The Lymie Adventures of Miss Diagnoses


Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 7.23.15 AM.pngVicki was debilitated and often bedridden with severe ME. She went to many, many specialists who did not help her.

Four years later, she discovered the source of her illness was actually chronic Lyme Disease.

Vicki’s blog is called Miss Diagnoses.

You can learn more about Vicki’s story in her Timeline of Wretchedness. You can follow Miss Diagnoses on Facebook and on Twitter. You can also scroll down to the bottom of this page to find a secret bonus video!

Vicki Recommends this site to Find a Lyme Literate Doctor. She also recommends ordering a Lyme test from Igenex, which many people believe is a more accurate test than the standard test used by most doctors. In the US, Igenex is covered through Medicare, this charity also assists some people with costs.

Vicki’s blog contains many brilliantly funny drawings and stories. Here is where you can visit a few of our faves:

“Shit Doctors Say”
“If Santa Claus Got Brain Fog”
“Lyme Sexy Tyme”
“How to #Resist Without Using All Your Spoons”


9.png  8.png  12.png

Bonus Video! Happy Lyme Lymes Limes Disease Awareness Month.


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