Victoria Gets Mail Delivered to Her Doorstep

Robin Mead

– by Victoria Bell

The post office will permanently deliver your mail to a receptacle at your door when provided with a letter from your doctor requesting they do so.

Just getting to the mailbox (through bad, hot, wet, cold weather) – not to mention processing the mail – is one of the most demanding daily activities that so many of us can’t cope with.

This was one of the first things I did after finally being diagnosed and ordered to bed by my doctor. It’s a literal godsend.

How I Got Mail to My Doorstep

Below is the wording that I’ve used over the past eighteen years to receive continuous mail delivery to my door, including through three moves.

I compose the letter for the doctor and, with the doctor’s approval, it’s placed on the doctor’s letterhead stationery. The doctor signs it and I then deliver it to the postmaster/mistress.

It is the patient’s responsibility to provide an appropriate receptacle at their front door. I use a white ice chest – it holds envelopes and magazines as well as small packages, protecting them from rain, snow, and some heat.

Doctor’s Letter

RE: [Patient Name] – Postal Service beginning [date]

[Geographical description e.g., NW corner of street names]

To Whom It May Concern:

[Patient Name] is a disabled and largely homebound patient with a [type of condition, e.g, cardiac, POTS, ME etc] condition followed in this practice. [She/he] will begin residence at the above address on [day], [date].

Any exercise or activity may worsen [her/his] condition and can cause exacerbation of symptoms, as can temperatures – either hot or cold – outside of [her/his] narrow range of tolerance.

It is a medical necessity for [her/him] to [continue to] receive daily pick-up and delivery of mail to the mail receptacle (64-qt cooler) provided at the front door of [her/his] home. Due to the severity and variability of [her/his] condition [she/he] is not able to manage a curbside mail box either on a daily, weekly or other basis.

IMPORTANT NOTE: [Her/his] mail is often medically time and heat sensitive and regular daily service – both pick-up and delivery – is essential.

For ease of delivery and pick-up, [patient name] provides a weatherproof receptacle outside the front door dedicated to this service. The container is [color/description]. [more sample description: it provides a top tray for envelopes and magazines, and the remaining space for packages.]

I will be grateful to you for providing this essential service to [her/him], beginning [date].


[doctor’s name]

Follow Up

The letter above worked with no problems. Then when we got a new postmistress, she requested more input from me. This is what I wrote:

“Here is the letter from my doctor, requesting this service as of [date]. Prior to that I had been receiving my mail at another address here, also at my doctor’s request. And prior to that I received mail at my door in [state] for 8 years for the same medical condition. I am very grateful to everyone for this essential service, as without I don’t know what I would do. Thank you very much for your help.”

The delivery to my front door continued.

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