Sample Letter if Your Housing Worker Requires You To Use Their Forms

2fouweoSome of our readers have found that their housing worker will not accept a  reasonable accommodation request unless a specific form is used. They may require a specific form from both you and your doctor. They also may require that that the forms to be mailed or faxed directly from the doctor’s office and not provided by you.

If you run into this problem, you have two options:

One: Just follow what they are asking. Ask your doctor to fill out their form. If your doctor has written a letter, this can be attached to the form. If the worker wants it directly from the doctor’s office, ask the doctor’s office staff to fax it for you. This is probably the easiest way, if possible.

Two: Insist they accept the letters you provided. This way may be a little more difficult…  they may need to contact your doctor with follow up questions if their form has specific questions to be addressed. But the rules say that a housing program must accept your request in any format.

Here is a sample letter from someone who was in this situation.

Dear housing supervisor,

My housing worker informed me that she is refusing to consider my reasonable accommodation request paperwork.

According the HUD and DOJ Joint Statement on Reasonable Accommodations: “A provider may not refuse a request because the individual making the request did not follow any formal procedures that the provider has adopted.”

I am requesting that your program follow the HUD and The Department of Justice regulations which state that you must consider my request in the form I have submitted it and cannot deny my request because I have not used the procedures you have adopted.

Please provide me with a written decision on my request for a reasonable accommodation.

Thank you,

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