The Flower Girls

Cherry Blossom Finds Secret Medical Records

🌺 I thought I had seen all my medical records. I was wrong. 

Pansy Gets Approved for Medicaid By Being Smart, Scrappy & Persistent

🌺 Pansy was repeatedly told she could not get Medicaid. She didn’t listen.

Bluebell Gets a Caregiver

🌺 I almost gave up. Almost. 

The Flower Girls Get Approved for Disability

🌺 A whole bunch of flower girls get approved for disability. Here’s how they did it!

Dahlia Finds a Surprise in Her Medical Records

🌺 Why were my friend’s records so different than mine? I guess I will never know the answer, but I have a theory.

A Bunch of Flower Girls Get Cheap Meds

🌺 You can be next on this list!

A Bunch of Flower Girls Escape Their Student Loans

🌺 Smart stories from smart people who escaped student loans

Pansy Finds a New Home Through USDA

🌺 Safe, quiet, clean affordable housing through USDA

Camellia Finds A New Home with Section 8

🌺 Everything I learned about Section 8 that I wish I knew beforehand.

“How I Get By On SSI”

🌺 A bunch of flower girls make it work on SSI

Flower Girls Get Overpayments Waived

🌺 Sometimes Social Security pays you too much money but doesn’t tell you. Then they want it back! .

Lilac Gets $20,000 for Having a Child

🌺 I have been on Social Security for five years and this is the first time anyone ever told me I could get dependent benefits because I have a child.

Teri Gets a Caregiver

🌺 Now my family is much less stressed and that makes me feel less like a burden.

Rose Gets Approved for Paratransit by Using the Magic Words

🌺 Rose was totally honest on her application…. and she got denied! A few months later, she applied again. She was still totally honest on her application…. and she got approved!

Robin Mead

8 thoughts on “The Flower Girls”

  1. Hi I’m awaiting SSDI decision on initial application.
    I called today the(800) # to request update status on claim. Person who answered phone stated my application is at DDS n kept me on hold for a few minutes. He came back to line n gave me a ” call back date of Nov 20. To call if I had not heard or received anything on the mail” do u know what this means???


  2. Hey there sleepygirl,
    I just got done with rental agreement interview and I waited forever but it was worth it.
    I got a permanent address now and maximum benefits!
    I didn’t have to wait for the amount either, the woman told me right there 🤓
    She even changed my records on my last redetermination letter. All of em. So I wouldn’t be charged with being overpaid.
    She said to check my PO Box in 5 days for the update letter.
    I wanted to tell YOU the most! 💎😁
    Thank you for everything, you helped me out so much that I’m finally going to be living in a house, paying rent and an actual address!!!
    I wish only the best of the best in life to you!!
    Wonderful soul, sleepygirl.


    1. I am super happy for you. Great job!! And you were so smart to fix the last determination like that. Sounds like you did everything perfectly!!

      It is so great that you have a place to live now (and I guess your landlord must be nice if they drove you to the appointment) 🙂

      I hope you new home will be a wonderful place for you.


      1. 😊
        Thanks so much!
        Couldn’t have done it without your insight!
        I was brief, asked as little as possible and ready to ask for proof if anything was updated wrong.
        One thing that scared me was no paperwork to fill out or copies of my adjustment, I think I’m just used to having stacks up “proof” and can’t take their word for it.
        I think I’m just over excited of anything going on .
        (Yes indeed my landlord/friend is a great guy….a friend for life now even after I move)
        Thank you again, being happy is all around indeed.
        It’s such a great feeling that it makes me wonder if it’s all real lol.


  3. Very cool. Just recommended our support group include this in our newsletter (which goes out nationally). I wish there’d been a resource like this when I first got sick!


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