keep us informed.


    1. Sieta,

      Thank you so much for this beautiful comment and for sharing your story.

      I think you story will help inspire others. I love the way you handled everything.

      Congrats on your approval 💕💕🌷


  3. HI there – I just found this blog and its an amazing collection of excellent information. I am impressed!! I have a success story that I would like to share if you are interested. I am in my 40’s and was approved for SSDI in three months, and I believe this is due in part to all the work I did preparing in advance.

    I also have some good information regarding how to document how your health affects your ability to do your job – I provided this to my doctor who has been supporting people for disability cases for several decades and he said I am the first person who ever did this- and it greatly helped him in his documentation about my disability. . Please feel free to get in touch, I would enjoy the opportunity to share with others who are working on their cases. Thank you!


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