What a Wonderful World



Members of the Chronics Creative Choir sing from their homes. And from their beds. Their voices are mixed together to form one song.

The most fabulous recycled cow below was created by choir member, Soul, on her page Trash Into Treasures and Soul Treasures (Press play to see what the cow does!) If you scroll all the way to the bottom of this page, you will also get to meet a rain-stick giraffe and a needle-felted fox.


Chronics Creative Choir

Singers: Petra, Victoria, Soul, Deborah, Zoe, Stephen and Trev.
Flute: Dawn
Piano and harmonica: Zoe
Electronic bass: Elmo
Mixing: Zoe and Tom
Music by George David Weiss and Bob Thiele, arranged by Mark Brymer. With thanks to johnfletchermusic.org for the rehearsal tracks which enabled us to stay in time without being able to hear each other.
Artwork & Crafts: Soul & Petra
Photos: Elmo, Zoe, Petra, Victoria & Soul.


9.png  8.png  12.png



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