The Self-Advocate’s Guide to Disability Home Aides

Art: Robin Mead

The Self-Advocate’s Guide to Disability Home Aides

Disability home aide programs are designed to help people stay out of nursing homes and in their own homes and communities. Many of our readers report that this program has (quite literally) saved their lives.

These programs are called different things in different states. They may be called “Home and Community Based Care”, “Medicaid Waiver Programs”, “Medicaid Long Term Care” or “In Home Support Services” or “IHSS” or something else in your state.

About Home Aide Programs


Success Stories

Good Secrets!

Live In Caregivers

Affordable Housing with Home Aides

In some affordable housing programs, your caregiver can be given free rent:

Increasing Your Hours

Reader’s tips, guides and stories:

These guides have useful info even if you are in other states:


IHSS (California)

Hiring Great Aides

Super Helpful Guides

Get Support and Help

Join Facebook Groups

Groups that often include discussions about waivers and home care:

State Facebook Groups & Resources

Become an Activist

ADAPT advocates do amazing work saving medicaid and working to protect and expand Medicaid Waiver programs. “Our Homes Not Nursing Homes.”

More Things That May Help You Out

4 thoughts on “The Self-Advocate’s Guide to Disability Home Aides”

  1. I honestly have never seen so much clear, good advice and explanations to so many things. Covers issues I’ve been trying to figure out for 18 months+ & brick walls.


  2. You give a great deal of bonus in living the best life you can… Even in bed. I want to Empower those who are bedridden so they can live the best life they can….. But there is little help or really good role models to help. I believe this site is one. Thank you


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