How to Have a Great, Disabled Life

Artwork: Donni Lockridge

Please comment below with more ideas to add to this list.

Housing / Living

👗 How to Find Housing that is Both Cheap & Good

🍒 How to Find Wonderful Housemates & Caregivers

💗 How to Find Community While on Disabilityl

☂️ How to Get Housing with Section 8 

Homebound / Bedbound

🍓 How to Be Homebound

🍋 How to Shop Without Standing Up

💠 How to Get a Doctor to Come to Your House

🚌 How to Get the World to Come to You

💗 How to Get a Caregiver

🍀 How to Be Like Bluebell

Spoonie Life



🍀 How to Get a Free Ride

🐠 How Roselyn Got Approved for Paratransit

🍒 How to Wheel Around an Airport


🍑 How to Be Broke & Medicated

🍒 How a Bunch of Different People Got Meds Real Cheap


👗 How to Get to the Doctor When You Can’t Get to the Doctor

🎀 How To Get On Medicaid When You Can’t Get On Medicaid

🚌 How to Get Tested for CFS and ME

🍀 How Colleen Used the ICC to Finally Get a Diagnosis that Fit


🐳 How to Be Poor in America

🍑 How to Get Enough Food Stamps to Actually Eat

6 thoughts on “How to Have a Great, Disabled Life”

  1. Good morning, did anyone ever try to get better on SSDI, and when they got a little “better,”they got slammed with all these rules for “well,” people? That’s a good summary of where I have been for 20 years.Those who get more, more is expected of them. (Luke 12:48) paraphrased from memory ofcourse. But I learned how to walk, feed myself, hold my head up on my own. I divorced successfully, worked successfully,( temporarily) I gave up my home, I need a comfortable place to live so I can maintain the physical & cognitive advances that have been achieved. Please help me locate an assisted living grant, community, or facility that is not a nursing home. This is in Southwest Fort Worth. Thank you for your dilligent efforts… Grace


    1. Hi grace,

      This is well said.

      This page includes info on how to apply for home aides:

      and how to apply for affordable housing:

      I do not know much about assisted living, but this is a program in texas that helps with assisted living costs (it says seniors but it is all ages):


  2. To: whom it May Concern,

    Good afternoon my name is Delia Stokes I am currently living in West Haven at 79 Claudia Drive I am having some issues with a tenant that lives upstairs from me and I am basically disabled I am in a wheelchair and I am I need to need replacements and hip replacement and back surgery and I cannot continue to go upstairs which are used to elevate for but I am getting constant Verbal abuse ,banging,stomping,dragging chairs across the floor, purposely jumping on the floor. I have been here a year in April. I have complained on several different occasions due to this issue I have no one to help me with this situation I have notified my landlord I have notified the gentleman who is so called the condo association he gives no relief to me at all. He literally blocked his number so that I am on able to call him because he says that he is tired Of phone calls from me in regards to the harassment that I’m getting from upstairs. I have called the police on several different occasions regarding to this same issue they purposely being on the floor I can literally hear the lady tell her kids to jump on the floor. It’s unbelievable. I literally have no one to advocate for me I need this house I’m sorry this apartment to be safe for me My tub is dangerous for me. I am only allotted me only 2 hours a day through medicade. It literally takes about an hour and a half just to do my laundry and I half hour what could you do in a half an hour I don’t get fed I have to try and make my own meals and most of the time I eat cereal. I can’t get showered if there is other things to do in the house for Internet vacuuming help me get dressed making my bed washing dishes helping me with my cat dusting and things of that nature. I’m having a very difficult time just to survive in my apartment there were a few occasions where I almost fell in my bathroom so I had to put a rug in there I can’t ask my landlord for anything because he always says that he’s not going to renew my lease because I’m always Needing or complaining about things in the house that’s the first thing that he threatens me with I asked him to buy a bigger toilet for me and he refused he told me that it cost more money. Then my lease had stated that electricity was included and he continually tells me that he can’t afford the bill and that is because he keeps moving the bill to the next month and then it builds up instead of paying the bill he doesn’t he doesn’t even pay the partial amount and then it builds up he sent me copies of the bill but I see where he didn’t pay previous now he threatened to not renew my lease if I didn’t pay a portion of the bill and I told him that I cannot afford it and he says well I have to move because the lease to you that my lease will be up in April 2019 and if I don’t agree to pay a portion of the electricity then I have to move this is Very upsetting for me I cry consistently because I’m so overwhelmed I get no help from nobody I don’t even have services yet that I’m working on.I get lonely I need a companion and it’s so mentally draining me.


  3. I have been fully approved for disability. I will be divorced soon and receive a lump settlement for half community property assets. Should I pay cash for a home of my own now? Can I qualify for Medi Cal if I
    do that?


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