Camellia’s Letter Requesting a Higher Payment Standard

Art: Robin Mead

When Camellia needed to move, she discovered that there were no apartments available in her town that were within payment standard for her voucher. Zero. None at all.

Because of her disabilities, she was unable to move to another location. To make things even more difficult, she also needed to find an apartment with no internal stairs.

Camellia put in a request for a higher voucher so she could find a place to live. This is often called “requesting an exception to payment standard.”

Camellia’s Doctor’s Letter

Dear Podunk Housing Authority

I am writing to verify that there is a medical necessity for Camellia to receive a reasonable accommodation regarding her housing needs and that she be enabled to remain in Podunk.

Reasonable Accommodation Request: Camellia requires housing located in the town of Podunk to allow proximity to daughter (primary caregiver), and access to current medical providers and support. She also requires housing with no internal stairs and designated parking near entrance to accommodate mobility limitations.

Reason for Accommodation: Camellia has a disability that substantially impedes her ability to live independently and could be improved by more suitable housing conditions. This reasonable accommodation will allow her to acquire services that meet the needs of her disability and allow her to remain living independently.

Medical Background: Camellia is disabled with a condition that causes her to have an exacerbation of her symptoms following minimal activity. This limits her movement, her ability to travel distances. Any small activity on one day can render her homebound for the rest of the week. It is imperative that Camellia has assistance close by for help with activities of daily living, and that her established medical care and social support are accessible to her with a minimal amount of exertion. Patients with post-exertional exacerbation of symptoms have a marked, rapid physical and cognitive fatiguability in response to even minimal exertion which can be debilitating and cause acute flu-like symptoms, pain and a worsening of other symptoms. Recovery from this minimal exertion can last for hours or days, weeks, and sometimes longer.

I request that you assist Camellia in her need to find a home within the limits of her overall disabling health concerns where she can readily access help from her daughter and have proximity to her established medical and social support services. Please feel free to contact me if I can offer further assistance.


Dr. So-and-So


🌷Letter from Camellia

🌷 Long list of every place she contacted trying to find housing that would meet her needs and why each one was not possible (overpayment standard, too far from caregivers or would not accept vouchers)

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