26 Great Facebook Groups (Plus a Few Other Things)

Artwork: Robin Mead

It’s possible that I have now joined every Facebook group ever created. Here are a few where I have found the moderators to be exceptionally kind and welcoming and a great group of people.

I am sure there are many wonderful groups I am accidentally missing or forgetting. If I left off a group where I post regularly, it was not intentional! Please comment below with any groups you like that got left off this list.

Housebound or BedboundΒ 

πŸ„Β CFS/ME/Fibro Housebound Or Bedridden Support

Lyme & Disability & Services

πŸ„Β Β Social Service Connections for Lyme Disease (in the US)

Mast Cell

πŸ„Β Mast Movement

Best Email Newsletter Ever Ever Ever

πŸ„ New free email paper! Please sign up! Peace. Love. Spoons.

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

πŸ„Β Β Race to Solve ME/CFS


πŸ„ Β Women’s Lyme Disease Support Group

πŸ„Β Β Lymies of the TriState & New England Area

πŸ„Β Β Wisconsin/Illinois Lyme & Coinfection Support Group

πŸ„ Β Western Lyme Awareness

Interesting Projects

πŸ„ #BedFest: ME & CFS Poets, Artists and Creative People

πŸ„Β  Turn Green for Lyme: Lyme Overlays for Facebook Photos

πŸ„ Β LymeBrary: Book Share for Lyme & Invisible Illnesses

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities & Mold Avoidance

πŸ„ Mold & Chemical Sensitivity Lifestyle

πŸ„Β Β Toxic Mold, CIRS and Lyme Disease Support Group

πŸ„Β  Toxic Mold Support GroupΒ andΒ Surviving Toxic Mold

Lymies for Bernie

πŸ„Β Lymies for Bernie (Now renamed: The Progressive MSID Community)



πŸ„Β Β A Little Lyme Laughter


πŸ„Β  Candida Support and Information Group


πŸ„ The Wounded Healer. Heart Centered Spiritual Spoonie

A Few of My Favorite Websites (ME and CFS)

πŸ„ Forums. Excellent articles: Health Rising

πŸ„ Advocacy, Activism, Millions Missing, BedFest, Unrest:Β MEAction

πŸ„ Art from Bed – Poetry, Art, Performance: #Bedfest Website

πŸ„ See below for blogs and personal sites

Spoonie Housemates

πŸ„Β Some Facebook groups for Spoonie and chronic illness housemates are listed on this page:Β How to Find Housing that is Both Cheap & Good

Great Blogs

πŸ„ Miss Diagnoses – Life with Multiple Ailments

πŸ„Β The Sick and the Dating – Looking for Love Between Hospital Stays

πŸ„Β Pain Pals – My Family and Friends Living with Me… and Chronic Illness

πŸ„ Seriously “Sensitive” to Pollution

πŸ„ Healing CFSME – Helping to Heal Within Illness and Move Towards Health

πŸ„ Portland Wellness Coach

πŸ„ Kai Elliot: Resilience Coach

πŸ„ But You Don’t Look Sick

πŸ„ Practicing Spirituality and Healing

πŸ„ Undiagnosed Warrior

πŸ„Β Mommy is a Pothead: Chronicles of a Chronically Ill Jersey Girl

I am forgetting many here. If any of my Facebook friends have a blog, please message me.


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