Be Like Bluebell

Robin Mead

It can take months to get into some programs. It can take years to get into others.

If you wait until you can’t live without the help, you may find that you actually can’t live without the help.

Unless you do it the way Bluebell did it. Be like Bluebell.

Bluebell Applies for Her Future Self

When I first applied for a home aide program, I got turned down.

A part of me thought: “This is too stressful. I’ll never get approved. I don’t need it anyway. My mom is caring for me and this is good enough. I can get by.”

Then another part of me thought: “What about the future? What if my condition gets worse? What if my mom gets ill? What if it is too much of a burden for her? What if I do need help, but can’t get it?”

I decided to apply again.

I told myself: “I am applying for my Future Self. I hope you are really happy, Future Self, because this is hard!!!”

It took me six months to reach the top of the waiting list. Before the screening interview, I learned more about the home care rules so I could do a better job of explaining the help I needed. This time, I got approved.

Now I am my Future Self.

I have a full-time caregiver. My new caregiver can do more for me, so I don’t have to go weeks without bathing or changing my clothes. I feel safer knowing that if something happens to my mom, I will not starve. Someone will be here to help me. My mom is also happier because she does not have to worry about me as much.

My mom still helps care for me, but she has had other things happen and she is not able to be with me every day now.

If I did not have my caregiver, I might be in real trouble now. I want to say: “Thank you, Past Self. You did the right thing.”

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2 thoughts on “Be Like Bluebell”

  1. Excellent points. The same is true for any program with a waiting list – you can’t count on a space just because you NEED one.

    And if it becomes your turn, you can usually stay in the queue, and just let a few people by, if you’re not ready. And then when you are, you’re at the top of the list. Ask.


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