Lilac Gets Approved for Dependent Benefits


I have been on Social Security for five years and this is the first time anyone ever told me I could get a higher check because I have a child.

It was a pretty easy process to have my child added to my benefits. You can either do it in person or over the phone. In my case, it literally took two minutes. I am a person who gets very nervous about everything, but this was VERY simple.

The person working at the Social Security office informed me that I had to answer the questions truthfully, to the best of knowledge, or face the penalty of perjury. Then she asked me very basic questions. Child’s name and birth date? Am I her legal parent? Is she a legal citizen? Does she live with me?

Your situation may be different, but I don’t think you will have a problem. I brought her birth certificate and Social Security card. I think they said that if I didn’t have those they could help me obtain them.

I showed them my checkbook for my bank account number. So my daughter’s benefits can go into same account for now.

The backpay arrived this week. $20,000. I still can’t believe it. I will be able to be able to get her the things we have struggling to afford.

Editor’s note: Dependent benefits are only possible for SSDI. Not SSI. Benefits are available for children and sometimes for spouses or ex-spouses. If your children were listed on your original application, they will also get backpay. Learn more about dependent benefits.

8 thoughts on “Lilac Gets Approved for Dependent Benefits”

  1. I have an important question for “sleepygirl” that I would rather ask via email. Could you PLEASE contact me at the email address I am providing? Thank you!


  2. How long did it take to get the approval for the dependent benefits. We have only been waiting 55 days, but like you I get nervous


  3. This happened to us as well. My husband began receiving his SSDI benefit in February 2014. We had a lawyer and everything but NO ONE told us about the child benefit. We even listed our son on my husband’s original application. I guess we fell through the cracks (I’ve read that some people receiving a letter reminding them to apply at the SSA office or over the phone, but we never received anything). We applied for my son at the local SSA office 6 weeks ago and we have not had any correspondence. My husband has called the SSA line twice and both times the status was “processing,” whatever that means. The rep on the phone said it normally takes 60-90 days to begin receiving correspondence and then the benefit. I am so frustrated by this!


  4. When I first applied in 2010, I had 3 dependents. Since then, 2 have aged out and I’ve acquired a grandchild I have custody of, but not adopted. I wonder if I’ll get the backpay for the children who aged out?


    1. Hi Adasha,

      I do not know a lot in.this area, but my understanding is it will depend if your children were listed on your initial application. I assume they will have your application in the system and be able to see if the children were listed there.

      If you run into problems, you can show them the reg which discusses retroactive payment for children:

      I could be wrong, that is what I have seen happen with others – the child needs to be listed to get the back pay. It does not matter if they are now over age 18.

      Please let us know if you try it and how things go.

      For a grandchild, I believe they can give benefits if: child is adopted or parents are deceased or parents are disabled.

      hope it goes well for you.


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