The Sleepy Girl Guide to Social Security Disability

Art: Olivia Colleen Smith

Welcome to the Sleepy Girl Guide, a self-advocacy guide to Social Security Disability. This guide is designed for anyone who is homebound and for people with invisible illnesses, such as ME, CFS, MCS, MCAS, POTS, EDS, Lyme, Fibromyalgia, and Mental Health.

If you are too sick to continue working, applying for disability can help you gain stability, medical care, and the ability to take care of yourself.

Many of our readers have taken smart steps to help themselves get approved more quickly or more easily. These brilliant and kind-hearted people have shared all their great stories and ideas below.

It’s Possible!

Please don’t be discouraged if you have heard stories about people who were very ill and got denied. Here’s the most important thing we can tell you: Most people do not get approved for disability based on how sick they are. They get approved based on how well their illness and limitations are documented, and how complete their Social Security file is. That is really unfair, but it is also really true.

Luckily, you can make your Social Security file really great and give them everything they need to make a fair decision. Reading more and learning more and taking more steps is the best possible thing you could be doing right now. Welcome.

Not Ready Yet?

💮 If You Plan to Apply Someday
💮 Am I Eligible for Social Security?
💮 Am I Eligible For Other Kinds of Disability?
💮 “Someone Said I’m Not Eligible”


💮 Submit a New Application
💮 Request Reconsideration
💮 Request a Hearing Appeal
💮 Options Beyond Hearings 

Improve Your Chances

💮 Before Applying
💮 New Application
💮 Reconsideration
💮 Hearing Appeal
💮 Beyond Hearings 

Forms & Questions

💮 Adult Function Report
💮 Other Forms

What Else Can I Apply For?

💮 Disability Through Your Employer
Other Forms of Disability
💮 Other Assistance Programs

Great Doctor Visits

💮 At Your Doctor
💮 At The Social Security Doctor

Doctor Conundrums

💮 How Can I Get My Doc To Fill Out Paperwork?
💮 How Can I Find a Doc to Help with Disability?
💮 How Can I Tell What My Doctor REALLY Thinks?
💮 “I Cannot Get to the Doctor”

Great Documentation

💮 Work with Your Doctor to Get Great Documentation

Medical Records

💮 Best Way to Collect
💮 Best Way to Submit
Best Way to Check Your File 

Waiting For a Decision?

💮 18 Things to Do While Waiting

Get Help!

💮 How To Find a Good Lawyer
💮 Who Else Can Help?

Special Circumstances

💮 You are Young
💮 You are Working 

Special Conditions

💮 Lyme Disease
💮 “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”
💮 Mental Health
💮 Fibromyalgia
💮 Toxic Mold
💮 Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

Get Smart

💮 Complete Disability Timeline
💮 Acceptable Medical Source Rules
💮 Social Security Work Credits
💮 Sleepy Girl Policy Library

More Ways to Improve Your Chances

💮 Listings and Rulings
💮 Medical Summaries
💮 Medical Testing
💮 32 Support Documents
💮 Complete List Including Everything! 

SSI Financial Regs

💮 What’s SSI? What’s SSDI?
💮 SSI Interview
💮 Rules to Watch Out For

Learn from The Pros (Our Readers)

💮 Success Stories
💮 Survey Results
💮 Quick Approvals 

You Did It!

💮 Everything No One Ever Tells You After You Get Approved

Frequently Asked Questions

💠 What If I Can’t Afford the Doctor?

💠 What If I Don’t Have (or don’t want) a Lawyer?

💠 How High Will My Check Be?

💠 I’m Having a Question or Problem. What Can I Do?

💮 How Can I Survive Financially While Applying?

6 thoughts on “The Sleepy Girl Guide to Social Security Disability”

  1. Hi,
    Where can I find in your blog for more information on about my 18 year old daughter to get benefits while she just started her first year at a community college as a full time student? I am disabled and on SSDI benefits. Before she turned 18; I received child benefits. But when she turned 18, then the benefits stopped. But if she get benefits now because of while in college…will this benefit income affect her FAFSA and Pell grant and my low income housing (LIHCT/section 42)? And she also works at her part time job.
    Thank you, CS


  2. I just wanted to say thank you for this fabulous website. I filed for disability in April and literally studied everything on your site. I implemented ALL of the recommendations in an effort to get approved – letters and forms from doctors, a letter from my former boss, obtaining all my medical records instead of expecting them to get them, etc.

    I learned yesterday that I was approved! I am thrilled! I could not have done it without the fabulous information from your website. Thank you SOOOOOO much!


  3. Thank you for this website. It was a great resource for my application process. I applied and was approved on the initial application. It only took 2 months. You are helping so many people thanks


  4. This website is exactly what I needed. I was crying reading it because I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed with this illness life change stuff when it comes to disability, very confused. That website is an unbelievable resource, so well organized and the imagery takes an overwhelming subject and adds some sunshine to it.


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