The Sleepy Girl Affordable Housing Survival Guide

Artwork by Robin Mead

If you are low income and disabled, living in affordable housing can solve so many of your problems! Yet living in affordable housing can also create so many new problems!

Here’s where you can find ideas, tips, secrets, and special policies for living in affordable housing. There are three common types of affordable housing: Housing Vouchers, Subsidized Apartments and “Low Income” Buildings.

Housing Vouchers

Affordable rent, and you can move around and live anywhere! You can live in many different kinds of houses and buildings. You can even take your voucher to a different state. Vouchers are a wonderful program, but they can also take a lot of time and energy and work to use. Guide to Using Your Voucher Without Losing Your Mind

Subsidized Apartments

Affordable rent, and you can apply even if you have $0 income. The same rent as having a voucher, but way, way less work, trouble and hassles. This section includes any type of building or property that has apartments funded by HUD or by USDA rural rental assistance. Guide to Life in Subsidized Apartments

“Low Income” or “Income Restricted” Properties

You will need to have some income. Not too much, but also not too little. Some “low income” properties are not all that cheap. Depending on the building and your income level, these buildings can be a good deal for some people sometimes.  This section includes “low income tax credits” buildings and other kinds of “income restricted” properties. Guide to Life in “Low Income” Buildings

Not in Affordable Housing Yet? 

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that Section 8 is impossible to get or that all the wait lists are closed or that you can’t find nice, safe, affordable housing through Section 8. It’s possible! It might just take a whole lot of persistence and a bit of pluck: Section 8 Guide for the Disabled and Plucky

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9 thoughts on “The Sleepy Girl Affordable Housing Survival Guide”

  1. I have a “rent stabilized” apartment that provides reasonable incremental rent increases determined by law every 2 years, automatic lease renewal, and other rent protections.

    And my apartment is beautiful a 1950s garden apartment a small 2 bedroom, hardwood floors, a terrace, eat in kitchen, “pet friendly” etc.

    Craigslist used furniture, and the dumpster “trash to treasure” I fixed my home up on the cheap beautiful things VERY low prices.


    My place is not exactly cheap but well below market I am VERY fortunate.

    According to State law I may live here forever and I may do that senior citizen apartments are on the horizon but my rent stabillzed apartment may be the better option.

    Regretfully rent protection laws have weakened over decades what had been luxury rentals built in the 1940s, 1950s went “co/op” in the 1970s – 1980s and are now costly real estate parcels.

    Many disabled people live with relatives or in group homes I feel fortunate to have “my own home my own household” a lease, a car, GEICO, etc., Without rent stabilization laws I would most likely be renting a room elsewhere, or living in a group home.

    We need more rent protection laws for all the disabled, the working class, etc.,

    NOT everyone can be a homeowner and so the next best thing is a “rent stabilized apartment” with automatic lease renewal, etc.

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    1. Hi Bernard, maybe you can help me out I’m a 42yr old woman who has suffered with epilepsy since I was 8yrs old
      presently I live with my parents (both seniors) I been trying to find a disabled housing residence when I finish collegebut most group homes I checked out only accept older people like nursing homes or group homes for kids and teens nothing for disabled people of my age group. if you can help me out id appreciate it if not thanks anyway:)

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  2. I would like to tell you just how much you have helped me in learning much more about my housing situation than any other place that I have visited. Very helpful and beneficial advice that one, me, can truly use and apply immediately in our situations. You provide incredibly important and helpful advice to people that have no idea about housing, how it works, what is available, how to find it, and the knowledge to negotiate and maneuver their way through the system of government housing, etc.. Thank you very much.

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  3. Is there any chance you could take a look at my accommodations request letters? I need feedback. Or do you know of somewhere I could get feedback from somebody who knows what they’re doing?

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      1. I have a concern about privacy. I had to set up a second facebook account to maintain privacy. While closed groups do not add postings to the Facebook timeline, their membership is visible to the public. I hope this works.
        I joined from the second account but I don’t know how long it will take to become a member.


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