The Sleepy Girl Affordable Housing Survival Guide

Artwork by Robin Mead

If you are low income and disabled, living in affordable housing can solve so many of your problems! Yet living in affordable housing can also create so many new problems!

Here’s where you can find ideas, tips, secrets, and special policies for living in affordable housing. There are three common types of affordable housing: Housing Vouchers, Subsidized Apartments and “Low Income” Buildings.

Housing Vouchers

Affordable rent, and you can move around and live anywhere! You can live in many different kinds of houses and buildings. You can even take your voucher to a different state. Vouchers are a wonderful program, but they can also take a lot of time and energy and work to use. Guide to Using Your Voucher Without Losing Your Mind

Subsidized Apartments

Affordable rent, and you can apply even if you have $0 income. The same rent as having a voucher, but way, way less work, trouble and hassles. This section includes any type of building or property that has apartments funded by HUD or by USDA rural rental assistance. Guide to Life in Subsidized Apartments

“Low Income” or “Income Restricted” Properties

You will need to have some income. Not too much, but also not too little. Some “low income” properties are not all that cheap. Depending on the building and your income level, these buildings can be a good deal for some people sometimes.  This section includes “low income tax credits” buildings and other kinds of “income restricted” properties. Guide to Life in “Low Income” Buildings

Not in Affordable Housing Yet? 

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that Section 8 is impossible to get or that all the wait lists are closed or that you can’t find nice, safe, affordable housing through Section 8. It’s possible! It might just take a whole lot of persistence and a bit of pluck: Section 8 Guide for the Disabled and Plucky

Thanks for Reading

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28 thoughts on “The Sleepy Girl Affordable Housing Survival Guide”

  1. iam livin in a affordable building a blessing for the Las 18years COVID-19 change my life my health problems are here to stay all my live I suffer from depression fibromyalgia osteoporosis an osteoarthritis my doctors advice is moving to a warmer climate My Daughter and grandkids Will be moving to North Carolina my daughter is purchasing a home and asked me if I like to move with her she found a home that have a separate apartment the question is Cant she rent me that aparment? We both need are independent and my solution is to move to Florida that have the warmer climate end housing that I have at the moment i know I will be better and happy around my family because my depression is do to loneliness an don’t want to be a burden to my daughter and grandkids especially went daughter Is recovering from cancer and still have my granddaughter whit health issues Please a need help on this one because for the first time I have no control over what comings in my last year i am great full to the government sistem that make possible that some of us that work hard on given are kids the education and the tools to be productive and Good willing the next generation do better

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  2. Hello, and I love what you do. I have evasive breast cancers. I am on the waiting list for project based housing but I still have months before I’m in. Can I do something to get a voucher and into a HOME ASAP? Because I guess I’m not doing the right thing? Thank You!


  3. My husband is an Alcoholic I have been trying to get him help he refused I have to leave our home for my sanity he’s not paying bills etc they r gonna take the house if he dosen’t sober up and work with me, I am 64 disabled and get 813 per month not much to live on I am sleeping on my son’s sofa and I have 2 very old cats I am so scared I cry all day because the cats are with him as they have animals, Where can I go? I have never felt this low in my life.




  4. I have a love one that has applied at many low income housing facilities. We have received one call back and will view it next week. I have a question regarding annual recertification. It is possible in the future my loved one would inherit either money or property. When it is time for the annual qualification to stay in the unit another year, would this affect the eligibility? Thank you so much!


    1. If your loved one is disabled, it might be good to meet with a lawyer who specializes in special needs trusts.

      In terms of housing, I don’t know what type of building this is. If it is HUD funded apartment, they will not count a one-time inheritance as income. If the money is not spent, they will count it as an asset, but this just increases his rent a very small amount.

      Rules for property are more complicated. Some places will not allow you to rent through HUD if you have ownership stake in a habitable property.


    2. I have just gone through something similar. I inherited some money and property from my father. I am on Disability and have a section 8 voucher. The amount would kick me off any disability and section 8 that I already receive. I had to get something called a Special needs trust. It is a lot to take in but I can give you the name of a lawyer that could help you. If not directly at least point you in the right direction. The special needs trust prevents me from getting kicked off of al the help I get from my disability and section 8 voucher.

      Hope this helps



  5. I bought a 1 bed 1 bath condo 10 yrs ago for $20,000 & had a mini stroke 5 yrs ago & a botched up rotator cuff surgery & left my arm unattached! I was told there was not enough bone to put a rod or extension bc he cut too much bone off! I found a Dr to put a donor’s tendon in it but wouldn’t help me sue the other Doctor so I had it done but gets infected a lot & painful & is on the same side I had my TIA. I live on a second floor & not able to carry my groceries up or walk my dog anymore & if a fire couldn’t get out quick enough & it’s 650 sq. ft so no exercise bc stuck up here! Other condos are selling for $55,000 & wondered if I got section 8 could I se it to move & buy something else? I tried to apply for Sec 8 & they said no bc I had a home! I was put on a list but never called it’s been 3 yrs now! I don’t even have washer & dryer hookups & can’t carry my laundry either to laundry mat with my Walker or cane! If I had a first floor I’d try to get outside more & walk little by little bc sitting on my couch or go to bed is it! I need help ASAP! Please!! Thank you for this awsome site!!


    1. You could apply for a voucher for to rent another place or you could apply to subsidized buildings. You won’t be eligible for the homeownership program if you already own a home.


  6. Hello. I am in need of some serious assistance! I’m a current section8 voucher holder and my landlord woke up 1 day and decided that he wanted to eradicate all current section8 tenants, starting with me due to my lease being expired. I wasn’t then given a 30-day notice on 4/13/20. My PHA is going along with the landlord. They gave me moving papers on 5/23/20, which are due to expire on 9/23/20, and told me that I have to vacate my current unit by 7/31/20 or else. I was informed by the PHA that the landlord has refused to renew his contract with the PHA. I have nowhere else to move to as housing isn’t plentiful and I am suffering from some current health issues which prevent me from being able to move at this time. Plus, I am a displaced worker so I literally cannot afford to move at present. I also have a 3-year old daughter with special needs who requires my attention constantly, making it nearly impossible to search for available Section8 rentals, which are already scarce. My PHA said that I’m in jeopardy of losing my voucher if I’m not moved out of my current unit by 7/31/20 and/or if I get evicted; as well as, termination from the program all-together. They also stated that they will not be rendering anymore payments to my current landlord on my behalf and that I would be responsible for whatever rents that are incurred if I stay beyond that date. I have also been informed that they will not allow any extensions of any kind! The PHA is acting as if they’re unaware of the Moratorium nor Covid-19 protections or maybe they just don’t care. I just don’t understand how both the PHA and the landlord are getting away with this! I am lost, confused and afraid! I’m now wondering what protections do I have, both during the pandemic and otherwise? Can someone PLEASE help!!

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    1. I’m sorry you are in this situation.

      You might want to contact local tenant rights and legal aide organizations, they will know more about local laws and protections in your area:

      You could try a disability accommodation to extend your lease, at least for a few months. We’ve never had a reader make that request, but it doesn’t hurt to try, especially if properly documented with doctor’s letter… would need to get approved by both your landlord and then by the PHA.

      Most states are not processing evictions now…. so if you remain and rent is unpaid, you won’t be immediately evicted… but you will eventually, which could cause a loss of voucher, but…. given circumstances, you would likely be approved for a disability accommodation to keep your voucher even with the eviction… again, would require the documentation in the link above.

      Also, if the contract ends and you don’t get approved for a lease extension, even though eviction is delayed, you would still technically owe the full rent back later.

      For looking for a landlord to accept your voucher:

      Do you live in an area with source of income protection? All of California plus…

      If not….. PHA has no choice, they have to allow landlord to stop taking voucher.

      PHA has no authority to change the move out date… that needs to be worked out with landlord…. they can change when your voucher expires though… you can get many extensions on that… again this page has tools for requesting extensions…

      Hope something here helps🌷🌺 💗

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      1. Hello Sleepy Girl. I just wanted to say Thank You for taking time out of your day to assist me with this matter. You are an AMAZING person and a kindred spirit! You have given me hope where I once didn’t have any. I will throughly investigate each and every lead that you provided me. I will also continue to update you on my progress here if that’s ok? I want to enlighten and hopefully be of assistance to others whom may be also experiencing similar situations as well. You are truly a beacon of light during this dark time. Thanks again!!


    2. Most PHA will allow you to ‘port’ move to another city or state. You do have this option. You have to make sure you have enough time on your voucher to do so. HUD has implemented waivers due to COVID-19. One of the waivers allows PHA to give an additional time (extension) to voucher holders who are seeking another unit. Check with your PHA to see if the accepted this waiver.


      1. I have a similar problem. are there any services to help with relocating? disabled, low income, and I don’t drive. I think the COVID-19 protection is for people who can’t pay the rent from job loss or hardship from it.


  7. Hello, Can an alternate form of ID for disability housing application, such as a certified birth certificate, baptismal record, or other, be requested as an alternative/accommodation for someone who does not have a car, does not drive, does not have a state ID, and for whom the DMV creates too many disability related challenges such as lines, crowds, unpredictability, and this person with autism has an irrational fear of having a photo taken. Plus during the pandemic there are no appointments so waiting in a crowded line going out the door ( also cannot tolerate standing in the sun and is pretty much home bound) seems inevitable…thank you. I am applying on behalf of a my disabled adult child.,


    1. Excellent question. I have never heard of anyone making this request. I am not certain of the answer… it does not hurt to try. You would want to make a formal written request along with a doctor’s letter for best chance of success.


  8. I have a “rent stabilized” apartment that provides reasonable incremental rent increases determined by law every 2 years, automatic lease renewal, and other rent protections.

    And my apartment is beautiful a 1950s garden apartment a small 2 bedroom, hardwood floors, a terrace, eat in kitchen, “pet friendly” etc.

    Craigslist used furniture, and the dumpster “trash to treasure” I fixed my home up on the cheap beautiful things VERY low prices.


    My place is not exactly cheap but well below market I am VERY fortunate.

    According to State law I may live here forever and I may do that senior citizen apartments are on the horizon but my rent stabillzed apartment may be the better option.

    Regretfully rent protection laws have weakened over decades what had been luxury rentals built in the 1940s, 1950s went “co/op” in the 1970s – 1980s and are now costly real estate parcels.

    Many disabled people live with relatives or in group homes I feel fortunate to have “my own home my own household” a lease, a car, GEICO, etc., Without rent stabilization laws I would most likely be renting a room elsewhere, or living in a group home.

    We need more rent protection laws for all the disabled, the working class, etc.,

    NOT everyone can be a homeowner and so the next best thing is a “rent stabilized apartment” with automatic lease renewal, etc.

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    1. Hi Bernard, maybe you can help me out I’m a 42yr old woman who has suffered with epilepsy since I was 8yrs old
      presently I live with my parents (both seniors) I been trying to find a disabled housing residence when I finish collegebut most group homes I checked out only accept older people like nursing homes or group homes for kids and teens nothing for disabled people of my age group. if you can help me out id appreciate it if not thanks anyway:)

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  9. I would like to tell you just how much you have helped me in learning much more about my housing situation than any other place that I have visited. Very helpful and beneficial advice that one, me, can truly use and apply immediately in our situations. You provide incredibly important and helpful advice to people that have no idea about housing, how it works, what is available, how to find it, and the knowledge to negotiate and maneuver their way through the system of government housing, etc.. Thank you very much.

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  10. Is there any chance you could take a look at my accommodations request letters? I need feedback. Or do you know of somewhere I could get feedback from somebody who knows what they’re doing?

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      1. I have a concern about privacy. I had to set up a second facebook account to maintain privacy. While closed groups do not add postings to the Facebook timeline, their membership is visible to the public. I hope this works.
        I joined from the second account but I don’t know how long it will take to become a member.


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