How Do Bedrooms Work For Live In Aides?

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In most cases, when your live in aide is approved, you will automatically be granted an additional bedroom. Below you will find information for:

  • Adding bedrooms on vouchers
  • Adding bedrooms in subsidized buildings
  • Transferring apartments
  • Will my aide pay rent?
  • Will my rent go up?

For Vouchers 

If you are happy living where you are and your rent is already correct for income and there is already enough room for your aide, nothing changes. Just stay where you are and your aide can move in.

If your current place is too expensive, depending on the reason, your share of rent may go down. Sometimes your share of the rent can be too high when the number of bedrooms in your apartment is higher than the number of bedrooms on your voucher. In this case, the increase in voucher bedroom size could cause your payment to go down.

If you need a bigger apartment, your voucher will increase because of the extra bedroom. But you will not pay more. Your share of rent will stay the same: How Much Will My Housing Voucher Raise?

If you want to move, you will need to honor your lease and make arrangements with your landlord. In some cases, you may have to wait until your lease ends, or request a disability accommodation to end the lease early. Request to Break Lease Or request to transfer to a larger apartment, if your landlord has one available: Request to Transfer Apartments

Exceptions: HUD policies do not guarantee that aides will be given a bedroom, however, most Housing Authorities will automatically grant a bedroom to an aide. If your aide is not granted a bedroom, you can make an additional accommodation request for the bedroom. We have not heard from any readers who needed to do this. Requesting More Bedrooms

For Buildings

If you are happy living where you are and there is already enough room for your aide, nothing changes. Just stay where you are and your aide can move in.

If you need a bigger apartment, most housing programs will automatically transfer you when your request for an aide is approved (assuming that your landlord has a larger apartment available). If the transfer is not automatic you can make a Request for More Bedrooms

Requesting a Transfer

You can also make a request to transfer to a different apartment in the same building, or a different building owned by the same landlord. This may be helpful if:

  • There is a wait list for open apartments
  • You are locked into a lease
  • Your landlord wants to charge you fees for the move
  • Your landlord doesn’t have any larger apartments available in your building, but same landlord owns a different building with apartments that are also subsidized

How to make a Request to Transfer Apartments or Buildings

Will My Aide Pay Rent?

In most situations, aides do not pay rent, and their income will not be counted in rental calculations. There is an exception: Certain type of elderly buildings have special rules for adult children who are aides to their parents.

Will My Rent Go Up?

It depends on what type of housing assistance you have. If it is one of these types, your share of rent will not change: HUD apartment, housing voucher, Section 8, public housing, rural rental assistance.

If you are in a “income restricted” or “low income tax credit” building and you do not have a voucher, your monthly payment may go up.

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