How To Tell If You Are Seeing Mr. or Ms. Right

Robin Mead

Social Security has some very specific ideas about what kind of doctor they would like you to see. There are certain doctors they’ve decided are the right kind.

Checking to see if your doctor is the right kind of doctor is especially important for Lymies, since many Lyme Literate Doctors are Naturopaths.

Do I have to read this page?

Maybe. You do not have to read more if:

  • All of your physical health doctors are MDs and
  • All of your mental health doctors are licensed psychologists or psychiatrists

If this is your situation, you are safe. If not, you can still get approved, but your life will be much better if you learn the rules. Read on.

What is the right kind of doctor?

The rules you need to follow depend on when you first submitted your Social Security disability application:

🌻  “I first applied before March 27, 2017”

🌻  “I first applied on or after March, 27, 2017”

How does this apply to disability reviews?

If you are already on disability and going through a review, the same rules apply. Think back to when you first applied. Before or after March 27, 2017?

I applied several times. Now what?

If you started new applications more than once, and you are not sure which date they are counting, it may be worth calling Social Security and seeing if they can look this up in the computer for you.

How Important is it to have the Right Kind of Doctor?

Here’s three stories that may help you decide for yourself:

🌻 Belladonna took some super extra special steps to make sure her medical report was signed by the right kind of doctor. She won her case.

🌻 Daisy’s lawyer waited until two weeks before her hearing to tell her she had the wrong kind of doctor! At the last minute, Daisy decided to travel all the way to another state to make sure she had a letter from the right kind of doctor. She won her case.

🌻 Patty’s lawyer never told her she had the wrong kind of doctor. Because of this, the judge ignored a lot of her medical records and lab reports. She lost her case.

Learn More

🌻 How to Greatly, Greatly (Greatly!) Improve Your Disability Application



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