Help! I’m Applying for Disability and I Need HELP!

Art: Robin Mead

Where to find help, assistance, and problem solving for your Social Security disability application.

Find a Lawyer

Where to look for a lawyer or representative. How to pick a good one.

Find a Caseworker 

Some nonprofits and agencies provide free Social Workers and Caseworkers who can assist with disability paperwork.

Work with Your Caseworker 

Many Caseworkers are not trained in techniques to improve disability applications. This page has special forms you can print and bring them which can help a lot.

Get Help from Friends or Family 

Many of our readers report getting their best help from friends and family.

Jamesia’s Guide to How to Help a Friend Get Approved

Jamesia is disabled herself. She uses the little energy she has to help her friends and neighbors in need. It works! The last person she helped got approved in 22 days. Here’s how she does it.

Find a Doctor 

How to find a doctor to help with disability documentation. Documentation from doctors is the single more important key to helping your disability case.

Work with Your Doctor 

Documentation from your doctor can help your case. Or it can hurt your case. Or it can have be dismissed or ignored. How to work with your doc to get the docs you need.

Get a Home Aide

In some situations, you may be eligible for a free home aide through the state. Aides can assist with personal care and household tasks.

Choose Self-Directed Care

In self-directed care, you can select your own aide. So you can look for someone who is good at tasks like scheduling appointments, accompanying you to doctors, organizing medical files, making phone calls, copying and mailing, etc.

Find Your Congressperson 

The non-scary way to contact your Congressperson.

What Can My Congressperson Do? 

There’s a common misconception that a congressperson can help get your case approved. They can’t. But they can do other good stuff!

Help Yourself

How to apply if you don’t have a lawyer.

Get Questions Answered

How to get answers to your Social Security questions. (Hint: “Call Social Security and ask” does not appear on this list).

Get Problems Solved

How to find solutions to your Social Security problems. Or at least where to start looking to try.

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