How to Find Home Aide Programs in Your State

State waiver programs provide free home aides and other services to help people with disabilities and chronic illness stay out of nursing homes and in their own homes. Waiver programs have different names in different states. They may be called “Medicaid Waivers,” “Home and Community Based Care,” “In Home Support Services,” or “Medicaid Long Term Care.”

Most states have several different kinds of home care programs, and it may take a bit of digging for you to find the one that is a match for you. Places to look:

🌷 State-by-state Guide – This website says seniors, but most of programs listed here are also open to younger people. Important: please scroll to the bottom of that page in order to see the 50 state guide.

🌷Area Aging Agencies – Contact them even if you are young! In many states, this agency will start the screening process for you. Readers report that they can be friendlier and easier to deal with then the Medicaid office.


The two links above are the best place to start. You may be able to find more or different programs by also looking here:

🌷 Scroll to the bottom of this page, there is a of local organizations that may be able to provide you with more guidance and assistance.

🌷 Centers for Independent Living – Run by people with disabilities. Some areas have comprehensive programs, and others are very small. They may be able to offer advice and guidance on how and where to start the process.

🌷 Directory of Medicaid Consumer-Directed Programs – Programs that allow you to choose your own aide.

🌷 Kids & Adults Waivers – This site says for kids, but most of these programs are also open to adults.

🌷 List of Medicaid waiver programs. From the federal medicaid website. A list of the names of many different waiver programs.

🌷 More options for home aides –  Other programs that may be able to provide home aides.


Do not apply for the Medicare program. Do not go through a home health agency that bills Medicare. You will be unhappy. You want the MEDICAID program. Even if you are on Medicare and not on Medicaid now, you still want to apply for the Medicaid program.


Tip: Be careful about calling your local Medicaid office. Many of our readers report getting turned away or told they won’t qualify. People who answer the phones at Medicaid offices are often not trained in these programs and do not know how they work.

Tip: If someone tells you that you can’t apply unless you are eligible for Medicaid: How to Apply When You Have Too Much Money







Washington State

New York



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  1. Thank you for this entire blog. It is a wealth of information. So much put together in one central location and it’s invaluable!

    This is one of the most creative projects I have ever seen and also one of the most practical.


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