Script for Calling Affordable Housing Buildings



I am interested in applying for your building. Could you please tell me if you are accepting applications for your waiting list?

How much is the rent?

Can I please schedule an appointment to come in and fill out an application? (Or: Can you please mail/email me an application?)

Optional: “Do you accept children?”

Optional: “Could you please give me an estimate of how long your wait list takes?”

Optional: “How many bedrooms do your apartments have?”

Optional: “May I please have your email address?”

Optional: If rent is out of your range: “Do you have any apartments that are subsidized by HUD? Do you have any apartments that charge 30% of income for rent? How do I get on the waiting list for those apartments?”

Optional: If a buildings says seniors or elderly: “Do you accept younger people if they are disabled?” (one adult in household must be disabled)

Optional: “Due to my disabilities, I am unable to come in person at this time. May I please request a disability accommodation to apply by mail or email?”

Thank you.

Don’t like calling?

You can send an email instead. Sample Email for Writing Affordable Housing Buildings

It worked for Violet

Violet used this script and it worked: Violet Uses a Script to Find a Nice, New Home

Requesting To Apply By Mail or Email

Most places just say “yes” to this very easily if you just ask, especially if you let them know it’s a disability request.

Some places may say “no.” If this happens, the best thing to do is usually to just ignore what they said, get off the phone, and make the request in writing or by email.  More info on requesting to apply by mail

Don’t Forget

Don’t forget: If a building says seniors only, always ask if they will accept younger people as long as one adult household member has a disability.

No Need to Be Nervous

The person who answers the phone gets 100 calls a day and will probably never remember your name or who you are, it doesn’t really matter what you say to them.

Also, for every 10 places you call, maybe 5 will answer the phone, and maybe 1 will actually be an option for you… so just keep breezing through to the next one 🌷

Thanks for Reading

🌷 This page is part of the free online guide:  Section 8 Guide for the Disabled and Plucky

🌷 Facebook Group: HUD and Section 8 for People with Disabilities (and family)

🌷 You do not need to ask anything else! If you want to ask more things, here’s some ideas for more questions you can ask when you call: Questions to Ask

🌷 Art on this page by Robin Mead and Elizabeth D’Angelo.

🌷 Page Updated: 8/1/19

5 thoughts on “Script for Calling Affordable Housing Buildings”

  1. My mother is 55 and has Multiple sclerosis, she is on a wheelchair and very disabled. She will be homeless in a month or so and i live in a one bedroom apartment with my two kids and my wife and unfortunately cant help much. I wsnt to help her so badly find one of these aparments in brandon florida. Any reccomendations of where i should start looking first or advice on what i can do to help. Thank you in advance .


    1. So sorry you are in this position. You can also contact buildings by email. Sometimes you have to write a few times if they don’t answer the first time. I hope you will find somewhere.


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