How to Get Medical Equipment


Elizabeth D’Angelo

If you need medical equipment, now is the time to get it! If you use medical equipment, now is the time to document it!

Types of Equipment

Common types of medical equipment for for people with conditions that cause weakness or fatigue:

πŸƒ Shower chairs, manual wheelchairs, electric wheel chairs, walkers, canes, mobility scooters, hospital beds, toilet rails, bath tub safety frames, bath tub lifts, bed pans, and commode chairs.

πŸƒ For other conditions crutches, braces, and a wide variety of other items can be appropriate medical equipment.

πŸƒ Some people who have pain-related conditions find it helpful to get TENS machines.

πŸƒ Some people with POTS or dizziness when standing, find compression stockings helpful.

πŸƒ Some people are able to get oxygen machines in their homes to help with breathing and fatigue issues.

πŸƒ The National MS Society has a good booklet on How to Choose the Mobility Device That Is Right for You.

πŸƒ These are just a few examples. There are tons more.

Paying for Equipment

πŸƒΒ How to Get an Electric Wheelchair or Scooter Through Insurance

πŸƒΒ How to Get Other Medical Equipment Through Insurance

πŸƒΒ How to Pay for Medical Equipment Without Insurance

Qualifying for Equipment

πŸƒ You do NOT need to be on disability to qualify for this kind of help.

πŸƒ Some physical therapist, occupational therapist, or rehabilitation centers specialize in performing assessments for medical equipment. They may know how to assess you for your needs, and how to fill out insurance paperwork. Try researching rehab clinics and centers in your areas.

πŸƒ Any medical doctor can examine you and write a prescription for medical equipment, but your regular doctor probably won’t know your insurance company’s rules and how to qualify you. It may help to learn this yourself and then bring the info to your doc.

πŸƒ If you have a stay in a hospital or clinic, before you get discharged, you can try requesting to meet with a hospital Social Worker. Ask the Social Worker if it is possible to get an evaluation for medical equipment, some hospitals have the capacity to do this.

If You Get Denied

πŸƒ If your medical equipment is denied by your insurance and you would like to appeal, your state’s protection and advocacy program may be able to assist.

πŸƒ You could also try reading the link above about applying through insurance, and then applying again now that you and your doctor are more educated about the policies.

πŸƒ You can also give up on insurance and try some of the resources listed above for programs that don’t require insurance.

If You Are Applying for Disability or on Disability

πŸƒ If you are applying for Social Security, it is much better to get your medical equipment through a doctor then to just buy it yourself. If you go through a doctor, this will create documentation that can help your case.

πŸƒ Please take a look atΒ How to Document Medical Equipment While Applying for Disability

Home Modifications

πŸƒ Home modifications can include things like widening doorways, building wheelchair ramps, making your home safer, installing grab bars, and other modifications.

πŸƒ Many programs provide free or low cost home modifications. Some home modifications are available to renters.

πŸƒ This is a separate topic that is funded a different way. Take a look here: How to Get Home Modifications

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