Hibiscus’ Provider Letter

Description of Accommodation

I am writing to verify Hibiscus Flowers’ disability accommodation request.

Due to the severe nature of her disabilities, Hibiscus is receiving services through a Medicaid waiver program, designed to help her stay out of nursing homes and care facilities and to continue to live in the community. As Hibiscus’ Medicaid case worker, I conduct a monthly care assessment.

Due to her disability, Hibiscus requires housing with the following features: 

  • To accommodate her mobility impairments, no staircase between bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.
  • To accommodate severe sound sensitivity caused by her disabilities, a quiet location that does not trigger her symptoms of hyperacusis.
  • To accommodate her homebound status and vitamin D deficiency, sufficient access to sunlight (for example, a porch or outdoor area that can be easily  accessed.)
  • To accommodate her symptoms caused by mold exposure, a unit that is above ground (not basement level).
  • To accommodate thermal instability and heat sensitivity, a temperature controlled environment.
  • To accommodate difficulties with sitting and standing, a bathtub.
  • In addition, she requires a unit with little or no carpeting in the hallways and common areas as this is the best suited for her mobility equipment.
  • Her current apartment is unsuitable for her disabilities and her doctor has written that it is unsafe for her to remain there. Therefore, she requires housing that is available as soon as possible.

This accommodation is needed to allow her to continue living independently in the community and to afford her equal opportunity to participate in your housing program.


Hibiscus Case Worker