Sample Doctor’s Letter: Disability Accommodation for Paperwork Problems

Sample Doctor’s Letter for a Reasonable Accommodation After Paperwork Problems

Dear X Housing Authority,

Shameka Dees is disabled as defined by the social security definition. Her disabilities cause short and long term memory issues.

Shameka’s capacity to fully understand and further remember complex instructions, such as those in an application processes, is effected. Her ability to track and remember dates is also impacted.

It would therefore be a reasonable accommodation to her disabilities to allow her be reinstated on the Section 8 Housing Waiting list, and allow her to complete any past paperwork that was not returned by the deadline. This accommodation is required in order for her to be able to obtain adequate, affordable housing as an individual with disabilities.

Thank you,

Shemaka’s Doctor

Happy Outcome

Shameka was reinstated on the Section 8 wait list and got her voucher six months later! Shameka Gets Her Spot Back on the Section 8 Waiting List

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