How to Get Housing with Section 8

Artwork: Robin Mead

Section 8 is a housing voucher program that can make your rent super cheap. You do not have to live in a special building. It can make your rent cheap wherever you live! (Sort of!)

Section 8 is called different things in different places. You may see it called “Housing Vouchers” or “HUD Housing” or something else.

Section 8 is designed for low-income individuals and families. You do not need to be disabled. However, some areas have special Section 8 housing vouchers just for people with disabilities.

In many areas, Section 8 waiting lists are closed and may only open one week per year. Some people have success by calling or checking the website every week until they see it opens. Make sure to check the website for the agency in your local area that administers Section 8 (this information will not be announced on national websites).

Camellia has been through a long Section 8 odyssey spanning two different states.

She learned a whole lot along the way and I bet you don’t know all, most (or maybe even any) of it.

But now you will. Camellia learned the hard way and she is sharing everything she found out, so you can learn the easy way!

Read Camellia’s story

Learn everything Camellia learned about Section 8

Find out more about Section 8 and other housing programs

Where to apply for Section 8


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