Yulia Goes to the Doctor


Jessica Walks(1) copy.png

Yulia was a PhD student when she became ill with ME/CFS in January 2017. After six months of severe illness, she recently started a new treatment that is helping her feel better, though she does not yet know if the change will be permanent.

Yulia somehow managed to make all these amazingly funny and brilliantly insightful videos in just one month. (How is that even possible?!) She even figured out how to make a video called “What is ME/CFS?” that is actually fun to watch — a feat we thought no one would ever accomplish.

You can find Yulia on her new Youtube channel Fun with CFS where she will continue to create new videos on good days, and also on twitter. In an effort to stay out of Facebook jail, we’ve posted a “cleaned up” version of Yulia’s doctor video above. If you want to see the foul-mouthed version, please visit her Youtube channel.


9.png 8.png 12.png


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