Template for Provider Disability Accommodation Letter


A provider letter can be written by a doctor, nurse, therapist, psychiatrist, case worker, social worker, or other professional familiar with your disability.

The provider letter should include the following items:

State credentials and qualifications.

Example: I, [provider name] am a [physician, nurse, therapist, social worker, caseworker, etc.] and have the following credentials: [MD, MSW, PhD].

Explain relationship with the tenant

Example: I have treated [tenant’s name] since [date].

Example: I currently serve as [tenant’s name] case worker at [name of organization or program].

State that the tenant has a physical or mental disability 

Tip: The tenant does not need to be receiving disability benefits. They do not need to be approved by the Social Security administration for disability. Learn about the Fair Housing Act Definition of Disability

Example: John is disabled.

Example: Jane meets the definition of a person with a disability under the Fair Housing Act. She has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities

Verify the functional limitations that create a need for an accommodation.

Tip: Keep the diagnosis and medical details confidential. 

Example: Mary has a disability that makes it difficult to walk and leaves her unable to carry items such as a bag of groceries or a basket of laundry more than 20 feet.

Example: Alberto’s impairment makes it impossible for him to climb stairs.

Example: Joshua has a disability which limits his ability to leave his home and to keep scheduled appointments.

Explain how the accommodation or modification is necessary 

Example: Mary requires a designated parking spot next to her apartment so that she is able to do her shopping and other household tasks independently.

Example:  My opinion as Jim’s mental health therapist is that Jim requires an assistance animal to provide the emotional and psychological support he needs in order to live by himself in an apartment.

Example: As Alberto‘s physical therapist, my professional opinion is that he needs to be allowed to move to a downstairs unit that does not have steps.

Example: Joshua requires an additional time extension to find a landlord, since his disability limits his ability to leave his home and meet with landlords.

Adapted From Disability Rights Oregon Fair Housing Handbook.

Accommodation Form 

Some providers would prefer to fill out a form instead of writing a letter. Your Housing Authority may have a form to use. Or you can use any form.

Sample Provider Form for Reasonable Accommodation

Do I have to use their form?

It is easiest to use the form that your housing authority gives you. However, if you cannot or do not want to use their form, you have the right to use any form or any letter format you wish, and they cannot refuse to accept this.

If You Are Required To Use Their Forms

More sample provider letters

Learn More

This page is part of the online guide: Epic Master List of Disability Accommodation Letters

Facebook Group: HUD and Section 8 Disabled Residents & Family Members

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