Examples of Reasons to Rent from a Relative (Housing Vouchers)

If you have a Section 8 HUD Housing Voucher, you will not be allowed to have a family member as your landlord. However, in some circumstances, it is possible to make a disability accommodation request to get an exception to this rule.

Examples of reasons why someone might make a disability accommodation request to rent from a family member:

  • You need to live near family who is helping care for you.
  • They have a wheelchair accessible unit and you cannot find another accessible unit that will accept Section 8 and is currently available.
  • The apartment has a larger bedroom size or a unit on one floor and you struggle with stairs/mobility (for example: cane, walker, prone to falls, seizures) and you’ve not been able to find another unit that is similar and will accept Section 8
  • Your family member lives on the property (but not with you), and it would make it easier for them to help with things around the house.
  • For medical conditions they can monitor your health if they live closer.
  • For psychiatric conditions, they can help calm you down or they are a key part of your support system.
  • If you have kids, having family close significant helps you care for them when your disability makes it a challenge.
  • Relative is more willing/able to accommodate your disabilities than a regular landlord
  • If you have a disabled child, and a relative will tolerate more than a regular landlord. Or if the relative’s house is in the country and your child has a history of loud outbursts and neighbor disputes caused by child’s disability symptoms.
  • Many more Examples of Disability Housing Needs

Sample letters for making a request: Epic Master List of Disability Accommodation Letters

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  1. Need to find d out about overusing the rules of renting from or living with family for psychiatric reason, to calm me down, support system, being around someone . Helping me get to apts. And etc.
    . Cree


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