55 Squares, 1109 Years

Missing Years


giphy (1).gif

These squares have been lovingly crafted

in a bid to raise awareness of

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis,

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,

and Fibromyalgia.



Each square shows the number of

years that have been

lost to illness.


Many contributors are too unwell

to leave their homes

(and sometimes their beds).


Missing Years squares were created

by 55 people,

ranging in age between

17 and 69 years old.


The total years lost is 1109.


The squares depict lengths of illness

ranging from 4 to 45 years,

though one participant has been ill

for all of her 69 years . . .


She could not bear to put a number so high.



9.png  8.png


Visit the Missing Years Facebook Page.


Every day different: Banality. Spectres. Howls of inconsolable. Then daffodils! Fluffernutter! Cyan! We the wilted ones, living tethered lives.
– Lilan Patri

1 thought on “55 Squares, 1109 Years”

  1. Wow! Very powerful! I’m on year 16 of Fibromyalgia, just recently diagnosed with with CFS. I’ve also suffered with chronic migraine for 14 years (daily for 8 yrs)


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