How to Get Groceries Delivered with SNAP Food Stamps (EBT)


Today’s Updates (Updated March 26)

🧡 Expensify is giving $50 for groceries to people on SNAP. Warning: It’s a nine-step process to apply. You have to really want the $50. Scroll down on this page.

🧡 Reader’s update: Reports from multiple readers that Expensify reimbursement does work. Also, reports from multiple readers that it’s confusing to figure out. Again, you have to really want the $50.

🧡 Schwan’s have moved to a “no touch” system and is not allowing people to swipe their EBT cards for home deliveries in some areas. Other places it seems to still be allowed. Please comment below if you learn more in your area.

🧡 For anyone who is homebound or sheltering in place: Food. Rent. Internet. Unemployment. Paid Leave. Student Loans. Grocery Delivery. Love. Bills. Online Doctors. What to Do During School Closings. Read All of Today’s Updates

SNAP Delivery

Welcome. Below is a guide to grocery delivery for people who are disabled or homebound or unable to get to the store. Food Stamps are also called “SNAP” or “EBT.” In California it’s called “CalFresh”.

Please comment below to share updates or to let us know if any of the links on this page stop working.

Delivery Programs Accepting Food Stamps

🌷Amazon in NY, WA, OR, IA – Amazon now accepts EBT in New York, Washington and some areas of Oregon and Iowa. More areas coming soon. Check back. Please comment below if you learn of new locations.

🌷 Shoprite in MD, NJ, NY, DE, PA, CT – You can shop online and pick up in store at all ShopRite locations. Delivery of groceries is only available in the following states: Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut. (Select locations only. Not the entire state.)

🌷 Fresh Market in WI – Madison, Wisconsin and surrounding area.

🌷 Wright’s Market in AL – Alabama. Specific locations not known. Please comment below if you learn more.

🌷 Fresh Direct in NY – Bronx, NY

🌷 Safeway & Albertsons in AZ – Arizona only. For people with disabilities only.  “If you are a person with a disability who uses EBT benefits and needs to use Safeway’s home grocery delivery service because of disability, please call 1-877-505-4040 or email us at:

🌷 Schwann’s in Most States – Schwan’s is a bit confusing. They appear to offer delivery in nearly all states, and they accept food stamps for delivery most of those places. But they don’t make it clear exactly where. Learn more about: Where in the World Does Schwan’s Deliver? 

🌷 Imperfect Foods in 32 States – Does not accept food stamps but…. does give a 33% discount to people who are on food stamps. Also, sells groovy imperfect food! Which areas are covered? Where they deliver. Sign up for the reduced price: Apply here to join the program

🌷 USDA Purchasing Pilot – Coming to MD, NE, NJ – Please continue to check the link above. The program is expected to come to Maryland, Nebraska, New Jersey in upcoming months.

🌷 Some meals-on-wheels programs will now accept food stamps! These programs provide cooked meals for people who are homebound. Contact your local Area Agency on Aging. Call them even if you are young. Many aging agencies also serve younger people with disabilities.

Running Out of Food? 

🌷 If you’d like learn more about the rules and policies that affect how much food stamps a person will get: How to Get Enough Food Stamps to Actually Eat

🌷  Places that deliver but do not accept food stamps: How to Shop Without Leaving the House

Food Banks and Food Co-ops

🧡 Reader’s report that some food banks are adding delivery services. Food banks offer free groceries to people in need. Find a Food Bank in Your Area

🧡 Many food co-ops are creating special hours where elderly and immune-compromised members can shop without crowds and stress. Food Co-ops offer healthy foods and wonderful communities. Many accept food stamps: Find a Food Co-op in Your Area.

Stores That Shop For You

Some stores will allow you to place your order online. They will do the shopping for you and have your groceries ready at the register (or sometimes they will bring them to the car).

Tips from Reader:

🌷 When you order online, if there is no option to pay with food stamps, select “pay at store” or “pay in cash” or “pay at pick up.”

🌷 You may need to enter a credit card, and they can place a hold on the card without actually charging it.

🌷 When you get to the store, pay with EBT. Some places can even bring the EBT reader out to the car if you are unable to go in.

🌷 You may want to contact your local store first to make sure this will go smoothly.

🌷 Reader’s report they have done this successfully at many different stores, including: Giant Eagle, Shoprite, Harris Teeter, and Walmart

🌷 Some readers have also had success by calling or writing small, local stores and explaining their situation.

Adding a Shopper

🌷 If you have a friend, family member, or disability aide who shops for you, you can request to have this person added as an authorized shopper on your food stamps card so they can shop on your behalf.

Shopping Assistance for People with Disabilities

🌷 If you are unable to care for yourself, you can apply for a disability home aide program.

🌷 If you do not have severe care needs, and just need help with shopping and chores, some areas offer this. Not available everywhere: How to Get a Caregiver.

🌷 If you are currently in a Medicaid program that sends an aide through an agency, and the agency does not allow shopping or driving, one solution is to switch to a self-directed care program so you can select an aide who is allowed to shop.


🌷  In many areas, paratransit programs will provide door-to-door transportation to take you to the store. Some will carry your groceries to your house for you.

🌷 More transportation ideas: Transportation for Spoonies

More Help

🌷 SNAP programs are expanding in many areas. If you know of more programs in your area, please comment below. Come follow our Facebook page for updates: Facebook Page: Love & Discounts in the Time of Coronavirus

🌷 Contact your local Area Agency on Aging. Call them even if you are young. Ask them if they know of any assistance for: transportation to grocery stores, home aides who can shop for you, local volunteer programs that help people who are low-income or disabled, any other ideas for groceries.

🌷 You might also be interested in Pill pack pharmacy delivery and Zenni glasses delivery. (super cheap!)

Remember ME

This blog was created by people with ME/CFS (Sometimes called “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”).

Being homebound is nothing new to us. Many of us have been homebound or bedridden for five, or ten, or twenty years.

There is now a great deal of support, understanding, and help available to people staying home during Coronavirus, but none of this was available to us all these years, and when Coronavirus is over, it may go away again.

As you go about your day, please take a moment to think about your homebound friends. You may be able to go back out someday, but we may never be able to.



63 thoughts on “How to Get Groceries Delivered with SNAP Food Stamps (EBT)”

  1. Also something that might be an option for some folks: Wegmans has free prescription delivery from the store to your home. Where I live, they do deliveries three days a week. I’ve gotten all my prescriptions that way for a couple of years.


  2. However, here’s the issue with WALMART – we can order, but we’re not able to pay for the groceries online with the EBT card, which is what I thought was so useful. As it is, someone has to present your EBT card and match ID when they pick up your groceries – big deal. This means we personally have to know who can pick up the groceries for us since they need our card or we need to add them to our “list”. The shops have already been approved to accept EBT by the govt., it’s now only a matter of software to accept these payments and the order would be ready for any delivery company to pick up – even Insta-cart grocery deliverers could be talked into wizzing by Walmart to pick up your pre-ordered, pre-packed and pre-purchased groceries (in a SNAP)! It is exasperating to see how close a wonderful lifesaving service can become, but sadly, simple lack of ingenuity and foresight seems to stand in the way.

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    1. Hello, it is now available in many areas. May be a good idea to contact your local store and ask again. It may have recently started 😊 I get mine at Walmart pickup using my EBT on the grocery app. I’m in Wa. State.

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    1. Yes I just ran into this recently. I was so upset because Amazon does this now maybe not in the city I live I havent checked. I’ll give Instacart a feedback!


  4. I’m in Virginia, we have 3 Walmart’s within 20 min radius. Only 1 has the option to order online and pick up using ebt. They bring the groceries out to you while in the car. So only certain walmart stores have that option. For those who need groceries delivered with ebt, if your area has Schwan’s food delivery, they also accept ebt. Schwans is great because they periodically stop by asking if you need anything from their grocery truck (refrigerated and frozen items). The only downfall to Schwans is their food selection isnt as great as if you were shopping in a store. BUT its available for delivery (to your door) while using your ebt card. Just go to the Schwans food delivery website to see if your area is supported by their delivery. I hope this helps!


  5. I live in Raleigh nc. I’m 80, disabled and sn EBT recipient. All I’d like to know is who to call to order food and have it delivered using my EBT card. This seems to be a giant issue. For Gods sake, we are the community of people needing it the most. I live in an apartment building on 3rd floor. I have no way to get my groceries to me. Does anyone know of any store and delivery service that will home deliver groceries using EBT in Raleigh NC?

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    1. I’m sorry and I wish I lived near you because I would do your shopping for you for free. I live in Independence, Missouri but you can get self directed assistance for free if you receive Medicaid or Medicare.
      Contact your local Area Agency on Aging. Call them even if you are young. Ask them if they know of any assistance for: transportation to grocery stores, home aides who can shop for you, local volunteer programs that help people who are low-income or disabled, any other ideas for groceries.


  6. I don’t know if anyone answered this about Walmart yet but you can’t get it delivered with EBT you can only order it online and pick it up because you have to swipe the card when you arrive. To me, that defeats the purpose of online shopping with the card because it says you are able to shop online. though I can appreciate the ability to use it at all, thats a major flaw because if I want to purchase groceries for someone I can’t do that. I guess that what they are trying to avoid


  7. I googled WAL-MART online accepts EBT/SNAP for delivery. And I searched various outlets to verify that delivery was available using EBT payment. Because of this, I went online to order. I bought what I remembered and the total was approximately $200.00. So, I went to check out and I couldn’t find EBT, but I thought I could use the link for credit/debit cards. I input the number and it didn’t go through. I tried again and no again. So I called again and explained my problem to 2 people about 5 times. The second lady finally told me they do not accept the EBT payment. I quoted the link that said that WAL-MART accepted EBT payments online and she said, “see, not offline”. I explained, “it says ONLINE”. And she said well you can pick it up. I explained I didn’t have a car.
    I’m so disappointed in WALMART! I completely believed that they delivered to people who are having financial difficulties that don’t have a car. Whoever is doing their online links with comments, should start checking it out, or implementing a better program.
    I had to change pharmacy from Walmart because they would botch my order or they would send me a text message that my order was ready and I would drive over there (when we had a car) and they would tell me that they didn’t have it. Now, I’m going to change grocery stores. I’m done with Walmart.


      1. Walmart does home delivery, but you have to pay for it.
        EBT only works for someone picking up the order – you have to check the pay at pickup to avoid paying online.
        Trouble is, they asked to see my ID and my EBT – which means it would be more difficult to have someone else pick up my order with my card for me.
        So the only thing I’m ordering from these places will likely be non-EBT items I’d need to pay cash for anyway.


        1. If you contact your EBT worker, you can let them know you have someone else shopping for you. I believe they can issue you a second EBT card with that person’s name on it. (just as a shopper, not actually adding them to your case).


    1. Instant App,get that…they deliver for all stores,and restaurants .
      This is what they should tell you,but they don’t 😊


  8. I live in NC. Harris Teeter will take online orders or app orders with EBT cards (note…not for delivery…for “pick up”). Call your store of choice before you put in any order, and get the approval. Once you do, where it says payment select “other payment options”…then select “pay at store”. Although they cannot deliver, the shop will be done for “you”. When it is ready, they require you to bring your EBT card into the store to pay. The groceries will be loaded into your car afterwards. Although it’s not delivery, it’s definitely a huge help!!


  9. Why don’t they have Puplix in Orlando Florida accepting ebt payment for delivery online I’m in a wheelchair I don’t have a car and can’t drive how do I get groceries


  10. Hi, I am in NY and have used Amazon and paid with EBT, but I had to go through whole foods. My EBT is added as a payment method & it comes up when I buy from an approved store (so far only whole foods). I also lived in rural Iowa and ordered Shwans with EBT and this meat PKG comp that was like Omaha Steaks.


      1. I’ve placed an EBT order online at Walmart. When you do,you choose what time you want to pick them up.Theres a designated area for pick up. There’s a number you call on your cell phone to let them know that you’re ready to pick up.Then the shopper comes outside to your car to deliver them to you. They have a payment device in hand for you to pay and they accept EBT cards. This is in Florida


  11. Anyone know of any a ccurate websites that let you purchase food online with your food stamps in California,.. please let me know Safeway and Wallmart does not work,…iv tryed..


  12. I am disabled, live in Fort Worth, Texas and can’t find food delivery using EBT either. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.


    1. I live in Ohio and I have a 86 year old mother that I care for and I’m able to work myself due to disabilities but have been denied disability payments…. I do receive EBT card food assistance and would like to know if I’m able to get a larger amount on this card due to preparing my mother’s food cooking for her to I’m unable to work for the fact that I’m also her caretaker 24/7 and somebody had told me that you could possibly get income for being her caretaker? And also my main question was could I get a larger amount on my food card … Even though she gets a monthly check I’m social security?
      Thanks for your time


      1. I’m in Baltimore Maryland, less than 5 miles from closest ShopRite, and they do not offer delivery for EBT customers. Found out after I did my entire shopping “trip” :-{


    1. Shoprite usually delivers within the city or town where there are stores. When I lived in Hamden, CT they delivered to me regularly.


  13. Giant Eagle, at least mine, in Ohio, allows me to place the order on-line with the pay at pickup option then I go inside to pay at the register. I’ve been doing this for about 2 years


  14. What might any of you know about this alleged new service called All_EBT? It purports to open a “digital wallet” which enables one to use a scan of their EBT or food stamps to purchase approved items from online retaillers like Wallmart, Safeway, etc., who currently don’t accept them.
    I cannot find much information online that is not related to the company’s own promotional material, and I honestly cannot tell if it has actually started yet! This would be a godsend if legit, but I hesitate to give them any personal information without knowing more.


  15. ShopRite in Delaware recently changed their Shop From Home online grocery order service to use a separate company called “Shipt” to handle deliveries, and are no longer able to accept EBT cards for online ordering and delivery. I don’t know if this change was also implemented in other states that ShopRite operates in. The person I spoke to at one of the stores seemed to think that ShopRite may not continue using Shipt permanently, but I wouldn’t count them as an authoritative source.


  16. Hi, thanks so much for this. I have been asking Kroger about using food stamps for delivery or pickup options, but there’s a Safeway almost as nearby. I will watch for that. I do have a Medicaid care worker but it’s much simpler for me to read the labels myself, as I have food intolerances and allergies.

    Thanks so much for your very helpful site.


  17. Safeway delivery for low income disabled people is only available in Arizona at this time according to the person I talked to when calling the number you provided


  18. Thank you. This website has been an invaluable resource to me. Especially the information about SSDI, state benefits, medical related benefits, etc. One of the best resources I have found, bar none.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Aubrey. I have read that amazon is starting accepting SNAP for purchases in some locations – but I can’t find any information on whether this has already started and which cities or states are doing it.

      Are you currently able to use your SNAP card to buy food on Amazon? May I ask what state you are in?


      1. Hi, sorry about the miscommunication. I finally got around to singing up for Prime, and I was quoting from something else someone had shared around that time, so maybe they misunderstood or I did. It’s been long enough that I don’t have it in my browser history anymore. I can confirm that I cannot add my ebt card as a method of payment, and I feel like it’s a shame for them to do that and then not let that be an option. That’s great news you shared below about Arizona, I hope they roll it out elsewhere too!

        I *have* heard that you can use your ebt benefits to buy safeway deliveries, so I may have to look into that.


    2. Thank you, Aubrey for sharing this. And thanks to sleepy girl for a great post. Does anyone have any more info on this? What I’d most like to know is does it allow me to use the EBT card to pay for any food bought on Amazon via subscribe and save or Prime? This would make such a difference to me. Are there a lot of limitations?


        1. Yeah, I’m seeing that now. Darn it! I got my hopes up. I also emailed Amazon and received this reply: “Kindly note the EBT card is only for discounted prime and it is not intended for the food purchases.” I hope using it online becomes more of an option soon.


          1. Hi Natalie, sorry about that. I was going off of word of mouth and just feeling optimistic I guess. I replied to sleepygrrl above too and you can read that if you like but I also don’t mind repeating it here: I signed up for Prime a few days ago and as of right now, I cannot add my ebt as a payment method, which is unfortunate. The wording on the site at the time made it sound like I wouldn’t be able to use ebt to pay for the *subscription fee* but I didn’t realize that extended to not being able to use my food stamps. What a let down!


      1. Hi Natalie, sorry about that. I was going off of word of mouth and just feeling optimistic I guess. I replied to sleepygrrl above too and you can read that if you like but I also don’t mind repeating it here: I signed up for Prime a few days ago and as of right now, I cannot add my ebt as a payment method, which is unfortunate. The wording on the site at the time made it sound like I wouldn’t be able to use ebt to pay for the *subscription fee* but I didn’t realize that extended to not being able to use my food stamps. What a let down!


        1. sorry, I meant to reply to Natalie’s comment! Didn’t mean to leave a mess for you to clean up to keep the comments tidy, oy


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