How Cherry Blossom Found Secret Medical Records

cherry-blossom-flowers-painting-watercolor-art-print-joanna-szmerdt.jpgI read all the doctor’s notes and records on my online patient portal. I thought that was everything. Then I read this site and discovered that was not everything!

Next time I was waiting for my doctor, I said to the woman at the front desk, “Could you please give me a copy of the medical records and treatment notes from my last visit.”

She left for fifteen minutes and then came back and handed me a piece of paper that said “visit summary” and included some notes from my doctor plus information on my last visit.

I said, “No, I want full medical records with all treatment notes.”

She left for another ten minutes and came back with several more pieces of paper and said, “Here’s your records.”

I read them right away and noticed immediately that something was inaccurate that might cause a problem for my case. At the doctor that day, I asked if he could correct the mistake, and he did.

Before I left that day, I asked the woman at the front desk for copies of all my medical records for the past five years. She had me fill out and sign a form.

After that, nothing happened. I called five more times, plus sent them $50. Then, one day, like magic, I got a big packet in the mail with all my records!

Next up, I had to contact each of my specialists and hospitals and clinics. Each of those places also wanted me to sign a form and pay a fee.

I learned so much from reading my records. I learned which doctors supported me and which did not. I learned who was good at documenting symptoms and who was not. I learned that what the doctor says is not always the same as what the doctor writes. I learned some of the things I had been saying wrong, which confused my doctor or were not clear enough.

Thank God I went the extra mile to get my real records. I never would have known.

Readers Say

“I was appalled at some of the things in my records…and not in my records…when I gathered them for my disability application. I’ve made a habit of getting copies ever since.” – BH

“So true! When I read my records, I discovered that they wrote about how I look and said I look well nourished and fine and not depressed. I don’t look fine. I am severely underweight and look malnourished. I am upset 98% of the time and so many times I have gone into the Doctor’s office balling!” – TB

Learn More

How to Collect All Your Medical Records (Keyword: All)


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