The Flower Girls

Artwork: Robin Mead

Bluebell Gets a Caregiver

🌺 I almost gave up. Almost. 

Cherry Blossom Finds Secret Medical Records

🌺 I thought I had seen all my medical records. I was wrong. 

Buttercup Makes the Best Disability Application Ever Seen

🌺 My mom was right: you have to do everything yourself. 

Rose Gets Paratransit by Using the Magic Words

🌺 Rose was totally honest on her application…. and she got denied! A few months later, she applied again. She was still totally honest on her application…. and she got approved!

Lilac Gets $20,000 for Having a Child

🌺 I have been on Social Security for five years and this is the first time anyone ever told me I could get dependent benefits because I have a child.

A Bunch of Flower Girls Get Cheap Meds

🌺 You can be next on this list!

Azalea and Willow Get Food Stamps and Caregivers

🌺 Some people think they have to wait until after they are approved for disability to get help and assistance. No. No. No.

Sweet Pea Gets Disability in 4 Months (without a lawyer!)

🌺 Don’t assume that our doctors are knowledgeable about Social Security and know what to do. We need to be our own advocates.

Marigold Gets Disability in 6 Months (without a lawyer!)

🌺  Seven steps Marigold took to win her claim

Jasmine Gets Disability in 6 Months (without a lawyer!)

🌺 We put ten things in one envelope. Six months later, I got approved

Jasmine Wins Her Case Despite “Normal” Test Results

🌺 Like many people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, nearly all of my tests and blood work came back normal, and I could not afford any fancy testing

Lotus Gets a GREAT Doctor’s Letter for Lyme Disease

🌺 This letter was instrumental in winning my case. I was approved in ten months!

Peony Wins Her Case Despite “Normal” Test Results

🌺 You don’t have to prove you are sick. You have to prove you can’t work. It seems like a small shift in perspective, but it is significant

A Bunch of Flower Girls Escape Their Student Loans

🌺 Smart stories from smart people who escaped student loans

Daisy Wins Her Case with a Doctor’s Letter

🌺 Two weeks before my hearing, I met my attorney and he told me that I needed a doctor’s letter to make my case stronger. (He was right!).

Violet Wins Her Case with Function Forms

🌺  When I got to court, the lawyer said I had the best documentation she had seen all month.

Camellia Finds A New Home with Section 8

🌺 Everything I learned about Section 8 that I wish I knew beforehand.

Pansy Gets on Medicaid By Being Smart, Scrappy & Persistent

🌺 Pansy was repeatedly told she could not get Medicaid. She didn’t listen.

Poppy Wins Her Disability Reconsideration in 5 Easy Steps

🌺 Only 7% of Requests for Reconsideration are approved. Here’s how Poppy did it.

Poppy Applies for Disability While in School

🌺 Poppy was in grad school while applying. Here’s how things went.

Belladonna Turns Water into Wine

🌺 My doctor said she would not fill out disability paperwork. I was so upset.

Heather Creates a Paper Trail

🌺 When you create this kind of paper trail with your doctor, Social Security will look at your records and see a distinct pattern.

Peony Appeals (and wins!) Her LTD Case

🌺 LTD is disability through your employer. Peony won her claim for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Dahlia Appeals (and wins!) Her LTD Case

🌺 LTD is disability through your employer. Dahlia also won her claim for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Iris Gets a CPET

🌺 Iris got five different tests while applying for LTD. Here’s the first one. More coming soon!

Sandra Gets Her Overpayments Waived

🌺 If you are on SSI, you can expect to be overpaid at some point. Always appeal.

Dahlia Finds a Surprise in Her Medical Records

🌺 Why were my friend’s records so different than mine? I guess I will never know the answer, but I have a theory.

How Pansy Found a New Home Through USDA

🌺 Safe, quiet, clean affordable housing through USDA

More Flower Stories

Sage Wins His Case by Ignoring Social Security

🌺 Even at that point, I knew what they were telling me was incorrect.

Patty’s Lawyer Never Told Her What She Needed to Know

🌺 I had my lawyer for 15 months. He never once mentioned that anything was wrong.

Aster Figures Out How Much Actual Benefits He Would Actually Get

🌺 One person said $900, one said $1100, another said $980 and another said $1500.


1 thought on “The Flower Girls”

  1. Very cool. Just recommended our support group include this in our newsletter (which goes out nationally). I wish there’d been a resource like this when I first got sick!


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