How to Fill Out Forms and Answer Questions for Social Security Disability


Robin Mead

From time to time, Social Security will contact you and ask you some questions. This can happen when you are applying or appealing or after you are approved or in the years to come.

What will they ask? And what will you answer? Below are some tips, sample completed forms, and ideas for answering interview questions.


If you hate forms, or struggle with forms, you can make an appointment at your local Social Security office, or you can make a phone appointment. You can do this for all and any forms you are ever sent. Someone at Social Security will talk with you and fill out the forms for you.

In some situations, you can hire a lawyer and someone from the the lawyer’s office will talk with you and fill out the forms for you.

It is still a good idea to read up a little ahead of time if possible. Some questions can be very important and you may wish to consider them ahead of time.


You can answer these questions online, on paper, in person, on the phone or through a lawyer. If you have no idea how or where to apply online, on paper, on the phone, or in person, how and where to apply for disability. Please see guidebooks at the bottom of this page for more sample forms and information on how to fill out forms. Samples, tips and ideas for answering questions:


This is not a form. It will happen over the phone or in person. It may happen when you first apply and/or after you are approved. It is for SSI. If you are applying for SSDI only, you won’t have an SSI interview.


You will be sent these forms after you first apply. Tips and ideas for answering questions:


Way simpler and way less forms than when you first applied. Some states have a reconsideration stage and some states go straight to appeal:


They may contact you to sent up an interview for one, two, or three things:


Every so often you will be sent some of these:


It is possible that at some point you will be contacted and asked to call Social Security or visit the local office. There are different reasons this may happen:


Apply Right – This is an excellent ebook that walks you through the forms and explains more about Social Security policies and how to answer questions. It costs $3. It is designed to help with the online application, but you may still find it helpful if you are applying another way. If you don’t have Kindle, you can download a free Kindle reader onto your computer. Or you can do what I did: just buy it and it will open! (Hint: When you want to find it again, scroll way to the bottom of any Amazon page and look for the words “Manage Your Content.” You may find it easier to read if you download a Kindle reader, though)

Disability Answer Guide – This one costs $100! However it is easy to read and understand and gives you sample completed copies of every form plus tips for filling them out. You may find it worth it. Here are some sample pages from this guide.

Updated Oct 2017. Please comment below with stories, ideas, questions or suggestions. Please let us know if any links on this page stop working.

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