Summer Gets Her Own Bedroom


Writing by Summer Clinton
Art by Robin Mead


My husband and I are both disabled. We have a housing voucher for one bedroom and I have been living in the dining room since we have been married… almost three years. 

I sent in a reasonable accommodation request stating that I needed a two-bedroom place because both of our disabilities keeps us from sleeping in the same room. We both have insomnia – mine is from anxiety issues and his is from seizures. I used a reasonable accommodation form, but I didn’t just fill in the little space they had on the form. I also wrote a whole page explaining my situation.

My caseworker told me if my therapist stated it was “medically needed” on the form, then I would probably get approve. I told my therapist that information. And here I am.

I am on cloud nine. This all happened because I joined this Disability Self Advocacy in HUD group. I read what everyone else posted and also asked questions. I had never even heard of being able to ask for an extra room until I joined this site and read another person’s story. I’m grateful for this group. It is a life changer. 

In a few months, when I get a new printer, I will upload my letter if that will help others.

Update: Summer’s Letter


I have severe insomnia. I am only sleeping 3 hours out of 24 hours and this is made worse by not having my own room. I have a lot of stress in my life and my anxiety hits the roof at bedtime. I can’t stop thinking.

I have been sleeping in the dining room for almost three years. My husband also has insomnia so he comes in and watches tv or gets on the computer which keeps me awake. We can’t sleep in the same room because with both of us getting up and down we keep each other awake.

I also have Social Anxiety due to my Mental Disability. Anxiety could decrease significantly if I could retreat to my own private room. Also, scents give my husband headaches, so I cannot use aromatherapy to help with my anxiety unless I have my own room. I have been suicidal for at least a year. My disability keeps me on a rollercoaster. Everything is overwhelming. I need my own space to unwind.

Attachment: Reasonable Accommodation Form from Therapist

Learn More

Learn more about how to request a separate bedroom in HUD, Section 8, and Low Income Housing here: Epic Master List of Disability Accommodation Letters for Housing

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