How Pansy Found a New Home Through USDA

Artwork: Robin Mead

Subsidized housing is available in rural counties through the USDA’s Rural Development Rental Assistance program. Many of these projects have shorter wait lists than other housing programs.

I got into my current apartment in 3 months. Here’s where you can find a USDA apartment.

I have a nice one-bedroom apartment in a small rural town. It is well managed, safe and quiet, but health care and other services are limited. Also, the local grocery store doesn’t deliver.

The apartment complex is for low-income elderly or disabled people. It is managed by a non-profit and the local housing authority. It was built with a loan through the USDA and rents are subsidized so it is affordable for people who are low income.

I pay roughly one third of my income for rent and utilities are included. It is similar to getting a HUD apartment, just in a very rural area. All costs associated with your service or emotional support animal and medical expenses, along with income, are used to determine your monthly rent. If you have medical expenses or a service animal, make sure to list these costs as this will lower your rent.

The USDA funds several types of housing programs and can also help with loans for home ownership in very rural counties. If you want to find a subsidized apartment in a rural area or find out about their home loan programs you could contact your state’s USDA Rural Development office.

Tips from Readers

If you have an assistive or therapy pet, you cannot be charged a pet deposit. Food receipts for your emotional support animal can also be deducted when the yearly review comes up. – KB

The USDA guidelines on qualifying for “disability” housing are fairly open ended. They do not specifically state that you need to be approved for Social Security or another form of disability. You may be able to qualify in other ways.

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