How Poppy Won Her Reconsideration in 5 Easy Steps


The reconsideration stage is a quick extra appeal that only happens in some states. Only 7% of people get approved during reconsideration stage. That’s low!

However, from what I have seen, only about 2% of people take any steps to help their applications during reconsideration. So 7% is actually high!

Poppy is one of the few people I have met who took some steps to help her reconsideration. And she got approved. If Poppy can do it, you can do it too!

Here’s what she did:

  1. She collected recent records. The medical records that Social Security had were not current, so Poppy collected her past three months of records.
  1. She got a physical RFC form. She brought an RFC forms to her primary care doctor and asked the doctor to fill it out. (See link below for copies of RFC forms)
  1. She got a mental RFC form. She also got a mental RFC form from her psychologist.
  1. She updated. When Poppy first applied, she was in school taking part-time classes online. Because of her illness, she had withdrawn from school, and she wanted to update her file with this information. Poppy made a note on her forms that she had withdrawn from school for medical reasons. She also printed out an email she had gotten from the school which stated she had a medical withdrawal and she enclosed this with her records.
  1. She waited. She did not send in his Request for Reconsideration form right away. Instead she waited six weeks while she collected the materials above. Once she had everything together, she hand delivered it all together to her local office. (Note: do not miss the deadline. 60 days in their hands)

That was it! Two months later Poppy got approved. When she got her award letter, she also got another extra nice surprise. Social Security had decided to reopen an old claim she had from two years ago…. So she got $25,000 in backpay!

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