26 Great Facebook Groups (Plus a Few Other Things)

Artwork: Robin Mead

by Lily

It’s possible that I have now joined every Facebook group ever created. Here are a few where I have found the moderators to be exceptionally kind and welcoming and a great group of people.

I am sure there are many wonderful groups I am accidentally missing or forgetting. If I left off a group where I post regularly, it was not intentional! Please comment below with any groups you like that got left off this list.

Lyme & Disability & Services

Social Service Connections for Lyme Disease (in the US)

Mast Cell

Mast Movement

Bedridden and/or Homebound

Living From Bed

25% of ME: Support Group for Severe CFS/ME (Welcomes caregivers as well)

CFS/ME/Fibro Bedridden Support

ME and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Race to Solve ME/CFS

#MEAction Living with ME Support Group


Women’s Lyme Disease Support Group

Western Lyme Awareness

Home Care

Facebook Groups for People interested in State Home Care Programs

How to Get On

Find us on Facebook

Find us on Twitter

Peace. Love. Spoons. (Email newsletter)

Sleepy Girl ME Video Festival (Come watch)

People Who First Got Ill Early in Life

All The Beautiful People is a secret Facebook support and social group for those who first got ill earlier in life. To join, please send a message to Sandy Walker. Sandy notes:  “Earlier in life = young adulthood (which goes up to age 40) and earlier. We’re not super strict with the age rules…we just recognize that getting ill during the years when you’re supposed to be building your life by going to school, starting a career and family, etc really impacts the your life, no matter how old you may be now.”

By State

Wisconsin/Illinois – Lyme & Coinfection Support Group

Seattle – Spoonie Collective

Southeastern Michigan – CFS/ME/Fibro Support

Oregon – Chronic Illness

North Carolina & Ohio – ME/FM Support (welcomes members everywhere)

In the US

MEAction USA (health equality for ME)

ADAPT (disability activists)

Good North American Doctors for POTS/OI/EDS/ME/CFS/Chiari/MCAD/RA/GP/Hash

Diagnosis Unknown

Undiagnosed Warrior Support Group

Undiagnosed Warrior Website

Invisible Illness

No Nonsense Invisible Illness (“Support Without All the Woo and Woe”)

Interesting Projects

#BedFest: ME & CFS Poets, Artists and Creative People

Turn Green for Lyme: Lyme Overlays for Facebook Photos

LymeBrary: Book Share for Lyme & Invisible Illnesses

Toxic Mold 

Mold Avoiders

Mold & Chemical Sensitivity Lifestyle

Surviving Toxic Mold (Natural Remedies Only)

Toxic Mold, CIRS and Lyme Disease Support Group



A Little Lyme Laughter

Miss Diagnoses (Brilliant!!!)


Candida Support and Information Group


The Wounded Healer. Heart Centered Spiritual Spoonie

A Few of My Favorite Websites (ME and CFS)

Chronic Illness & Disability Resources: Spoonie Living

Forums. Excellent articles: Health Rising

Advocacy, Activism, Millions Missing, BedFest, Unrest: #MEAction

Art from Bed – Poetry, Art, Performance: #Bedfest Website

See below for blogs and personal sites

Spoonie Housemates

Some Facebook groups for Spoonie and chronic illness housemates are listed on the bottom of this page: How to Find Housing that is Both Cheap & Good

Great Blogs

Miss Diagnoses – Life with Multiple Ailments

Not Done Living – Geek, Creative, Disabled, Internet, Bedridden, Citizen

Spoonie Living – Chronic Illness and Disability Resources

The Sick and the Dating – Looking for Love Between Hospital Stays

Pain Pals – My Family and Friends Living with Me… and Chronic Illness

Seriously “Sensitive” to Pollution

As Well as I Can Be

Laura’s Pen – Life with Chronic Illness

Healing CFSME – Helping to Heal Within Illness and Move Towards Health

Portland Wellness Coach

Kai Elliot: Resilience Coach

But You Don’t Look Sick

Practicing Spirituality and Healing

Mommy is a Pothead: Chronicles of a Chronically Ill Jersey Girl

I am forgetting many here. If any of my Facebook friends have a blog, please message me.

Updated February 2018. Please let us know if any links on this page stop working. If you found this page helpful, please share it with others by pressing one of these magic little buttons: 


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