How to Get Extra Help if You Have a Live-In Caregiver

If you live with a caregiver or home aide, here are a few financial benefits you may not know about.

What is a Live-In Caregiver?

🎀 Every program has different rules. Please check the policies for the program you are applying for.

🎀 For some programs, the person helping you will only be considered a home aide if she is officially hired and paid.

🎀 In other programs, any friend who is caring for you can be considered your home aide. In some situations, a family member can qualify as a home aide.

What are These Financial Advantages I Might Not Know About?

🎀 You may be able to qualify for assistance with utility bills – Your caregiver’s income may not count for utility assistance. This means that if you did not qualify for utility assistance, you may be able to reapply without including your caregiver’s salary as income to the household. Check with your local Social Services agency (Be sure to read the policies, and show them to your caseworker. This is an obscure policy they may not know unless you point it out)

🎀 You may qualify for more living space – If you live in HUD housing, or Section 8 Housing, or USDA Housing, your caregiver or attendant can live with you. Her income will not be considered in the rental calculations. Learn more about applying for these housing options. Some people report success at getting approved for a 2-bedroom apartment (with no increase in rent) to accommodate their caregiver.

🎀 Your caregiver may qualify for free rent – If you live in this type of subsidized housing or other housing where the rent is income-based, your caregiver can be given free rent. You may need to apply for this benefit and have special disability accommodation forms filled out by your doctor. How to Calculate Rent in HUD, Section 8 and USDA Housing

🎀 You may qualify for funding to pay your caregiver – If your disabling condition is severe (“nursing home level of need”) and a friend, loved one, or family member is already providing personal care for you in your home, the state may be able to pay this person a small salary for the care they are giving you. In most states, it cannot be a spouse. Learn more about Home Care Waiver Program

🎀 You may qualify for free home care – If you do not yet have a caregiver and would like to see if there are any programs in your area that you are eligible for: How to Get a Caregiver

🎀 Your caregiver may not have to pay taxes – If your caregiver lives with you and is paid through a Medicaid or Medi-cal program, they do not have to pay any taxes if they file for a  difficulty of care income tax exclusion.

🎀 You may qualify for more food stamps – If your caregiver lives with you, you may be eligible for additional food stamps if you keep your food separate. Your caregiver may apply for their own food stamps separately from you. Learn the Food Stamps Regulations

🎀 Extra Benefits for Caregivers Through Your State – If you are receiving a home aide through a program funded by your state, there are a bunch of other benefits that may help you. These programs may be called Medicaid Waivers, Medicaid Home and Community Based Care, Medi-cal, or something different in your state.

What Else?

What is not on this list yet? Please comment below and let us know.




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