How to Have a Great, Disabled Life

Artwork: Donni Lockridge

Please comment below with more ideas to add to this list.

Housing / Living

👗 How to Find Housing that is Both Cheap & Good

🍒 How to Find Wonderful Housemates & Caregivers

💗 How to Find Community While on Disability

☂️ How to Get Housing with Section 8 

Homebound / Bedbound

🍓 How to Be Homebound

🍋 How to Shop Without Standing Up

💠 How to Get a Doctor to Come to Your House

🚌 How to Get the World to Come to You

💗 How to Get a Caregiver

🍀 How to Be Like Bluebell

Spoonie Life



🍀 How to Get a Free Ride

🐠 How Roselyn Got Approved for Paratransit

🍒 How to Wheel Around an Airport


🍑 How to Be Broke & Medicated

🍒 How a Bunch of Different People Got Meds Real Cheap


👗 How to Get to the Doctor When You Can’t Get to the Doctor

🎀 How To Get On Medicaid When You Can’t Get On Medicaid

🚌 How to Get Tested for CFS and ME

🍀 How Colleen Used the ICC to Finally Get a Diagnosis that Fit


🐳 How to Be Poor in America

🍑 How to Get Enough Food Stamps to Actually Eat

2 thoughts on “How to Have a Great, Disabled Life”

  1. I have been fully approved for disability. I will be divorced soon and receive a lump settlement for half community property assets. Should I pay cash for a home of my own now? Can I qualify for Medi Cal if I
    do that?


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