Eighteen Things to Do While Sitting Around Waiting for Your Disability Decision

a-splash-of-color-robin-meadBored and restless sitting around waiting for Social Security to decide about your case? Here’s a whole bunch of things that should keep you plenty busy:

Take Steps to Improve Your Chances

🌺 The best thing you can be doing

Apply for Other Programs

🌺 Other types of help and assistance you can apply for

Speed Up the Process (Maybe)

🌺 Ways to get a faster hearing or faster initial decision

Make Plans for Your Student Loans

🌺 If you have student loans, you have some options. Look into this now, so you don’t have to worry about your backpay being garnished.

Troubleshoot Social Security Problems

🌺 Click here if you run into a problem with your application

Create an online Social Security Account

🌺 Social Security will occasionally send you cryptic messages about the status of your application.

Check How High Your Check Will Be

🌺 If you are curious how high or low your disability check will be

Make a Plan for Financial Survival

🌺 Survival strategies while apply for disability

Escape the Information Black Hole

🌺 If you have questions, and you’re having trouble finding answers

Look Into Different Forms of Disability

🌺 Are you eligible for anything besides Social Security?

If You Don’t Have Enough Work Credits

🌺  SSDI is better than SSI. If you were told you can’t apply for SSDI because you haven’t worked enough, or you waited too long, double check.

Sign Up for Informed Delivery

🌺 The Post Office will send you daily emails so you can see what mail is coming. Gives you a little something more to obsess about.

Check Your Earnings Statement

🌺 If anything is incorrect or missing, and you correct the problem, your disability check can go up!

If You Can’t Afford Medical Care

🌺 Strategies to get to the doctor.

Sign Up for Housing Waiting Lists

🌺 Learn about options for nice affordable housing

Get Medical Equipment

🌺 Wheelchairs, scooters, hospital beds, other things to make your life easier

Apply for Home Aides

🌺 In many states, you can apply for home care before getting approved for disability.

SSDI Only: Check Your Date Last Insured

🌺 If you are applying for SSDI, and have not worked recently, you may wish to check your Date Last Insured.

SSI Only: Learn the Rules for Finances and Living Arrangements

🌺 If you are applying for SSI, the way you are living right now can make your backpay check go up or down.

Find Your People

🌺 26 great Facebook groups (Plus a few other things)

Learn About These Ten Life Events that Can Mess Up Your Disability Case

🌺 Better to learn now, then be sorry later.

Read The Sleepy Girl SSA Policy Library

🌺 Things you can read to feel smarter and less confused

This page is part of the free online guide: The Sleepy Girl Guide to Social Security Disability. Art on this page by Robin Mead and Elizabeth D’Angelo.

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