How to Request Reconsideration

Art: Robin Mead

Reconsideration is a short step that comes after your initial application and before your hearing appeal. It is a chance for Social Security to look back on their first decision and “reconsider” if the decision was made correctly. Reconsideration does not happen in all states.

Does My State Have Reconsideration?

Some states removed the Reconsideration stage and then changed their mind and brought it back! This experiment was called prototype test states. As of March 2020, all states are set to bring back reconsideration.

Ho w To Request Reconsideration 

Reconsideration forms are easier, shorter and simpler than the forms you filled out when you first applied. Here’s how you can complete them:

🌷 Online: Here is where you can Request reconsideration Online.

🌷 In Person: You can make an appointment at your local Social Security office and someone there will fill out all the forms with you. Tip: It’s better to schedule an appointment, or the wait may be very long.

🌷 By phone: If you cannot go into your local office, you may be able to request a phone appointment.

🌷 Through a lawyer: Here’s where you can hire a lawyer or representative. There is no cost upfront. Most of our readers report that their lawyers didn’t take any special steps to help their chances during reconsideration. But lawyers can help you fill out the basic forms and they can help more if you are denied again and go to a hearing.


🌷 The deadline is 60 days in their hands (not postmark). If you miss the deadline: What To Do If You Miss a Social Security Deadline

Improve Your Chances

🌷 If you wish, you can also enclose other things with your reconsideration application, and this can GREATLY improve your chances of a fair decision: How To Improve Your Request for Reconsideration

🌷 Also take a look at Veronica’s story. She has some great ideas and tips: Veronica Gets Approved During Reconsideration

🌷 Daisy helped her mom get approved during reconsideration. Here’s how they did it: Daisy Helps Her Mom Get Approved for Disability

🌷 Poppy’s mom helped her get approved during reconsideration. Here’s how they did it: How I Got Approved During Request for Reconsideration

🌷 Here’s a few questions you might be asked on reconsideration forms, along with strategies for making sure your answers are accurate, complete, and helpful: Tricky Questions on Reconsideration Forms

🌷You can request a copy of your file to see how the decision was made: How to Check Your File Your File During Reconsideration

🌷 If you have new material to submit, here’s tips for Best Way to Submit Documents for Reconsideration

🌷 Here’s a different approach: Some people decide not to make any effort during reconsideration and decide to just assume they will get denied at this stage: Getting Reconsideration Over Quickly

What’s Next?

🌷 If you did not yet fill out an Adult Function Form, they may send it to you now. (May also be called “Activities of Daily Living Questionnaire”

🌷 If you did not already go to a visit with the Social Security doctor, you may be sent for one now.

🌷 Many people get denied because their important records never made it to their disability examiner. Don’t let this happen to you. How to Stay In Touch with Your Disability Examiner


🌷 This page is part of the free online guide: The Sleepy Girl Guide to Social Security Disability 

🌷 Art on this page by Robin Mead and Elizabeth D’Angelo.

🌷 Page Updated: 7/1/19


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10 thoughts on “How to Request Reconsideration”

  1. This site has been a God-send to me already; with just a plethora of information that I’ve already been learning thus far!!!! ღTHANK Y♡U!


  2. I applied for reconsideration, got all my paperwork together and mailed it 07/03/2019. I did receive confirmation ticket from post office that it was received at my local social security office on 07/05/2019. However I am so nervous because my 60 days post denial is going to be on 07/16/2019 and I don’t know how to make sure that they will actually start working on my case to reconsider. How to know at this stage what’s going on?
    Please let me know if you know the answer.
    Also thank you so much for this page it helped me a lot to understand how the system works. I wish I knew all this info before I filled initial application.
    I did my reconsideration following your advice. Hopefully it will work this time.


      1. I already have an online account and I have been checking it daily but they did not update info since they send me denial letter. I may try to call them tomorrow. Thank you for your response.❤️


        1. Hello Kim,

          I also received a denial letter in the mail but my online portal says that “a medical decision has been made…” But “still in process” step 2 of 3? I am calling my SSA rep on Monday to find out which notice is correct? Just wondering if you found out anything on your case yet?

          Mark D.


          1. Hello Sir, My Name Is Gypsey. I just came across your post And I seem to be having the same issue with the ssa site. I hope I explain this to you in a manner that makes sense. I applied in July 2016 due to a brain, nerve damage, three level disc stenosis, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, no mobility in left arm the list goes on. I was denied ( now I know most Dr records were marked as received but were not in my file) I appealed January 2017 Every three months since then I fill out medical reports and mail to Appeals office. According to the website on 3/30/2018 A medical decision was made and if they needed more information they would contact me. Here’s the tricky part I was given a court date of 2/25/2019 to appear in front on ALJ. Well that one was postponed. I was given another one 12/3/2019 that one also postponed. When I asked about the March 2018 letter the representative had no idea what I was talking about! According to Hearing Department in Oklahoma they have no idea why my case has prolonged Judge has also questioned it. I now await another court date. I created my online account in April of this year, so Iam dumb found as to how that message got into my updates and why is in dated 3/30/18 My account also says processing step 2 out of 3 But also states Hearing Level. Did you have any luck with answers to that message?? Thank you for your time Sir Have a great day- Gypsey


  3. i have cystic fibrosis and severe depression. after 8, yes u read that right, 8 tries I finally received disability. i live in MN and disability specialists were amazing. i was denied, but they appealed the decision and 4 weeks later was approved! i honestly cant believe it and im scared they are going to say they made a mistake and meant to deny me haha. appealing works!!! also doctors letters are a must!


  4. Question: I applied for Disability in 2014. In 2017, I had a teleconference trial. At the end of the trial, the Vocational Expert testified that I was not able to perform any of the hypothetical jobs. In July of 2017, I received a denial, citing my records do not support my claim. I appealed for a review from the Appeal’s Council. Was notified in September 2018, that request was denied. I started a new claim in October 2018. I just received a denial April 2019. In my denial, they stated that they referred to the ALJ’s decision. How is this a new claim? Also, I just re-read the ALJ’s 13 page decision. She incorrectly states that the Vocational Expert testified that I WAS able to perform the hypothetical jobs listed. This is not so. He said I could not. Could this have impacted my previous outcome? Aren’t the hearings taped or transcribed?


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