Sample Email for Writing Affordable Housing Buildings

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Art: Robin Mead

Dear So and So,

Thank you for the fine work you are doing to help low-income people get housing. I would love to learn more about your property and I hope to apply.  If you have a moment I would greatly appreciate knowing:

* Are you currently accepting applications for your waitlist?

* Do you accept vouchers? (ask this if you do have a voucher)

* Do you have any apartments that charge 30% of income? (ask this if you don’t have a voucher)

* Are you able to accept a person who is not a senior but is disabled? (ask this at senior buildings if at least one adult in your household is disabled)

* Is it possible to get a rough estimate of how long the wait list might take?

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions.

Warm Regards, Me

Follow Up

Thank you so much for your response. Your property sounds perfect for me and I would love the opportunity to apply.

Could you please mail or email me an application?


Could I please schedule an appointment to come in and apply?


Due to my disabilities, I am unable to apply in person. I would like to request a reasonable accommodation request to apply by phone, mail or email. Could you please mail or email me an application?

Thank you for your help,



Not all buildings will write back. You can expect to hear back from about 20%-50%. If you don’t hear back you can try again. Or you may have better luck calling. Many will not return voicemails, but if you call repeatedly, you will eventually reach a person. Script for Calling Affordable Housing Buildings

Most properties will easily grant a request to apply from home. If you find a property that requires a more formal request, you can try a more formal letter for a reasonable accommodation to apply from home. 

Tip: Some places do not respond to email. If this happens, you can try again and in the subject line write “second request” and in the email write “This is my second request. I did not receive a response last time. Thank you.” Then third request, then fourth…


5 thoughts on “Sample Email for Writing Affordable Housing Buildings”

  1. On May 15. 2020, the House of Representative passed the Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions (HEROES), including $100 billion for rental assistance and $10 billion for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance program.
    Housing Authority, Mishawaka, IN,St. Joseph County ,Choice Voucher List is closed for 10 years now with no chance to put name on it. They claim they don’t have money.I contacted Housing Authority Mishawaka and ask them, since they received money are they going to open HCV list any time soon,and have been shocked with the response: Field HUD has put a stop issuing Housing Choice Voucher?
    Can HUD executive director be empowered over the Congress and make own decision what to do or what not to do with taxpayers money that Congress already released to help low income people to pay a rent.
    Is this legal,moral,ethic?
    Is this money already misplaced and misused?
    Who hold Housing Authorities accountable?


  2. Housing is such a big deal and so difficult. I’ve been on the wait list of one place for several years and am currently number 900 something on the list.

    In my area everyone who only charges 30% of your income does so through our town’s Housing Association. So I just have to make an account on their website and they post all the open waitlists and what the requirements are for each one. I sign up for the lists right there through the site. Cuts out all the busywork of calling each individual housing complex. I think many areas have a system like this. Very thankful for it.


    1. Thank you, Amy.

      Just wanted to mention… Some of our readers have found that applying for centralized waiting lists was not the fastest way 🙂

      Sometimes there are 30% income apartments that are not advertised or known about unless you call the building directly.


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