Roselyn Gets Approved by Using the Magic Words


Many people with chronic illness do not have steady symptoms throughout the day. We have good days and bad days, good moments and bad moments.

This can make it hard to fill out applications, hard to answer questions, and hard to get approved for services.

Unless you use the magic words.

What are the Magic Words?

The magic words are “When I am having severe symptoms….”

The magic words can also be “When I am in pain….” or “When I am experiencing dizziness…” or “When I am having severe fatigue…” or similar statements.

When in doubt, start your sentence with the magic words and take it from there.

Meet Roselyn

Roselyn applied for a paratransit program. She was not able to use public transportation, and sometimes got rides from friends. However, she often could not get to the doctor when she needed to, and her caregiver did not have a car and could not bring her to the grocery store.

Roselyn was totally honest on her application…. and she got denied!

A few months later, she applied again.

Once again, she was totally honest on her application again…. and she got approved!

What changed?

Roselyn’s Ap final.jpg


Four weeks later Roselyn got a letter in the mail. She was approved!

Now Roselyn is able to get to the doctor, the grocery store or anywhere else she needs. The paratransit program picks her up right at her doorstep and only costs $2. They allow her caregiver to ride for free.

Nothing changed about Roselyn or her condition. The only thing that changed were the magic words.

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3 thoughts on “Roselyn Gets Approved by Using the Magic Words”

  1. Seeing the 2 examples side by side is so helpful! I have gotten so much good info from this website. Thanks so much for all you have put into it.


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