How to Get Section 8 Housing Vouchers

Artwork: Robin Mead

Section 8 has a housing voucher program that can make your rent super cheap.

Section 8 vouchers are very different from other housing programs. If you are on vouchers, you do not have to live in a particular building. You can live wherever you want! (though you have to convince the landlord to accept your housing voucher).

Section 8 is known for being very affordable for people living in poverty. The rent is set at 30% of your income, sometimes less.

Section 8 vouchers can take many years to get into. For most people, it is not an immediate solution. It is a good idea to look into other housing programs for the short term, and apply for Section 8 for the future. It can give you affordable housing the rest of your life, so for many people who are low-income or disabled, it is worth waiting for or relocating for.

Section 8 is designed for low-income individuals and families. You do not need to be disabled. However, some areas have special Section 8 housing vouchers just for people with disabilities.

Housing Vouchers can also be a unique opportunity for people with Environmental Illness, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, or mold-related illnesses. Unlike other housing programs, vouchers will allow you to make your own arrangements for housing, so you have more opportunities to find safe housing. It is not always easy to find a landlord who will accept a voucher, but if you are willing to be persistent, you may be able to create an opportunity for yourself.

Camellia’s Story

Camellia has been through a long Section 8 odyssey spanning two different states. She learned a whole lot along the way and I bet you don’t know all, most (or maybe even any) of it. But now you will. Camellia learned the hard way and she is sharing everything she found out, so you can learn the easy way!

Read Camellia’s story

Learn everything Camellia learned about Section 8

Persistence Pays Off!

In many areas, Section 8 voucher waiting lists are closed and may only open one week per year. (Some only open for one day! Some never open!). If you want to get on Section 8, you have to be very persistent. There is a link below with a long list of strategies for getting on Section 8 waiting lists. If you are able to be persistent, it is very possible.

Learn How and Where to Apply for Housing Vouchers 

Learn How to Calculate Rent in Section 8

Learn How to Get on a Section 8 Waiting List Even When the Waiting Lists are Closed!

Other Housing Programs

You may also wish to look into HUD apartments. This is a different form of Section 8. HUD apartments are different than Housing Vouchers, but they have many of the same benefits and the rent is the same. The only difference is that HUD apartments are located is specific places, and vouchers can be used anywhere. HUD apartments are easier to get into and have shorter waiting lists than vouchers.

How to Search and Apply for a HUD Apartment

How to Find a Real Nice Real Cheap Place to Live Through HUD

Housing Tips For Spoonies

List of other housing programs





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