How to Fill Out Forms and Answer Questions for Social Security Disability


Robin Mead

From time to time, Social Security will contact you and ask you some questions. This can happen when you are applying or appealing or after you are approved or in the years to come.

What will they ask? And what will you answer?

Below are some tips, sample completed forms, and ideas for answering interview questions.


You can apply online, on paper, in person, on the phone or through a lawyer. Either way, the questions are all the same. If you have no idea how or where to apply online, on paper, on the phone, or in person, see how and where to apply for disability.

No matter how you apply, you may be asked some tricky questions. Even if someone is helping you, the person helping you may get these wrong! It’s a good idea to learn: How to Answer Tricky Questions When You First Apply. There are three forms for new applications:

FORM #1 – Application for Disability Benefits

FORM #2 – Disability Report Adult

Form # 3 – SSI Financial Questions

SSI is only for people who are poor (for example: people who qualify for food stamps). If you are poor, you should apply for both SSI and SSDI. If you are not poor, skip this part. Although there is a form for SSI, we don’t recommend filling out the form. It is confusing, and it doesn’t help you, since they insist that all SSI applications need to be done by phone or in person anyway.

  • Instead of filling out the form, you can call your local office and request an SSI Financial Interview.
  • Or you can apply on paper using the forms above or online. On the application, be sure to check the box that you “Intend to apply for SSI (Supplemental Security Income)”. They will contact you about the SSI interview – either right now, or after you are approved.
  • Please read this before your interview. Seriously important: How to Handle an SSI Interview


Apply Right – This ebook walks you through the online application. It costs $3. If you don’t have Kindle, you can still buy this by downloading a free Kindle reader onto your computer.

Disability Answer Guide – This one costs $100! However it is easy to read and understand and gives you sample completed copies of every form, plus step-by-step instructions for each form. Expensive, but cheaper than hiring a lawyer. You may find it worth it. Here are some sample pages from this guide.

If you hate forms – You can make an appointment to apply in person at your local Social Security office and someone there will help you with forms. Or you can hire a lawyer and someone from the lawyer’s office will help you with forms.


You will be sent these forms after you first apply. Tips and ideas for answering questions:


Some states have a short stage called “Reconsideration.” Some states go straight to appeals. Reconsideration and appeal forms are way simpler and way less work than when you first applied:


They may contact you to sent up an interview for one, two, or three things:


Every so often you will be sent some of these:


It is possible that at some point you will be contacted and asked to call Social Security or visit the local office. There are different reasons this may happen:

Updated Oct 2017. Please comment below with stories, ideas, questions or suggestions. Please let us know if any links on this page stop working.

7 thoughts on “How to Fill Out Forms and Answer Questions for Social Security Disability”

  1. Hello – Thank you for all the helpful info. I’ve been studying all of it because my son is about to turn 18 and I was going to help him apply for SSI. However, I just read that SSI considers you a child if you are still in school and are 22 and younger. Because of his disability he will remain in High School until he is 21, so does this mean SSI will look at our income to determine his eligibility? I was all set to start charging him rent for his room so he could establish is “own household” now that he will be 18, but it looks to me like we should be holding off until he is 21. Am I correct? Any help you could give me would greatly appreciated!


    1. Hi Kathy,

      To the best of my knowledge, for SSI, he is considered an adult at age 18.

      You may be seeing the regs for dependent benefits, which is something different.

      For SSI, they will not count your income if he is 18.

      Sounds like you have been doing good research. I hope it goes great for you and your son. ❤


  2. Hi, we applied online for SSI for our autistic son who turned out 18 on in mid May-2018. We used the followng website:
    Yesterday we received a letter from SSA informing us that our son was denied SSDI benefits. We are confused. Our intention was to apply for SSI not SSDI. What next step should we take?


  3. Please ignore my question. SSA just called and they want to talk to us as guardians. They asked for guardianship papers from court which we have. SSI application is still open.


    1. great. it may help to take a look at the link above as well. many parents run into problems because they do not know the rules about rent and living arrangements.


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