How Much Rent to Pay on SSI

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Many people receive a reduced SSI check and don’t know why. Or don’t even realize it is happening.

This is especially common for people who live with friends or family, or for families who have disabled children age 18 or older.

It also sometime happens to people who are homeless or transitional, people who are paying the wrong amount of rent or mortgage, or anyone who was never told the SSI rent rules (read: nearly everyone).

Luckily, you have come to the right place to figure some stuff out!

What Is Maximum SSI?

Before you start, it may be really handy to know if you are currently receiving the highest amount of SSI possible. The maximum amount is different in different states. How Much is Maximum SSI?

How Mortgage, Rent and Utilities Affect SSI

The amount of rent you pay (or don’t pay) can have a big impact on your SSI check.

If you are currently receiving maximum SSI, your check can go down if you stop paying your correct share of rent or mortgage.

If you are currently receiving reduced SSI, your check can go up if you start paying your correct share of rent or mortgage.

Do These Rules Apply to Me?

The rules on this page only apply to SSI, if you are on SSDI, feel free to ignore everything here. How to Tell What You’re On

Can’t I Just Pay The Rent My Landlord is Charging and Skip All These Rules?

Maybe! You can just pay your rent and skip all these rules if:

  • Your landlord charges you a rent that is similar to what they might charge anyone else


  • You live alone or
  • You live with just your spouse and you or your spouse pay all the rent or
  • You live with your kids and you pay all the rent or
  • You live with your kids and spouse and you or spouse pay all the rent or
  • You live with other people but the homeowner does not live there. You have your own lease for your room and you pay the homeowner for the room. Plus you pay your share of the utilities (unless they are included in the rent).

What Happens If I Don’t Pay My Share?

If you do not pay your share of household expenses. Your SSI check is lowered by up to one-third. This is called “In Kind Support and Maintenance.” See below for details on how to determine which household expenses count, and how to determine your share.

How Can I Afford Rent?

If you can’t afford rent, check out this page. Assistance from government programs will not affect your SSI check, but it will give you an affordable place to live. For someone on SSI, rent will typically be $215 per month including utilities (or $100 per month plus utilities). Section 8 Guide for the Disabled and Plucky

For Children on SSI

If your child is under the age of 18, you may not have to read all these rules right now! But you will still need to read them before your child turns 18. You do not have to worry about these rules if your child is under 18 and all rent or mortgage and utilities are paid by:

  • A parent who lives with the child or
  • Child’s SSI check or
  • A government program

This rules may impact your child’s SSI if:

  • Rent, mortgage or utilities are paid by a parent who does not live with child
  • Rent, mortgage or utilities are paid by another relative
  • Rent, mortgage or utilities are paid by someone else
  • Someone is giving you or your child a free place to live

For People Still Applying

If you are still applying for SSI and not yet approved, your living situation can affect your backpay. There are a few policies that can be helpful in this situation. Learn more about: How to Apply for SSI Without Falling into Quicksand

How Do I Figure Out My Share of Household Expenses?

If you live alone, figuring out your share is simple. You just pay everything. Done!. If you live with just your spouse and other people, it gets a lot more complicated.

Step One: Figuring Out Your Household Expenses

  • What Are Household Expenses?
  • What Counts as a Household Expense (and what doesn’t count!)

Step Two: Figuring Out Your Share

  • Your Share of Rent or Mortgage
  • Can I Pay More Than My Share?
  • Do I Need to Pay For My Kids Share?

Special Rules if You Live with the Homeowner

  • You live with your parents and your parents own the home
  • You live with your friend and your friend owns the home
  • You live with another family member who owns the home
  • You rent a room in someone’s house and the landlord lives there

Step Three: Making Sure Your SSI Check is Correct

  • How Do I Correct an SSI Check?
  • What Should I Bring to an SSI Appointment?
  • How Long Does It Take For a Check to Change?
  • “I tried correcting my check. But I’m having a problem.” 

How To Pay Rent While Waiting

  • Rent while waiting for your SSI check to change
  • Rent while waiting to be approved for SSI
  • Rental loan agreements

Rental Loan Agreements

  • Rental Loan Agreements are sometimes used by people living with friends or family while applying for SSI.
  • They can also be used by people already on SSI living while waiting for SSI to be redetermined.

Special Exceptions 

Times when someone else can pay your household expenses without impacting SSI:

  • Exception: Living with your spouse
  • Exception: Government or nonprofit programs
  • Exception: ABLE accounts
  • Exception: Loans from family, friends, or anyone
  • Exception: Student loans


  • How Much Will My SSI Check Be if I Am Homeless?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • “I Live Alone”
  • “I live with my child and my child collects SSI”
  • “I Live with Other People (Kids, Relatives, Friends, etc)”
  • “I am getting discounted rent through HUD, Section 8, or another agency”
  • “I am living with a boyfriend or girlfriend or husband or wife”
  • “I live in a room in a house owned by my mother, father, sister, etc”  
  • “I live with a friend or family member. They are renting.”
  • How Can I Find a Place I Can Afford on SSI?
  • I own my house. Can I rent out a room and charge rent?
  • “Wait! I Do Not Pay Rent. Why Am I Getting Maximum SSI?”
  • “Why do some people get reduced SSI and some people get maximum SSI?”

Four SSI Rent Examples

  • Joe Lives with His Friends
  • Suzy Lives with Her Mom
  • Jake Lives with His Mom
  • Sally Lives in Section 8

Social Security Policies

Here is where you can find links to all Social Security policies on SSI rent determinations:

What Happens If My Situation Changes?

If your housing or rent situation changes, you should contact SSI to report any changes and request an SSI Redetermination Interview. They will ask you questions about your finances, and change your check to the correct amount. Your check may go up or down, depending on the change. You can change your rental agreements at any time and you can contact SSI and request a redetermination any time. You do not have to move for your rental agreement to change.

Other types of changes to your living situation can also affect your SSI check, such as getting married, getting divorced, separating from you spouse, living with more people, living with less people, etc. You can learn more about this and much more on this page about SSI Regulations.

What Do You Think? 

Please comment below with stories, ideas, questions or suggestions. Please let us know if any links on this page stop working. 

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257 thoughts on “How Much Rent to Pay on SSI”

  1. My son is receiving the maximum SSI. We live in a house owned by his Grandmother,(my mom) No Mortgage.
    He has $500 a month rent agreement that say it pays for rent, utilities & food. Every month we add all the expenses including Property Tax, Homeowner Insurance, Homeowner Association Fees, Electric, Water, Trash, Gas, Cable, Internet, Landline Phone, Security alarm service, Lawn Care plus groceries & restaurant bills that she pays and we divide this by 3 in the house. Grandma, Me, my son. Isn’t this paying his fair share of expenses? only problem is sometimes expensives go over the $500 and it is more. Would this”more” be in kind supplement and would that lower his payment? Should i pay Grandma the extra due her?


    1. If there’s no mortgage, this can sometimes cause a problem because the rent becomes too low. The rent needs to be set at least typical for your area. I can be higher than this, but shouldn’t be lower. One thing some people do is look around in their area to see what a room typically rents for, including utilities. If the rent is not at least that high, they can raise the rent up, otherwise there is a chance your son will wind up owing money back because they will consider the cheap rent to be partially a gift.

      If your son is 22 years old or older, he is eligible to have his own food stamps account, if his food is purchased and prepared separately. Food does not need to be included in the rental agreement. If he’s eligible for his own food stamps account, no one else in the household would be listed on his account and the FA worker would calculate it based on his income only.

      I believe that most families figure out a monthly average instead of changing the amount each month. It’s a good idea to keep documentation of Anything you find with typical rates for renting a room in your area in case you are asked for this week.


      1. Sorry but I am still unclear looking looking up on Zillow similar houses in our area rent from 2,000 to 2,922. so should i take the middle of this divide it by 3 the number of people who live in the house and that should be his rent? Then since he is unable to do his own food shopping and we did it for him. Divide the groceries by 3 and charge him separately for that also? What about the back months do I need to collect from him if he has extra money in his account. or just starting from October 1st with the change. Also I am his rep payee so I don’t know if that matters. All I was told was to have him pay a flat fee. But I guess I should have been paying his groceries separate from the $500 rent.


        1. Typically, parents just calculate 1/3 of the household expenses and this is usually fine. However, in a situation where there is no mortgage it becomes more complicated, because sometimes the final figure is just too low to be reasonable for the area.

          To figure out a typical rent in your area… Do people ever rent out rooms in your area? You can look for listings for rooms for rent. If there are none, you could look at a three bedroom houses and divide by three to see how much the rent would typically be per bedroom. Then also add in typical utility bills, if they have not already been included.

          As long as the rent is at least that high, there shouldn’t be a problem. But if his rent is lower than average, there’s a chance Social Security will find that the amount he was paying was too low. They might consider the low rent to be a gift and it could mean that he would owe some money back to ssa. On the other hand, they might not care and they might just consider him paying 1/3 to be sufficient. I can’t guarantee how they will handle it and this partly depends on who his ssa worker happens to be. Different workers calculate this different ways and I have seen different outcomes for families. If you want to be on the safe side, it’s best to make sure that his rent is at least as high as average.

          How you handle groceries is up to you. You could have a monthly agreement around groceries for 1/3 your typical grocery costs. You can include this in your rental agreement or make it a separate agreement, whatever you wish.

          As I said, if he is at least 22 and wishes to keep his food separate, he could have his own food stamps account. It doesn’t matter who does the shopping, you can still shop for him. Just let the food stamps worker know that you are doing the shopping, and when you are shopping, keep his food in a separate cart than yours so that you do not pay for his food and he does not pay for yours. If he has his own food stamps account, you won’t have to worry about having a grocery agreement.

          Here’s a regulation most people are not aware of: food stamps are often higher if a person is paying their own utilities. If someone pays a separate amount for utilities instead of including utilities in the rent, food stamps usually go up.

          I don’t know how much extra money he has in his account, but just a friendly reminder that if it goes over $2000 he could have problems. If he recently got a large backpay, he is allowed to be over for nine months.


  2. If am married but my husband doesn’t have a social security number and am applying for my autistic son that id 3 years old what is the income limit or how does that work ?


  3. My husband and I have been seperated for 6 years. He lives with his mother and my son and I live in the house that has his name on it and the mortgage is 460. So he pays the bills for the house. He says as soon as I was approved for ssi, I would have to find my own place. However how is this going to affect my ssi? I have an interview next week. I mean how would ssa expect someone to pay their way if you can not work? This just boggles my mind.
    I dont have any assets except for my name is on my husbands bank account because, I use his money to pay the bills, he doesn’t have a lot of money in the bank, pretty much paycheck to paycheck and I use it if my son needs clothes, or school supplies etc because I cant afford maintenance fees to have my own account. So how would all this affect my ssi? I’m getting no where with my attorney. I Call and email and no one will answer my questions.


  4. Hello Sleepygirl, is there a difference between someone paying all your rent or part of your rent? Will Social Security reduce the SSI check by one third in both cases? Thank you.


  5. My 24 year old daughter is receiving reduced SSI because she lives with us and currently doesn’t pay rent. We are renting a home, can I still charge her rent and get max SSI, or do we need to be homeowners?


    1. Sure, she can pay her share of the rent and utilities… it’s not you charging her, it’s the landlord. Use the links above to figure out what her share would be.

      If her food is purchased and prepared separately from yours, then she is also old enough to have her own food stamps account.

      Hope it goes great for your family.


        1. Good question. This example is from the SSA policy. My guess is that either Mr. Smith lives in the world’s cheapest area where $200 is a fair market price for a room including utilities, or Mr. Smith’s SSI check is being somewhat lowered for paying too low a rent rate.


  6. hi I was diagnosed with schizophrenia and I cant work, I think I can get SSI and I heard of Section 811, do u have any advice for getting SSI and getting housing so I can live independently, and also get food stamps?


  7. Thank you for such a comprehensive and helpful page! This site has been the single most useful and informative page I have seen on SSI!

    My daughter is 19 years old and has Autism and an Intellectual disability. She lives at home with her mother and I and just recently started receiving SSI, but she only gets 2/3 because we were giving her money as an allowance. We stopped doing that but now SSA is claiming that the difference between what is her fair share and what we charge is also a “gift”.

    The problem is we live in an expensive area and her fair share is twice what she would get with her full SSI amount. What do we charge her so she will receive her full SSI amount?

    Thank you!


  8. Hi there your posts have been very helpful! My 4 year old son is Autistic and was just finally approved for SSI beginning April 1st. We also have nearly 2 years of back payments going to a dedicated account for him but I noticed something that concerns me. Our living situation is as follows; My husband and I both work and our income is deemed to our child but we live in a home owned by my parents rent free. We pay for everything else in the home. utilities, food, etc but no rent. I made this clear to SSA when we applied because I figured the shelter counted as some kind of ISM or unearned income and based off everything I have read either PMV or VTR should apply to us because my parents do not live in the home. However by doing my own math it doesn’t look like his check amount has been reduced to account for that. Based on our situation is my assumption correct and SSA has made a mistake?


    1. I’m not 100% certain, but in my understanding, you are correct. I believe that would typically be counted as ISM, unless your parents decide to add you to the title of the home, or start charging rent.


  9. If you’re considered a single household while living with parents do you pay share of utilities and rent or just utilities?
    USDA regs make this more difficult because if you’re renting just a room you really cant keep food separate without increasing the electricity bill. It seems designed so you end up contradicting yourself.


    1. Keeping food separate shouldn’t increase electricity. You can keep a separate shelf in the fridge.

      SSI looks at both rent and utilities. The formula is in the links above and is different depending on if parents own or rent the home.

      If utilities are not included in the rent, then I think simplest is you’d just pay your share (divide by number of people in the house)?

      Hope this helps.


  10. Thank you for your heart for others in creating this forum. It is a comfort and I feel a bit empowered at an extremely stressful time for myself and all others here. My question – If I don’t pay any rent when I move in temporarily with someone, am I correct in understanding that my SSI can only be reduced 1/3 of my amount? (I only receive $365 because I receive $438 for regular SSA.) Or will they reduce it more than this? I thought I read in one of your post replies that 1/3 is the max they will cut in all circumstances.


  11. I’m 67 on SSI. I will be needing to move in temporarily with my daughter and her family. They have an extra bedroom w bathroom they can rent to me. I have severe allergies so must buy and prepare food separately. To be determined as a separate household, Do I just pay rent? or should I split payment into rent and utilities?
    What do you suggest would be the best way to proceed before we make arrangements?


    1. For SNAP, in some states, paying utilities separately calculates at a much higher rate.

      For SSI, I don’t think it makes a difference either way.

      If your food is separate, you can have your own SNAP account.


  12. I just received a letter stating my SSI Disability Claim has been approved. I have no income. I own my own home. My adult son lives with me and is on SSI and gets the full amount. He has been the one paying all the bills. My other son also lives with us and is working, has his own income and bank account. Will I also get the full SSI amount if I start paying my half of the bills? Also, with my other son that is working, will his income affect us? He pays for nothing. I have my phone interview next week. Thanks!


      1. My adult son that is on SSI has been the one paying all the bills for years and he never has any money left over for his self. He would give me the money out of his account and I would put the money in my account and pay all the bills. How do I word this in the interview so I will not be penalized? Do I tell them that I will be giving him my two months backpay?


        1. I am not sure. You could try showing them the bills that were paid, they might be able to exclude the parts that were for his bills, but the part that covered your bills will likely still still be considered income to you.

          If it was a loan, they would probably ask for a formal written loan agreement that was signed before the funds were given to you.


  13. Hi, My name is Bonnie Lou and I am 58 yrs old. I live in Layton, Utah (Davis County). I was born with a rare permanent brain disorder called “Subcortical-Band Heterotopia” AKA “Double Cortex Syndrome” However, I have had and still do have difficulty in learning and cognitive disabilities with seizures and I was not diagnosed with this until I became an adult. I am not able to work. I have also been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia among other ailments. I applied for SSDI which was denied; caused by my Advocate being found incompetent shortly after representing my case to the Judge, at my hearing. I am still trying to fight this. But do not know how or the steps to do so. Advice from you will be greatly appreciated. After I was denied SSDI; I did apply for SSI and qualified for these benefits of $261.00 a month. And, I also was qualified to receive $530.00 a month from OPM (Office of Personnel Management) a pension due to my deceased Father. Total Income: $791.00 a month. I am on Medicaid, Snap Program (food), Heat Program (Gas & Electric) only until funds run out. After that, I pay out of pocket until the annual recertification is renewed. I AM NOW PAYING THE GAS BILL BUT STILL HAVE FUNDS FOR ELECTRIC. I am also on HUD Housing Section 8 HCV. Which I am having a hard time understanding the rules. I live alone in a very bad part of town with a lot of crime more so than other areas of Layton, Utah. It’s a 2 bedroom 1 bath townhouse which has a total of 4 apts. in a rundown building that desperately needs updating. Has no amenities. The building was built in 1975 and I still have the original water heater. Which needs replaced but owner still will not do so. I have flooding problems which still need addressed and cracks in the flooring. My total rent is $825.00 which will go up when I recertify in Jan. 2020. My Voucher (HAP) pays $453.00, The portion of rent I pay is $372.00. Plus I pay all utilities that are NOT INCLUDED in RENT. It is separate. I pay my landlord an additional $50.00 a month for water, sewer and garbage plus Tenant Rental Insurance $11.00 a month totaling $433.00 a month. MY INCOME IS $791.00. Wouldn’t that be way over the 30% and or 40% of my income? I do not get a utility allowance either. I thought that if your utilities were separate from your rent that a tenant would qualify for a utility allowance. I do have other issues and would like to discuss them with you. However, I do not have any social media accounts due to being hacked. I do not have any mobile devices. So, the only way I can communicate with you more is by email, written letter by airmail or by phone. Please reply ASAP, I do so appreciate all your HELP & SUPPORT. Thank-you! HAGD!


    1. Hi Bonnie,

      I do not know the reason why you are being charged such high rent by HUD.

      The most common reason would be:

      1. you only qualify for a one bedroom but you are living somewhere more expensive with two bedrooms and/or

      2. your landlord has raised the rent and you have agreed to pay more to stay there (sometimes people don’t realize they are agreeing to this)

      Perhaps you can ask your HUD worker why your rent is so high? Also, ask if your payment will go down if you move somewhere cheaper? Also, ask if your HCV is for one bedroom or two?

      That will give you some more info for next steps 🙂


      1. Thank-you for your help. I followed your advice and asked my HUD worker why my portion of rent is more than 30% of my income and she told me that this was because my HCV is and or was issued for a 1 bedroom and not a two bedroom. I received my HCV about a week before Thanksgiving Day and was told that I had to find a 1 bedroom by January 1st. However, in that period of time there were the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve Holidays which closed Apt. offices down during those holidays. So I was not given the correct amount of time to search for a place to live. Also, at that period of time there were no 1 bedroom apts. available but there were 2 bedroom apts. and HUD excepted this and told me I could move into the 2 bedroom which I have been living in since January 2014. I WAS UNDER THE IMPRESSION that HUD would still only charged me the same amount for this 2 bedroom as they would a 1 bedroom since HUD approved it. The landlord recently changed to a new property management and on July 17, 2019, I came home to my apt. to find a notice on my front door stating that the lease on my apt. will expire as of Sept. 11, 2019. And that they are currently offering the lease renewal terms and rates will go into effect as of October 1, 2019. NEW LEASE TERM: 12 MONTH LEASE ENDING MONTH: OCTOBER 31, 2020, NEW RENTAL RATE: $1000.00, COVERED PARKING SPACE: $15.00, UB WEST UTILITIES WATER/ SEWER/TRASH, WILL NO LONGER BE THE $50.00 FIXED RATE AND WILL BE BASED ON THE NUMBER OF OCCUPANTS IN YOUR APARTMENT. MARKET RENT: $1025.00., MONTH TO MONTH FEE IS 200.00, RENTER’S INSURANCE $15.30 PER MONTH. This I DON’T understand because how can my lease expire in Sept, 2019 and a new lease begin Oct. 1, 2019, when my HCV RECERTIFICATION RENEWAL FORMS are still in effect until I RECERTIFY Jan. 1, 2020. Can my landlord do this? Also my current rent is: $825.00. with the market rent at $875.00. The new rent will be: $1000.00 that is a $175.00 increase. How much can a landlord raise rent in Davis County, Utah. I know that I won’t be able to afford this new lease. And again there are no 1-bedroom apts. available in Davis County, Layton, Utah. And no Project-Based Housing either. So, it looks as if I am going to lose everything and wind up homeless. So, can you help me figure out how much my portion of rent will be if I am able to stay at my currant apt. with the new lease NOTE: I am disabled, section 8 HCV program, live alone (1 person family household) in a 750 sq. ft. 2-bedroom townhouse apt. (4 apt. units per building) 4 buildings =16 apts. total. (Not all are section 8) 1 bath, no amenities, built in 1975, run down (will still be searching for 1 bedroom), RENT: $1000.00 with the so called new market rent: $1025.00. My SSI monthly income: $261.00 and my OPM monthly Pension is $530.00. Total monthly income $791.00. How to figure how much my HCV WILL PAY AND HOW MUCH MY PORTION OF RENT WILL BE. MY UTILITIES ARE SEPERATE FROM MY RENT.I PAY ALL UTILITIES BUT DO NOT GET A UTILITY ALLOWANCE. I was told that if your utilities were separate from rent that you are to receive a utility allowance. Is this true?


        1. Hi Bonnie,

          I’m sorry I don’t know the specific rules for your area – you can check with your housing worker to see if they would allow this much of an increase and when the landlord is allowed to issue a new lease.

          If the landlord is allowed to increase, then your payment goes up the exact amount the rent goes up. (for example, if rent raises by $200, you pay $200)

          A few thoughts would be:

          1. If there is a disability-related reason why you need a second bedroom, you are able to request a 2 bedroom voucher.

          2. If there is a disability-related reason why you cannot move or why this is the only available apartment that meets your disability needs, you are allowed to request to go over payment standard.

          Either of the above things would increase the amount of your voucher.

          3. If you move to a new place and you keep a one bedroom voucher, it doesn’t matter if the place is one bedroom or two, all that matters is what the total rent is. If the rent is above the payment standard for a one bedroom, you’ll either be charged extra or not allowed to rent it.

          If you join the facebook group for disability support for hud housing, folks there might help you with calculations.

          More info on disability requests are below. Hope this is helpful. 🌷


  14. Hi. My son receives SSI. He is 2 and has a heart defect. I am not working. Bc I am his caregiver. His dad is incarcerated. With his check I am paying phone, electric, water, my car insurance. My BF mom is paying our rent. It’s her home but she doesn’t live here. Anything left over I use for gas and toiletries. Plus food that food stamps do not cover. I have a phone interview soon. Do you think he will be penilized and his check will be reduced bc we are not paying rent? Thank you


    1. Yes, unfortunately, I think that could cause your check to go down.

      This is something that can be changed at any time. You are always allowed to start paying rent and report the change.

      There is no penalty if your mom or anyone else pays for other things like phone, car insurance, gas or toiletries – as long as bills are paid directly (no money given to you).

      The penalty is only for food, rent, utilities.

      I hope this helps.


      1. Thank you… I did receive a letter in the mail stating that bc I am the parent of the minor child and he resides in the same household I didn’t have to file an annual accounting report. So I don’t know if this phone interview is for money or to check every 3 years for his medical condition. But we do need this bc he needs another open heart surgery. Plus he isn’t meeting his speech milestones and he is in therapy and they think he is on the spectrum of autism


        1. A phone interview would usually be financial. They usually won’t ask medical questions.

          If you are planning to start a rental agreement, you might try putting that in place in writing before your interview, that way you won’t have to redo the whole interview again later.

          I hope it goes great for you.


            1. In my understanding it can be reduced by up to one third. I know how much you must need this for your son, I hope you can find a way to make this work for your family ❤


  15. We just found out my son had some savings bonds. That was a well needed surprise as we spent the money on his needs but unfortunately, we did not keep the receipts. We also put the money into my account as my son hates to go shopping. However, I do have my bank statements would that prove that the money was spent. The bank does not keep records of of cashed bonds. Should I start a new application or appeal once again? HELP!


    1. If the money was spent using a debit card, I would hope that the bank statements would be sufficient for that.

      If it was spent in cash, I’m not sure how SSI would treat it. You can try submitting signed statements from you and your son verifying how funds were spent.

      What decision is it that you are appealing? Is he currently on SSI or applying? Is he over or under 18? Were the savings bonds worth more than $2,000?


      1. Thanks for the quick response. The anxiety is high right now. Yes, we cashed the matured bonds which equaled to the amount of $1100.00. That actually went pretty fast. Everything was purchased through my debit card, so I guess there is hope. We are appealing that he was over the $2000 limit and now want to prove that money was spent on needs for him and our home.


  16. I have a somewhat complicated question. My son started receiving SSI, and we live with my mother-in-law. She has section 8 and pays an extremely reduced rent of $90. Utilities are also reduced already by government programs. She refuses to add me to her lease and doesn’t want to speak to SSI for fear of being reported to the housing authority. I’m now able to pay our share of utilities, but she refuses to write any rental agreement or utilities agreement proving I pay our fair share of expenses. I want to be able to prove, sufficiently, that I pay expenses. How can I do this to satisfy SSI and stop the in kind support reduction of 1/3 of my son’s benefit? All other expenses such as food are separate.


    1. Sorry this is probably not good news, but this is not really a safe situation for your mother in law. She could lose her housing and might not be able to get it back.

      She could get in touch with her Housing worker and ask their policy on adding family members. See if they would allow her to add you. That would be the best solution. It would cause the rent to go up due to the SSI and any other income you have, but you would also be able to get the correct SSI amount then, plus be eligible for housing that is the right size for your family.

      If that is not possible, really the best solution would be for you to move out or apply for your own assisted housing elsewhere.

      Info on where to find assisted housing. Hope this helps. 🌸


  17. Hello, I apologize if my post comes through twice. I thought I posted my question last night, but I don’t see it. 🙂 First of all, I want to sincerely thank you for all the help and information you have provided with your website. It has helped me and my child tremendously, and you are amazing to share what you have learned. I frequently mention your website to others so they may also get the help they need. 🙂 My question is about “rent”. In order for my child (over the age of 18) to receive the full SSI, I had to charge “rent”. Do you believe it would cause any issues for my child to send that “rent” payment directly to the mortgage company (instead of paying it to me)? Maybe I should ask SSA. When they originally set it up without full SSI, I had to indicate I was charging fair market value “rent” and that it was being paid to me, so they amended their decision to pay out full SSI instead. I don’t want to complicate matters with SSA, but I do have a valid reason to ask this question.


  18. Hello, my 18-year-old child lives with me and was recently approved for SSI, but the amount was reduced due to not paying their “fair share” of household expenses. At that time, they were paying me rent plus half of the utilities, but SSA considered that to be a “household sharing situation” (because of the shared utilities cost). Now, my child is paying me a flat-rate rent and receiving the maximum SSI amount, which I use towards the mortgage. Do you know if there is any restriction if my child were to pay that “rent” directly to the mortgage company instead of me?


  19. Hello, my parents currently live with me and they receive reduced SSI as they don’t pay any rent or utilities. They found an apartment and are moving soon, the apartment rent is going t be $400 as it’s income based tax credit housing community where they offer reduced rental units to low income people. My question is will my parents SSI to the maximum or because of the reduced rent they wont give them maximum SSI. Like does the amount of rent affect the amount of SSI payments when they live independent with no in kind support?


  20. My father is getting SSI about $770. He has no other source of income. He is renting a room in my house for about $450/month for the last 5 years. I am claiming him as my dependent on my tax returns. Is it OK. I recently receive a form called “Statement of Claimant or Other person” for me to filled out from Social Security. They a want to know if my dad is getting any rental subsidy so they can reduce SSI or completely eliminate it. Am I in trouble i pay lot of medical bills for my dad which are not covered by medicaid. I have been claiming him as dependent for many years, Can Social Security ask for my tax returns or my dad’s. he doesn’t file taxes because i claim him as dependent. Any responses appreciated. Thanks


    1. Hi Haroon,

      I do not totally know the answer but will share a few thoughts:

      – If you paid the medical bills directly, this will cause zero problems. If you gave your dad money to pay his medical bills they might consider that income.

      – The rental form they are sending you is probably just checking that he is paying his correct share of rent. Are you the homeowner?

      – I have not seen any rules around claiming a person with SSI as a dependent. I have not heard from anyone whose had problems in this area, but it’s not a topic I know a lot about. I’ve read the tax rules for claiming dependents changed this year, so you might want to look them up to make sure your taxes are correct.

      Hope this helps.


    2. I’ve had max SSI a few years.
      Live in apartment that leaves me $150 to live on, water n gargabe are free.
      I’ve an opportunity to rent a small house from parent and step P.
      They bought a new house in another town and will sell the old one if I don’t move in.
      Step P not crazy about me renting and would rather sell.
      Other family members trying to work out details on rent and get my parent to leave home to me in will.
      *Backstory* (I had lived and taken care of Grandparents for decades who were wealthy, modest and died.
      And should have been allowed to keep the family home but heirs want to cash in.
      Was asked if I wanted that house many times before they died.
      But I always said No, I’ll get my SSDI and be fine. Nope
      That’s talking about family home I’d always lived in not the rental house I’m asking questions about.
      So now it’s like folks trying to do the right thing to save face.
      As long as it doesn’t cost them much if any money.
      Family has zero history or understanding of SSI, aid or the lack of.
      And as most Americans think there’s programs for people like you, you’ll be fine.
      I’m Deaf, recently diagnosed Autistic Spectrum but it’s Asperger’s and have SSDI case pending that I’ll lose.
      Waited too long and records lost.
      Also I can’t afford web and have pay as you go phone.
      So hard to look everything up.
      No library here.
      ** So here is the questions. 😀
      Well options I guess- kinda wanting opinion.
      *1. I think I’d get in trouble with SSI eventually renting from parent.
      They’re wanting to rent house for $100 less than I pay at apartment. Bill’s will be more not that SSI cares about bills.
      But they care bout the going rate and the red flag on that is always when landlord family or friends.
      For example my apartment is below the going rate but there’s no affiliations just a good deal.
      A run down trailer n this town costs more to rent.
      Only apartments n this town but all nearby apartments cost way more.
      New owners though n I’m sure rent will be going up.
      House’s same sq footage or less but has garage and a small front/back yard.
      Is by RR tracks, I’m Deaf.
      Neighborhood not the best and Narcotics An. meetings on street.
      But if you want to check going rates most rent houses are expensive n town from price gouging contruction workers.
      But at the same time I have a Great Aunt that owns a ton of cheap rent houses.
      So if they pulled going rate off the computer it’d be sky high.
      But if I got my Gr Aunt’s listings cheap. So where’s reality?
      Renting from parent brings red flag on going rate n my book.
      But nobody cares my apartment is the deal of the century- for now.
      *2. I think rent to own could be better. Unless that still falls into going rate? If so then I need to just buy and make low payments.
      Parent loaned me money to pay for a house they already own? Sounds funny
      *3 Any savings if they list through HUD after I have a HUD voucher? Don’t have voucher or know much about it.
      Except that they seldom have any section 8 available here and no waiting list.
      They say they’ll put an add in paper when available then take application.
      *3. Most feasible.
      Parent gives me house as gift.
      SSI cuts me off for a month or what not. Then I’m a regular homeowner n just pay prop tax.
      Maybe some under the table deal where I pay parent $350 a month forever.
      *4. The most weasally option.
      My parent says lives in house and I’m paying half, my share.
      But doesn’t live there.
      And we divy money up however in real life.
      I’ve known married folks that lived in 2 separate houses.

      Devil’s in the details- especially taxes if they really rent to me as compared to selling.
      Their taxes I mean.
      Than can afford to do anything just got a big tax free inheritance.
      Greeds the only hold back.
      Seems giving me the house is the simplest, cheapest thing – long term.
      Being greedy will cost them taxes on still owning and tax on rent paid.
      Open to suggestions.
      And to all readers this is what happens when you don’t estate plan. Nobody will do the rite thing to help your loved one, they’ll do the least possible most profitable.


    3. Hi sleepy girl.
      I sent a opinion question lately.
      Feel free to edit it however best works for you.
      And you don’t have to post this one.
      Just wanted to give you freedom to write that up how you want.
      Don’t want to make your page sound bad.
      Just trying to figure out what would work best to rent my parent’s old house.
      Unless they sign it up for section 8 don’t think it’s possible to pay fair market value. And pretty sure section 8 would say the house too big for 1 person. 2 bedroom.
      I have Asperger’s I can’t have a roommate. Little things trip me out.
      Message me if you want to email a bit instead of making your page sound trashy.
      Won’t have nuff wifi until/if rent parent’s house.
      But think moving in could complicate getting section 8 later. IDK.
      Maybe I could message on Facebook? Don’t have wifi egnough to research stuff but can check Facebook easier.


      1. Hi Sally,

        You ask an excellent question and you are welcome to post here any time.

        The problem is I’m not sure I know a solution to this. It would be unusual for a person on SSI to be able to live alone in a 2 bedroom house and pay fair market rate.

        You are correct that section 8 would work. You would need to get a voucher first. The waiting lists are also closed or long so it can take many years to get a voucher in some areas. After getting a voucher, you could put in an accommodation request to be able to rent from a family member, if this is the place that best suits your disability needs. Number of bedrooms won’t matter if your parents are willing to accept the pay rate for 1 bedroom.

        I am not sure the solution beyond that. If your parents give you free or reduced rent, your check won’t go away, the most it can be reduced for that is 1/3. So it might go from 700+ to 500+

        If one or both of your parents moves in with you, that would change things significantly, since it would make the rent much lower, plus share of utilities much lower.

        If your parents do not have a mortgage, they could just give you the house. You’d be responsible for utilities and property tax, but no mortgage since there is none. I have read that a gift of a house reduces SSI check for one month only, but you could research that further.

        Hope this helps


  21. Just like everyone else, I have never heard of the SSI rent rules. I have been living with a parent for 2 years because I could not afford rent and was homeless. I had a very high credit score and no debt but had to live on a SS payment and partial SSI. During a review, I was informed that I would have to pay back over $10,000 because I didn’t pay rent! SS supervisor told me that I could now start paying $300 rent a month which was 40% of my income not taking in account my $250 medical out of pocket even. I started paying $300 in September. October I was told I would have to pay $400 because that was fair market value even though it was over 53% of my income. I am paying it because they would take the amount out of my check anyway. The agent has still not credited me with paying the $400 so they have continued to take an extra $100 out of my paycheck for months and even when I signed a reconsideration appeal, I get no change or any answer. I am honestly paying it so I am pretty angry over not getting enough money to even pay for my prescriptions. I pay rent and medical and NOTHING else. Thank God I now get a fair amount of food stamps since I pay rent. I have stopped using my 25 yr old car even because I can’t afford gas or tabs. What else do I do to get my money back that SS is denying me with no explanation?


  22. My mother is 82 and been receiving full SSI benefits for years, but this summer we moved her into her own senior apt because my brother, with whom she lived with had moved out of state. My sibs & I are pitching in to pay for most of the $1300 rent (which is actually cheap for LA). Once SSI found out about the move and the high rent they kicked her off eligibility & say she owes $2600 in back pay! She is a shut-in with multiple health problems. I don’t get it! Is there a maximum in-kind dollar amount that would cause this ineligibility? Wouldn’t just the 1/3 PMV rule apply? Or does the rent amount put us over the accountable income limit? She has no money, no assets & only receives a little bit of Social Security. Help!


  23. Hi,

    This site is so helpful and can’t say thanks enough! I have a question. I have received SSI for a couple years now and I live with my parents. I give them 60% or so of my check each month. But because they are elderly with health problems and themselves have no money and are barely getting by on their retirement checks, they count on their Tax refund every March so I never claimed any of this money as rent to SS so that they do not have to claim it on their taxes. Instead I consider it a gift. As you describe, my SSI payment is more or less 1/3 less than the maximum allotment for my state and I assume it’s for that reason.

    You mention how SSI will also consider Utilities in their evaluation. Through research I’ve discovered that paying my parents utilities will not count against them in their taxes because they have no government deductions for energy efficiency or anything like that, so utilities do not come into the equation when filing each year, at least I hope this is true from what I’ve read.

    My question is, if I can show proof to SSI that I pay the utilities will that help to raise my monthly SSI payments at all or is an increase only considered if the applicant pays BOTH rent and utilities?

    A few more details, my parents own their home outright and have no mortgage, they only pay property taxes. We have electric heating and cooling, so by solely paying the utility bill I am paying for those as well.

    Thank you


    1. I’m sorry your question got overlooked, and also sorry I don’t really know the answer.

      In my understanding, they would consider that you have paid your share of utilities, but in the arrangement you described, I don’t think they will consider that you paid any rent. I am not sure if utilities alone would be enough to impact your check.

      We have heard from some readers lately that social security is asking the landlord to sign a form verifying whether the amount of rent charged is the same rate they would charge any other person renting the room. If they are charging their child less then they would charge a stranger, social security may consider that in kind support.

      A few other thoughts in case helpful:

      many areas give property tax discounts to low income seniors. check with property tax assessor to ask about programs.

      landlords are eligible for various tax breaks, so if they decide to charge you rent they might have some tax write offs.

      Not paying rent will also impact your food stamps, or could make you ineligible all together.

      hope this helps.


  24. My mother gets SSI she is 90 years and she does not trust any one to withdraw money from Bank (she has just an ATM card not check books) her account frequently goes over $2000/limit SSA stopped her and asking for spend down details. How do I help her to reapply for SSI. Should she reapply or ask for reconsideration


    1. If she is under $2,000 now, you should be able to easily reapply and get it restarted.

      She will need to prove that the money was not hidden or given away. Some kind of receipts to show how the money was spent.

      It’s more difficult to prove things to SSA when you are doing all cash transactions. Perhaps for the future you could arrange for the bank to give her a check book and debit card linked to the account?

      More information on how SSI allows funds to be spent or used. Hope this helps:


  25. I receive SSDI and SSI. My mother died on NOv. 24th and now the house is owned by my three siblings. I am recalculating my share of cost and wondered if this should include property taxes and property insurance. I pay no rent and also wondered if it make any difference if I pay for my share of the food or, instead, buy my own food?
    Thank you!


    1. Hi Emy,

      There is a link on the page above that lists exactly which expenses SSA counts in your share if you are a homeowner.

      Social security will treat it the same if you pay your share of food or purchase it separately. However, SNAP food stamps would treat it very differently.

      Hope this helps.


  26. Hi – My daughter is severely disabled and is 26 years old. She gets $988 per month for SSI. She had to move from her previous house (supportive living) to a new house with her 2 roommates. The rent is a total of $3800 per month (yes very high in SF Bay Area). She has an agreement with her roommates to only pay $750 and when they get a 4th roommate (it is a 4 bedroom), their rent will be reduced but my daughters will stay the same. What will SSI say when she is not paying the full 1/3 or 1/4th of the rent? I have an agreement with the other two roommates but not sure what SSI will say. Will SSI take her benefits away and say she is responsible for 1/3 of the rent which is more than her SSI payment?


    1. OK I just want to make sure you’re not following rules that you don’t need to worry about 🙂

      From everything I have seen the amount for adults on SSI is $910 per month in 2018. Maybe she is eligible for some type of special extra benefit? The supported living might have made her eligible for something extra?

      Has she gotten a recent notice that includes the words “supplemental security income”? Or does she have an online account that currently says SSI? If either of her parents have retired, died or became disabled it’s possible she got switched onto disabled adult to child benefit?

      If you are certain that it is SSI, then yes Social Security would expect her to pay her full share based on the number of people actually living there. They won’t accept an informal agreement with her roommates. I can’t be certain, but it’s possible they would accept if it is documented to be fair market rent. For example if she has a signed sublet agreement for the room that she is in and this includes information that rent is set at fair market rate, or if the lease with the landlord includes amount of rent per room and who is renting each room. Sometimes a tenant who rents two rooms pay higher than someone who rents just one room.

      By the way, the rules are changing this year in California, so she should be able to apply for food stamps soon 🙂


  27. Hi sleepygirl 🙂
    I actually didn’t even realise you responded, didn’t receive a “notification “ this time so just searched around and found this :). Thank you so much for responding!
    Honestly, I didn’t even think of it as an appeal, as the worker never used that word. One other thing I’m wondering about; My backpay is going back to Dec 2015. During the full year of 2016, I received Tanf assistance, which has already been deducted from my backpay according to the breakdown. In 2017 and this year I didn’t receive any assistance. The rental agreement my mother wrote up, was/is from 2015. Do I leave it up to social security office to sort out the mathematics, or should I submit a new agreement going forward stating the amount I’m paying starting… now? I really don’t want to lose or complicate anything. It sounded simple enough when I last talked with the social security worker, and she told me to fax her… I do understand to get everything in writing, and will try to make sure I do as soon as possible. I’m just afraid to make a mess, but obviously I wish we were receiving the maximum monthly, at least. Any thoughts are extremely appreciated and respected.
    Thank you again for all of your help!
    Best x


    1. hi star,

      I may be wrong, but I think sending updated information to your worker is different than appealing.

      If you miss the deadline to appeal, you may not have the option to go back and change that. If your worker does not make the corrections that you want, and you missed the appeal deadline, you might not have any other options.

      I’m not sure I understand the other question. It certainly does not hurt you to have a separate distinct lease for right now.

      If they have already removed the Tanf amount. I don’t think anything you do now with change that? Unless you feel that they removed the wrong amount?


  28. Hi star,

    I’m glad to hear things are going forward for you and your daughter.

    My best advice is: never trust anything you were told verbally or on the phone. You need it in writing.

    The notice you received should tell you how you can appeal the backpay decision.

    Definitely do not miss the appeal deadline just because someone said something to you on the phone 🙂 appeal in writing.

    If you are able to work this out with her by phone or fax as well great, but just in case you will have the written appeal going forward either way.

    The original form that we had up was a link to a form written by a different agency, I appreciate that the other reader pointed this out. We didn’t realize that there was this issue, you are very observant 🙂 that is why it is now updated.

    The policy I have read stated that the rental agreement needs to be signed and dated before the loan started. So something that is written now most likely would not be accepted, if the person reviewing it understands the rules in the same way that I have.

    I hope this is helpful for you. I am not an expert in there but my understanding is that if three people are living there, with your daughter being one of the three, your rent portion would be 1/3. Of course you can always pay more, but if you pay less that would be considered in kind support and maintenance.

    Please keep us posted. I hope this goes well for you.


  29. HI Sleepygirl, I appreciate your input.
    Yes, my parents are US citizens and they live with me since all the bills are under name, including HOA.
    I’m planning to move out as soon as they start getting an income from SSI
    Now, when they qualify for SSI, would they get the full amount or it would be reduced?


    1. Your parents can set up an appointment at their local Social Security office to apply for SSI. If they have no other income, I believe they should receive the maximum amount.

      Social Security may request proof that they are or will be paying for their own
      shelter, utilities, and food.

      Social Security does not care if someone else pays their other bills, such as transportation, if no money is given directly to them.

      It may be helpful if you have a short signed a statement from you that you are no longer paying
      shelter expenses, or the date when you will stop paying them. It may also be helpful to show that the utilities and other bills are now in their name.

      I do not know if the HOA counts as a shelter expense. It may depend if it includes water, sewer and trash. If it includes those things, your parents would be responsible for paying that part of the HOA a bill according to the Social Security regulations.

      I hope it goes well for you and your family.


  30. Hello everyone, great to stumble upon this forum.
    My situation is the following: My parents don’t work,they are 79 and 69 years old. not disable and can’t get SSD since they haven’t worked enough to qualify.
    They own a place (Paid off) and have certain expenses; utilities($35), phone($55), Transportation($105), HOA($315), Property Tax($800/Year) and food($350) All the bills are under my own name.
    They are on Food stamps and want to apply for SSI
    My self and my sister have been paying for their living expenses.

    My question is: with this situation, would they qualify to get the maximum SSI and keep the full food stamp amount?
    if not, how can they get the max since we rely on SSI to pay for their expenses from now on.

    Thank a lot


    1. Hi zozo,

      If your parents are US citizens, I believe they should be able to qualify for SSI, if they do not have savings or other income.

      Do you are your sister live in their house with them?

      SSI does not care who pays for phone and transportation. It is just housing, food, and utilities. There’s a link above about which bills they consider.

      The income from SSI it would probably lower their food stamps.

      These are some food stamp regulations that may be helpful.


  31. When I received my settlement, my room mate and I bought the house we’ve been living in for the last 8 years. (separate household) Now we pay a mortgage that is much higher than the rent was. Can he rent out rooms if I’m not receiving the money?


    1. Hi Cindy,

      You’ve asked and asked an excellent questions which I do not know the answer to.

      I wonder if it might be possible for you to call your local social Security office and ask if there is anyway to make an appointment or a phone meeting to speak with your SSI caseworker or with someone who has training and technical expertise and SSI financial questions.

      I definitely would not ask this question to the person who answers the phone, as you are very likely to be told a wrong answer.

      My best thinking is that your SSI would not be affected by rental income that your roommate receive, since none of the money is going to you. I could be wrong about that however.

      But there is a second issue: how much of the mortgage would you be expected to pay? With utilities, I assume you would only pay your share. For example if four people lived there you would pay 25%.

      However I do not know how they would run the calculations for a mortgage, if the house is owned by two people, does that mean your share is 50%?

      Sorry I am just not sure the answer to that one. Please let us know if you find out more.


  32. Kay, I agree with you. I couldn’t find a requirement in the SSA policy manual for a beginning and ending date to be included in the rental loan agreement. But when I handed the rental loan agreement to the SSI rep, he stepped away with it for a moment. When he returned, he told me that his supervisor said that the rental loan agreement must include a beginning and ending date or the loan could go on forever. Fortunately for me, mine did have dates. I guess he did not see them the first time he looked at the agreement. I showed him where the dates were and he was good with it. I guess he did not interpret this as a condition. Another SSA representative might have easily interpreted the inclusion of dates as a condition, so it’s probably a better idea for applicants to not include dates since the policy manual doesn’t mentioni anything about them.


    1. Thank you. Perhaps he meant it has to include a date when they loan will start being paid back. I did see that in the ssa guidelines, there needs to be some type of plan or schedule for paying back the loan. Very glad it worked out well for you.


  33. **and now it’s time for me to read up on SNAP. I couldn’t do all of this without your website.

    I also wanted to briefly mention that the attorney my friend hired to represent her daughter in her SSI appeal has absolutely no knowledge of living arrangements and how they can affect the amount of SSI an applicant will receive. I guess the focus of these “SSI attorneys” is simply to win cases.


    1. Absolutely correct! We have heard this from many readers.

      Most attorneys do not know the ssi financial regs and do not give their clients this critical information – they just know how to get someone medically approved.

      That is a good reminder to other readers 🙂


  34. Thank you for your help. I submitted the .original sample rental loan agreement and it was accepted. According to the paperwork I received, my daughter will be receiving the maximum amount in back payments (per the rental loan agreement I submitted). During my in-person appointment, the gentleman who processed my application stated that the rental loan agreement must have a beginning and ending date. Mine did. I interpreted this to mean that the ending date would be the date that my daughter started to receive benefits. But, this would make it conditional! That really confused me because the SSA policy manual states that the rental loan agreement must be unconditional (cannot be based on whether or not the applicant is approved for benefits). How can the agreement contain an ending date AND be unconditional?! Very confusing. This leads me to believe that not all SSA employees know all of the laws and that each application is subject to interpretation by the person processing your application. It just makes your head spin.


    1. Oh this is very good news. I am glad you had success with this. I read the policy and do not see anything about end date? I will have to look again. Thank you for the update.


  35. A friend of mine applied for SSI two years ago. She was initially denied but approved after an appeal. She is 20 years old. She is going to be paying her fair share of household expenses when SSI payments start so she should receive the maximum benefit of $750 per month. Obviously she has not been her paying her fair share of household expenses over the last two years because she has had no income. Can she prepare a rental loan agreement for the two years between application for SSI and approval, so that she will receive the maximum SSI benefit amount of $750 in back pay? I am asking because I know the living arrangement has to be EITHER paying your fair share of household expenses or being a renter.


    1. Unfortunately, rental loan agreements must be in place before the loan begins. SSA will not consider it valid if it is signed now. (it will be valid from this moment forward, but it sounds like she already has made those arrangements).

      I believe I just replied to your earlier comment by coincidence 🙂 thank you for pointing out the issues with conditional agreements. A new version is here:


  36. I am on SSI. I currently live with my grandmother, and we are both on the deed to the house as co-owners. The mortgage is in her name only. She’s moving out soon to live with other family, and I will be taking over all the utilities except the mortgage. I will be living alone in a house I co-own, but which is mortgaged to only one party. Will the mortgage be considered part of my living expenses?


    1. Are you on SSI or SSDI?

      For SSI if you are not paying any mortgage now, your SSI check is already probably being lowered, so it will not change.

      When you don’t pay your own rent or mortgage, your check gets lowered by up to 1/3. It doesn’t go any lower than that if your grandmother moved out or not.

      Do you know, are you currently receiving the maximum amount of SSI in your state?


      1. I am on SSI.

        I don’t pay the mortgage now – I can’t, she’s the only one on it. I currently pay her $200 a month to cover my portion of the expenses. Once she moves out, I won’t be paying her rent, but I will be taking on all the utilities (which will end up being considerably more than the $200, but still won’t be rent, exactly)

        I don’t get the maximum right now, but they only dock me about $120.


        1. I am not certain how the rules would apply if one homeowner does not live there, if they would require you to pay half of the mortgage or the full amount?

          I do think that if you are not paying any mortgage they may bring your check down further, possibly up to the full 1/3. Sorry I do not have a better answer for this.

          Hopefully you will be eligible for some utility assistance, to help with the utility bills.


  37. My family moved last year. I purchased a home. My daughter receives SSI and SSDI. Her SSI was cut after I called and changed our address because they put her in a housing category of not paying a fair share of the bills. When I called to question them, they said that it was assumed since we moved that her living arrangement had changed. I never told them that I was the home owner, but when I asked how I could fix it, they told me to bring in a lease, and a statement saying that she pays me what she pays. This sounds highly irregular to me that they can just assume that her situation changed. Does anyone have any feedback on this?

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      1. I’m her rep payee. We have a “family account,” so I don’t have a separate proof of payment. At this point, it seems that they’re looking for my proof of mortgage or my lease and statement stating what portion she pays.


        1. i don’t know the rep payee rules well, but if she is age 18+ I believe it is required that her check go into her own bank account in her name (with you listed as the fiscal agent) and should not be intermingled with anyone else’s funds. Please look it up. Sorry I do not know these rules well.


    1. Ok. As long as she is charging you a similar amount of rent as what a room usually costs in your area that would be fine. It doesn’t need to be exactly the same, but just in the general range of what other landlords charge.


      1. hello I had my ssi interview about two weeks ago. I get $192 a month from ebt and I have medicaid. my dad pays $100 rent for me now until I start receiving ssi and then I will pay $200 for a single room (I have a rental agreement stating this. I believe this is fair market value as I live in a rural area. I am just wondering if I would receive lower or maximum benefits. as the plan is to be able to move to a better place a year after ssi benefits starts. living on ssi seems hard enough on the maximum of $750 how does ssi expect people to live on less when they live alone and have no help financial?


        1. Hi Cindy,

          I have no way of knowing how they will decide your case, but if they did not say anything to question the $200 that may be a sign that they accept this as their market rate for your area. If you run into any problems with that, you can submit a letter from your landlord about how they set the fair market rate.

          If you are paying your own utilities (or if utilities are included in your rental agreement), and you are also paying for your own food, then you should be eligible for the maximum SSI, Unless there are other factors you haven’t mentioned here.
          Unless there are other factors you haven’t mentioned here.

          I think the way that people on SSI are able to live alone is by applying for affordable housing, Here is a link with more info. I hope it goes well for you.


  38. hello I just got approved for ssi and had my interview. I am just anxious to know how much I might receive. I pay $200 in rent for one room, my dad pays my rent, but I have a rental agreement with my landlord explaining that I will be paying the $200 a month after receiving ssi. I cant find anything on what lowers ssi referring to my situation.


  39. I recently got approved for SSI. I have my interview with an SSA worker on Friday. I dont know what to do about the rental agreement as I owe my dad for the months I have been living in his home. I have only been paying him $100 for rent and $40 a month for utilities. Will they still deduct the one third from my check and will it affect my backpay in anyway?


    1. For backpay, it will reduce somewhat, but they may not reduce it a full one third, since you have been paying some amount. Unless you have a signed rental loan agreement from the past.

      For the future, whatever arrangement you are planning to have with your dad, just make sure it is written down and signed by both of you, and bring a copy.


  40. Regarding SSI Policy on Rental Loan Agreements, the policy manual states that the loan must be unconditional. The sample Rental Loan Agreement on How To Get On states that the lender expects payment once benefits are obtained. It also states that the renter will pay the back rent once income benefits are received. Would these two statements make the rental loan conditional? I included both of these statements on the Rental Loan Agreement I recently submitted. I had an in-person meeting and the CR did not mention it. If it is flagged, do you think the Rental Loan Agreement will be invalid? Thank you.


    1. wow. excellent question. I do not know the answer to this, but so far I have not heard from anyone having that problem.

      the sample loan agreement comes from a workbook by a federal agency that assists people with SSI.

      Please let us know how it goes for you.


  41. Re: Danni SSI is so stupid! Why should her not having enough money to pay her EXPENSIVE rent make her SSI go down? If anything, it should raise it! But I also wonder where she’s getting the extra money from. Even if somebody else is paying it, she has NO money for ANYTHING else!!! How is she even living???


  42. Hello sleepygirl, thank you for this post!
    Hoping you can help me with a question. My father currently has no income and lives at my brother’s house for rent free with my mom who also has no income. My brother does not live in this house. My brother also has been helping with their utility bills for $200 a month. My father has been approved for SSI benefit as of June for $300 a month. Now that my father has some income, my brother is now going to start charging him $200 a month for rent and no longer be helping with paying for utilities. So basically my father is forfeiting his entire check to my brother in return of my parents living at his house. My brother is expecting his second child in Oct. and he is really hoping to sell the house that my parents are living in since it’s getting too much for him to pay for 2 mortagages but since my parents don’t have anywhere to go, my brother is waiting to sell until my parents are able to move into a senior home (currently 500 waiting list). I’m getting ready to go with my parents to report this change but now I’m concerned that my father’s benefit will be lowered since my brother is not charging him the fair market price.

    Sorry for the long explanation but hoping you can shine some light on my concern. Thank you so much!


    1. Hi Autumn,

      Good questions. The first thing that jumps out at me is his check amount… $300 is really low even for someone who is getting free rent it should not be that low. Is something else lowering his check? Are you sure he is collecting SSI not SSDI?


    2. p.s. your dad is only responsible for paying his own rent. Social Security won’t care if he pays your mom’s rent. Your brother can pay your mom’s rent, or give her free rent.


    3. p.s. number two: I should have said – any support that your mom gets from your brother would need to be reported to Social Security when they ask about spousal income. If the amount is low, I don’t think it would impact your dad’s check, though.


  43. My 2 sons (both are under 18) receive SSI. We currently live with my parents. I have a review coming up. I’m getting conflicting information on how this will affect their SSI checks if at all. Can someone please clarify?


    1. To the best of my knowledge: if your parents are giving you free rent, food or utilities, this will likely lower your son’s check.

      If you pay rent to your parents, plus purchase your own food for you and your sons, then this would not impact the check.

      Are they currently receiving maximum ssi? (750 each in most states)


  44. Hello! I was on fs usda site for 2018 snap days ago,I believe I read it saying that anyone living together will be considered family regardless if eating together or not.. This seems new/contrary. Also if I’m going to have section 8 voucher do I need worry about all different rules for my ssi and my adult sons ssi for us to both get maximum living together since income will be 30% towards our rent ,and utilities? Also looking to get max snap benefits instead of ours being together,he’s over 22 but not on ssi yet,food seperate mostly but he shops for us. The part where it says usually majority of food and exempt from work requirements if taking care of ill family member now says incapacitated not ill or incapacitated..? My snap is being reviewed for year on july 2,I wanted to mention to worker about us getting seperate snap amounts.Also is this himonmy case the reason I have to redetermine every year be cuz I also just read that people who get ssi don’t have to do yearly snap redeterminations that they just notify ssi with changes.


    1. Hi Ann,

      Could you post a link where you saw that on the USDA site?

      SNAP will not affect SSI or section 8

      Section 8 may affect SNAP, if your rent goes down in some cases food stamps go down, but not always

      Section 8 will not affect SSI

      You might try asking your case worker how they define “incapacitated.”

      Every state handles redeterminations differently, so it may depend on your state.

      I hope it goes well for you.


  45. I wish, I wish, I wish I had found your site earlier. Your information here is amazing.

    My son, who is Autistic, turned 18 in late March. We applied through the online form, filling out everything there. Next, we did an in-person interview. At that time, I did not have a written rental agreement. Then, two weeks ago, he received a check (for 2 back months). A few days later the Notice of Award came in the mail. He was awarded $500, with reduction coming from the value of “food and shelter at $250” for April and May. This also negated him from receiving food assistance, as SSA reported him as “Category B” for his living arrangement.

    In the article above, under the “For People Still Applying” (not really us, but I’m trying to figure this all out…), there is the line “An agreement written down in the future will not count”, regarding rental agreements. This alarms me a bit. What I’m trying to figure out is, what are our next steps to do before requesting a redetermination, especially around the wording of a “post application/approval” rental agreement. I’ve figured his fair on share rent to be ~$400-$450 with Utils around ~$140-$170, per month. He will pay for his own food, while shopping/cooking is done by his parents.

    FYI, he has his own spaces (bedroom, bathroom, bonus room [occasionally shared, when he asks for company in there]) but both parents and a younger sibling are in the house as well.

    Any guidance is appreciated.


    1. Hi,

      It sounds like you are doing a good job looking into things.

      An agreement written now is fine for the future (it just won’t change his past backpay).

      I don’t think you need to do anything special. Any standard rental agreement is acceptable to SSA. If he begins paying you rent and utilities, it would be helpful to pay by check so there is a receipt.

      I hope it goes well for your family.


    2. P.S. If by “food assistance” you mean SNAP food stamps, he would not be eligible for a separate SNAP account now anyway. He is eligible for his own account when he turns 22 (or earlier if he moves out on his own) and only if he is keeping his food separate. The designation for SSI has no impact on his SNAP application as far as I know.


  46. i have a question about my Mom’s SSI contribution to food. she got approved for $500 and the SSA gentleman told her if she can share the food and stuff it might go up to max. my mom lives with me basically free of charge on anything. so, out of 500 dollars that she gets from SSI how much she can contribute for food in order for her SSI goes to max of $750? and one more thing, she has a friend that same situation as her, is it illegal to tell her to apply for SSI? will she be in trouble? thank you in advance.


    1. If she pays for her rent, food, and utilities she might be eligible for the max.

      There is no specific amount for food – it is just whatever amount her food actually costs. Many people on SSI use food stamps to pay for their food. Food does not have to be included in the rent or lease, she can just buy her food on her own if she wants.

      I don’t understand the other question.


  47. Hi…have been reading most of the scenarios…and still don’t understand well…this is my question…my auntie (87 yrs old) lives with us…we don’t charge her rent…we want her to use her money as she this wrong..? Are we violating any rule…?


    1. Or spousal benefits? or widow’s benefits? or a combination of both SSI and social security?

      The answer really depends on what type of social security she is receiving 🙂


      1. Thank you for answering…Well to tell the truth, not sure..think she is either on widow benefits or social security retirement…which is the difference of each..?


          1. Ooh…I get it now…the rent has to be payed only if on SSI…if other, she is not obligated…I just do not wish her to get in any kind of trouble….thank you…and I will go with her to the office or advise her to open an account… thank you so much..😊


              1. Hi Sleepy girl..I have another question…we found out my auntie is on SSI…so how much rent does she need to pay…? Considering that there’s 3 members total in the house hold, my auntie included, so, how much would my auntie need to pay or contribute in the house in order not to get in any trouble with the Social Security office…


  48. No it’s not under her name but her husbands. So the letter with the things I mentioned above is fine?(By the way, is there a way to message you privately as I didn’t find a link to contact?)


    1. Hi zane,

      You can send a private message on our facebook page:

      I do not know enough about real estate law and communal property law – so I don’t know if you can have the agreement with her, or it should be with him. I guess you can try it with her and see if SSA accepts that.

      It is better if you can pay your rent by check – but if you need to do it by cash, it is good if you can get and keep a signed receipt each time it is paid.

      Yes, you’d be renting a room 🙂 I went and redid the language on that page. I shouldn’t have called it mortgage.

      If utilities are separate from the rent the lease can just state that you are paying utilities separately, it doesn’t need to include a dollar amount.

      I think you have already seen this page, but just in case, this page explains how high the rent needs to be set at:


  49. Hi Sleepygirl, I found your site very informative but I still need help.
    Last month, I got my first SSI payment as well as back payments from the previous months that I was determined disabled. I wasn’t aware of them taking $250 off from all those months until now. I called and asked them and that’s when I learned the details. I received the letters explaining this too late. Anyway, I was told my mom needs to write a letter mentioning how much I will be contributing to the household, how much the expenses are. I just want to do this right in order to get the full amount of $750.
    So I was told that my mom needs to write a statement saying what I pay for and how much the expenses are. The utility expenses that I will be paying aren’t always exact, so does she just put an estimate amount and mention that and I am going to pay half of whatever that is? As for shelter, I stay in my own room in the house.So is this considered her renting me the room? I really don’t know how this stuff works. If she says she rents me the room, then are they going to ask for documents?
    Does it matter if it’s worded as “rent ” or “mortgage” when what I will pay will be the same , which is $300? Now the reason I am even using the word “rent” here is because when I called and asked the representative at SSA, that’s what they used even though we don’t reside in an apartment. I don’t know anything about all this and it’s stressing me out. I jus want things simplified.
    I will be paying the shelter by withdrawing the money from my bank account and giving it to her monthly. The same goes for whatever half of the utility costs are. That is all.
    I don’t want to complicate things to mess anything up to prevent me from getting the full deserved amount instead of the $500 monthly.
    Can you please point me to the right direction?


  50. Hello again sleepygirl aka smartgirl,
    Hope you’re doing alright today. 😊
    I talked to an ssa agent this morning and explained the discrepancy on my redetermination letters.
    Asked him, “how was I at 2 different places at the same date, which I wasn’t at?”
    All I got was “I don’t know, sir”
    My benefits have been the maximum for years (got the paperwork to prove it)
    Got the rental agreement ready too. 😁
    I was told “we don’t do appointments, you have to just come in”
    Fine, I’ll get my friend to take me in 3 days.
    Should I bring in all the paperwork or just the rental agreement and latest redetermination letter, when I go?
    Will they want more proof of my situation?


      1. Thanks. The other paperwork is the current redetermination letter with the wrong “updates” along with older ones and payment adjustment letters. I want to show them before I’m sent a “overpayment” letter bcuz they messed up


          1. Alright, I’ll do that. I will not let them bully me, that’s for sure.
            I’m not expecting an apology or money back but Im afraid of being penalized for having more facts than the people “paying” me


        1. I’m surprised they wouldn’t give you an appointment 😦 I have never heard of that. I hope you don’t have to wait forever.

          If you feel your disabilities would make waiting too difficult you could call back, I doubt they would deny a disability accommodation request.


          1. I’m just as surprised as you, I’ve always been told to make an appointment.
            I’m completely confused but I can get a ride, ironically the day I get my check. In 3 days. I’ll let them know also I was told they don’t do appointments.
            I’m epileptic with anxiety and depression disorder. As in one of your older posts “they don’t want to know about (my) disability” …just money.
            It’s the way of the world.
            Being helped out by a fellow ssi recipient aka you ….is a way of the world. 😊


              1. Thanks and it’s going to be the “landlord” who’s taking me. 😁
                Thank you for your kindness, more than anything!


  51. Hello again sleepy girl.? Before i was approved for SSDI/SSI i was getting interim assistance from the state.I had no income and basically they were paying 1/3 of my rent and supplying $91.50 every 2 weeks ..This is for NYC..So few days ago i received a letter from my local SSA office telling me how much they paid back.My gosh i had an instant headache.. $9,926..i am in disbelief as i am thinking this so soo excessive and may not be correct although it was 2 2 years..I called SSA they told me they can’t do anything about this ,i need to contact NYS OTDA about that..Should i even bother or just let it go to assumed that is an accurate about. i literally have less than 8k back pay remaining which is just horrible.Yes is signed the agreement at the local welfare office when i got on interim assistance but holy smokes that 9.9k is a nightmare. It’s more money deducted than my remaining back pay, geez what a tragedy..


    1. Hi Mario,

      Sorry to hear this happened. Yes, this is standard procedure and you cannot stop it.

      BUT if you really think that 9.9k is the wrong number, you can probably appeal the number.

      How much were they paying in rent?


      1. $215+$91.50 that’s every month’s for roughly 2 years.I think it’s accurate but geez, it really hits hard..I would’ve expected the state to take back a small percentage, but geez they took back the WHOLE THING,every cent they gave me.LOL.It was expected tho, SSA warned me numerous times about it and OTDA sent me numerous letters months prior about it also.. ughhh.


  52. Hi
    I just found a room for rent and after being homeless on ssi for years,it’s a very big deal. 🙂
    The room is $500 rent & $100 utilities per month.
    The lease is $2000/month +$400 utilities/month.
    Splitting $2400 between 4 people.
    Paying for own food not sharing as well.
    I pay $64/month for my phone.
    Food & personal care will average about $240. The maximum amount is $910. No homeless pay no other income or in-kind help.
    Do you know if I’ll be getting the maximum amount with all I’ve calculated and what I’m paying for?
    What does the rental agreement have to provide?
    Is there anything else I need to report or explain?
    P.S. thank you for helping out with info for everyone on ssi

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    1. Hi Jerm,

      I’m happy you found somewhere.

      From what you have written above, it looks to me like you would be eligible for the maximum.

      You can just show a regular lease and that says the price and that there are or will be 4 people living there. The only difficulty is that sometimes it takes them a little while to make the adjustment, so maybe check in and ask about timeline.

      You might be able to get a free phone through a lifeline program, but minutes are limited. I hope it goes great for you.

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    2. Thank you for that.
      Very much appreciated.
      It’s definitely another change in this weird life but it’s a positive impact.
      Your knowledge consideration and what you’re doing is amazing!
      I had a question though about the difficulty part with dealing with agency and my adjustment in benefits. Would it be basically a waiting game while still getting an unchanged amount?? Or could they take 1/3 away even if im paying rent and food?
      Thanks for the phone info too.
      You’re awesome


      1. Hi Jerm,

        Thanks for this lovely note.

        I don’t know what amount your SSI is now.

        If you are currently receiving maximum SSI: nothing would change if you start paying rent. (But it could bring up an issue of looking at if your past checks were overpayments- let me know if you’d like more info about this).

        If you are currently receiving the reduced SSI because of not paying rent – then during your SSI appointment, tell them you are now paying rent. Your check may stay the same for a little while, and then it should go up. I’m not sure how long it takes to process the change, so perhaps you could ask the worker this question.

        Here’s more phone info:

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        1. You’re welcome, of course and thank you once again.
          I can explain more…I’m collecting $988/month. For now.
          It will be 910 once I’m paying rent.
          Hadn’t paid rent for years but stayed where I could. I’ve been staying at campsites, peoples’ backyards etc. No actual definite spot. My redetermination interview happened about a month ago & I’ve was declared homeless like I was in 2015.
          The paperwork & the main system show their proof of my situation. I’ve paid for everything I’ve done with my benefits and still being broke at the end of the month. No place to live for certain the whole time.
          My only “secure” address has been a PO box for the past 4 years.
          No assets or savings either.
          I told them during a phone interview that I tried section 8 but no help…the worker said “well we lose funding every year” almost made a grown epileptic cry lol.
          I don’t mind paying my money for a secure place but the idea of overpayments scares me. There’s basically no record of me. The only documented proof is homeless. Could I still be “charged” with being overpaid? If so what should I do in your opinion?
          Thank you again


          1. Hi jerm,

            I’m confused why you would be getting $988? Are you sure you are on SSI not SSDI? I did not think it was possible to get that high on SSI?

            I don’t think you have an issue with overpayment, I can write more, but I wanted to check what you are on?


            1. Oh I’m on ssi definitely. I’ve been on it since roughly 2014. Not enough work credits or I would have been on ssdi. I know the difference I promise:)
              I put the wrong amount sorry…it’s 998/month.
              I live in CA and it took me awhile to find out this state supposedly pays the most for ssi than any other state.
              This year it’s $750 (federal) + $160 (state)+$88 (No kitchen/permanent housing)
              Yes I agree it’s alot even though it’s ssi money. There’s a few “pitfalls” in CA though….I had my EBT card cut in half the day I went to establish my benefits after I was awarded. The housing “help” is terrible. I’ve tried HUD, section 8 even county assistance.
              Sorry for rambling…but living with epilepsy then not having a “controlled” spot. The money is just to survive in society.
              By the way…I actually feel kinda honored you asked ME something and I could answer 🙂


              1. I didn’t know that California gave extra for having no permanent housing. That is very helpful. Thank you.

                I also didn’t know you could get EBT if you were on SSI? I had read that in California you cannot get EBT while on SSI? Did I misunderstand? Do you know anything about this?

                I don’t think you have anything to worry about with overpayment, if they did a redetermination recently and found you qualify for homeless rules, there’s no reason I can see that they would change their decision.

                I’m so glad you have found a place. Once you are settled in, I hope you will give it another shot for Section 8 waiting lists.

                If you are able to relocate, I’m sure there are places in California you could get on the waiting list for. There may also be some places in your area you don’t know about yet.

                It takes a while but I think it’s the best path to ongoing stability for anyone on SSI.

                How to get on section 8:


                1. Oh yeah it’s strange to me haha and its extra money but it’s always been an extra weird world for me. 👽 🙂
                  Yep I know California doesn’t do EBT when on ssi but it was so odd to “watch” it be taken from me.
                  Being glad for me is awesome thank you. I might try again with the section 8 stuff after I can get settled as much as possible.
                  Your knowledge and talking back with a human soul? Feels like my has life has been leveled up by finding your site and what your main topic is.
                  Do you have an Instagram account by chance? 🙂


                  1. Yes, I hope you can give it a shot for section 8, it can be a big help, but you have to make a LOT of phone calls to find open waiting lists.

                    It sounds like you are doing great research to learn everything you need to know. It’s great that you were able to hang onto SSI while being homeless – I’m sure that was not easy.

                    I don’t have instagram. There is a facebook account for this page here:


                    1. Ah yes, the notorious constant phone calls…Im glad you said it before I did.
                      I believe im still on 2 different waiting lists since signing up years ago. I have never had someone, especially on ssi help me as much as you have. Some would call it “Just advice online”. No, you have helped me focus from simply telling it like it really is.
                      Even before I was on ssi, I was doing research like a detective lol. On my epilepsy and anxiety, meds,side effects etc.
                      Truly though just after a few days you helped me fill in the blanks with ssi and dealing with the red tape. I have a greater understanding of the disability that makes a person be a Spoonie. Talking to friends already about an amazing smart writer named “sleepygirl” too. You made a positive impact indeed.
                      I figured I’d be the “guy on the couch” forever, it’s been tuff as rocks but I survived enough to finally get to stay somewhere without worrying everyday I’ll have to leave.
                      I never gave up on my art and singing though. I love the fact you showcase artists with disabilities. Being an artist with epilepsy myself, it’s a great motivator.
                      I’ll probably be living in a place before the middle of next month too.
                      I had to ask if you knew, do the other renters need to be named or just have it reported 4 people in a house?
                      Does my food and personal expenses (i.e. cell phone cost) have to be added into the full rental agreement also or separately?
                      I’m going to the ssi office next week 🙂


                    2. Hi Jerm,

                      Beautiful message. This makes my day. Thank you.

                      I do not know if others you live with have to be named. I am assuming their names are on your lease. Unless you have your own lease directly with the landlord for just your room.

                      SSA only cares about rent, food and basic utilities. As far as I know, they only ask for documentation for rent and utilities – for food they just take your word for it. Cell phone or other expenses shouldn’t matter.

                      They also check bank accounts to make sure someone doesn’t have other income or too much savings.

                      If possible, it is great if you can set up an appointment, if you walk in the wait can be really long. It can be a phone appointment if you prefer. The deadline for reporting changes is ten days after the end of the month when the change occurred, so if you haven’t started paying rent yet, you have time.

                      That is good that you are on two waiting lists! You might want to check if you are still on them, and make sure they get your new address 🙂


                    3. Hi Sleepygirl,
                      You’re quite welcome. I’m glad I could make your day 🙂
                      Thank YOU!
                      I know the guy I’m moving in with and I found out theres no actual lease but there is a rental agreement with each individually. He sends the full amount to the main landlord every month.
                      Found out each room rented at the house has their own rental agreement. So I would imagine the basic rent agreement of me renting a room and paying my share that’s split 4 ways should be enough? I hope!
                      It’s the only part that still confuses me, sorry. I’m almost “ready” for the interview.
                      Thanks for explaining what they want to know for sure with rent utilities and the remainder being food and personal expenses.
                      I want to do a phone interview next week. Seeing that I’ll have my check soon and could give a money order for $600 that starts my rent as of May 1st.
                      I’ll be faster than SSA and make sure all the t’s are crossed and i’s dotted.
                      You have definitely helped me out with a life changing experience and i cannot thank you enough 🙂
                      I’ll be calling section 8 soon also.
                      Maybe I am on the list finally.
                      I just need to know about the rental agreement still.
                      You are so right about saying how “complicated” they make it.
                      I’m worried the rental agreement won’t be sufficient enough for the computing


                    4. I’m guessing the rental agreement you are describing would be totally fine. I doubt you will need more, but if SSA wants something more they will let you know.

                      I’m really happy for you that you are doing this!


                    5. Alright cool thank you once again!
                      Thank you so much for taking the time to answer all my “constant” questions.
                      You really have answered the questions that no one could ever answer. (agencies, lawyers, other people)
                      You being happy for me makes me smile! We don’t know each other but you are actually helping me with a next level change in my life.
                      If there is anything I could do from where I’m at …let me know please 😊


                    6. Hi,
                      There’s no need to thank me but you are so very welcome. 😊
                      Oh p.s. I’m calling them tomorrow to ask for a new redetermination interview as to why I was at a campsite, (correct city, zipcode) starting Jan.1 2015 …which was true for a bit. “With adequate cooking facilities” untrue.
                      Updated as of March 12 2018….
                      I’m living at Homeless, (wrong city, zipcode is a free homeless and food shelter) starting Jan.1 2015, “with adequate cooking facilities” untrue too.
                      I’m so excited of finally going to be living somewhere for longer than a month at a time. I completely freaked out re-reading it. Then realized…it’s in the gov’t computer that I was basically living in a tent and at the same exact date I was at a homeless shelter in another city. (Which is near where a movie theater I went to as a kid)
                      Looks like I’ll be asking them for proof of it all now. What a strange world indeed


                    7. So sweet thank you a million times over!
                      Ya know it basically comes down to typos by a federal agency. That I cannot abide by indeed


                    8. Ahh donkeys! I appreciate giving me the link but I only have Instagram.
                      The reason why I asked was bcuz honestly I think it would be awesome to actually talk to you beyond here. Your vibe is like the cool science girl who knows the system and cares about people for real and likes art too!
                      I’m ready to make a painting about you.


                    9. Thank you! I have never done instagram and am pretty maxed out on social media. There are a lot of people who post on this site, not just me 🙂 but most of them are through facebook.


                    10. Very welcome.
                      No worries I can understand completely why you wouldn’t have Instagram with everything else you’re working on.
                      Just gotta say once again how much of a light in the dark you have been. 😉


  53. Hello i need to ask you a ? my landlord just informed me he is selling the house and that i need to move out in the coming months.I have been looking for rooms non-stop on craigslist only for people to be renting, wants ONLY working people and NO Government Programs.How can i get a room and where else do i look.I can’t tell people what to do with their home but i have read stories of renters being biased to people on disability and sometimes refused to rent to them,and clearly i fell in that hole..What are my other options,section 8-HUD takes a very long time i heard but i guess i can ask about it,however i still needs a room to rent soon and i am so lost what else to do because no one wants to rent to someone on disability.


    1. Mario,

      So sorry to hear this. I’m not sure the answer here. When they say “no government programs” I guess you could check and see what they mean by that – some landlords don’t like programs like section 8 where they have to sign contracts and get inspections – but that’s not your situation.

      I have not heard of landlords turning someone down solely because of being on disability. As long as the room is in your price range, usually disability is seen as steady income, and when some places say “working” they will consider a steady disability check the same as working, because it is steady income.

      If you are looking for a room (not a whole apartment) then the deciding factor is sometimes how much the other people living in the house want to live with you.

      I would try writing up a brief letter about yourself – mention anything good (like if you are non-smoker, no pets, quiet person, good references from other landlords, steady income, age range (not young), clean, considerate, little about yourself or how you spend your time, etc). Nothing long, just a few sentences. And then either email that everywhere, and/or call and leave a message with all that info. Write or call everywhere, no matter what the ad says. In my experience, you will get a MUCH higher response rate. ❤


  54. Hello, good day.Quick ? So i am on concurrent benefit SSD/SSI/ I received $349 in SSD and $421 in SSI. I received 3 payments so far $349×2+$485..Before they could of recalculated my benefit it was $485 for a few weeks but now its corrected to $421 for Mays payment. So in total i had $1,183 of benefits + i already had $500 in my bank account separate from those 3 payments before they were ever i had a total of like $1,5k, then 2 weeks later i received a Back pay of the amount of $2,250 so together i have now $3.9k in both checking and savings combined..So my ? is and please explain this thoroughly ..Will SSA counts and combines both the money in one as spending down to $2,000 or under..I am getting SNAP and Medicaid and ever since that Back pay hits i can’t sleep thinking my medicaid and food stamp will be interrupted next month.I am so nervous and scared something will happens.I read on another website from a blogger who said Usually SSI back pay has exclusion to other state benefits for 6-9 months also like the spend down for the back pay,but how true is that i don’t know.I just don’t want my snap and medicaid gets interrupted being that i am single and every cent counts.The back pay in general will spend down most definitely over the months,but what about the incoming benefit for MAY how the heck will that goes down because that is just adding more money on top of the $3.9k that i already have..So i just need to know what will happens next month with the upcoming benefit deposit of $349 + $421 and also what will happen with food stamps and medicaid and the spend down limit of the back pay..I read so many on SSI and SSD but i still don’t understan how they works.Another blogger said usually if you don’t spend you monthly benefit it rolls over to be asset towards the $2,000 in addition with the next month payment.Then another blogger said when you’re on concurrent benefit it’s only the SSI is countable and not the SSD..How true is that i don’t know.Just tell me what to do or what to expects with this large amount.


    1. Congrats on your approval.

      For SSI – your backpay is excluded as a resource for 9 months. Basically, your bank account can be over the limit for 9 months, then it has to be under the limit.

      For medicaid – in most states as long as you are on SSI you are automatically on medicaid.

      For food stamps – you would need to research the policies in your state, or ask your caseworker if they can find/tell you the policy. It is often called “lump sum retroactive social security benefits.” In every state I have seen it is excluded. I can’t remember the time period either 6 or 9 months.

      There is a catch here: They often pay SSI backpay in installments – 3 installments 6 months each… which means… you have to do math!

      You get 9 months to spend EACH installment.

      If you don’t want to do math, then maybe the easiest thing to do is spend each installment down before the new one comes in.

      If you were disabled before the age of 26, you can put your backpay in an ABLE account and not have to worry about all this mess 🙂

      more stuff you might want to know is here:


      1. Hello again sleepy girl, so today i woke up with another back pay of $2,262 from SSP.They sent me 26..that’s right 26 deposit of $87 all at once…New York State Supplement (OTDA). Apparently when they sent me the letter telling me of my supplement payment i didn’t read the complete full letter that they said they will also pay me back payment from when i was initially disabled, so now i have SSI back pay of $2,250 and SSP of $2,262..O my god i am sooo scared something will happens..I think i may need to call SSA and NYS OTDA to confirmed that my medicaid and food stamp will be secured.. I AM SUPER NERVOUS now my heart is beating fast…omg..I know you told me there should be exclusion for like 6-9 months before everything start being interrupted but i just needs em to tell me so i get this nervousness away..


        1. hi mario,

          I think this will work out ok for you.

          SSA backpay definitely is excluded for a length of time, and I would guess OTDA would be too.

          The person who answers the phone may not know these regs. If you decide to call food stamps or medicaid, you can ask to speak to a caseworker who specializes in this area and ask about “lump sum retroactive payments” but I wouldn’t listen to anything you are told on the phone by anyone. Ask where you can find the written policy.

          here’s something on ny medicaid:

          How does a retroactive lump sum SSD or SSI benefit affect Medicaid eligibility?

          “The SSD or SSI lump sum is disregarded (exempt) for nine months following the month of receipt.: See Resource chart p. 6. When the recipient responds to the Stenson notice with bank statements that show that resources are now above the Medicaid limit and the recipient received an SSI/SSD lump sum in the last nine months, be sure to attach the SSA Award Letter awarding the lump sum, and explain that the nine months has not yet elapsed.”

          Looks like new york has eliminated their resource limit for food stamps, so they don’t care how much money you have in savings:


  55. My SSI payment seems very low,$421 cmon now Yes i am receiving concurrent benefits which is both SSDI AND SSI but my concurrent benefit is $349 and my SSI is $421.That doesn’t seems right.I see people getting $500 on SSI and a little less than that in SSDI. Maybe it’s New York City Maximum,however i still think i am underpaid,My SSI needs to go up more, i can hardly pays my rent and have any money left over for cable bill $87 plus clothing etc.I went down to the field office, they said that is correct, no more i can get, i called SSA hotline,they said the same shit, that is correct, nothing more you can get.Then hell might as well i moved to another state then because NYC is not doing me no good at all.


  56. I am recieving ssi and recently they reduced my benefits, because I rent from my brother and he willy nilly stated on my annual recert that he would rent the property out for 950.00 a month. I pay 432.00+utilities. Now they are reducing my ssi to 625.00 and going to collect overpayments of 75.00, because paid 20.00 lower in rent for awhile. Fair market value is 850.00 for this place (I have letters from relators and classifieds in area to support my case for 850.00). Already did reconsideration and was denied, but I didn’t know reason behind the deduction. What’s the 1/3 (that I’ve just found out here, but still don’t get) and what should I do?


    1. Hi Karen,

      I’m sorry to hear you are going through this.

      Does your brother own the property? Do you know – did they based your figures off of fair market value or did they collect information on how much is the mortgage, property taxes, etc?

      If they are reducing yours to 625, they didn’t take a full 1/3. they are probably calculating that you are getting some reduction, but not totally free so they didn’t reduce the full amount.


      1. Sounds like Karen’s brother is an a-hole who screwed her over by volunteering too much info. Wants to charge even higher than market value?! Does SSA even bother to research said values?
        Maybe you can re-appeal
        arguing down its value. Is it the same size as the others? Measure the square footage. Is there any structural damage?


  57. I have a couple of questions

    1st question….. If my wife and I are separated and my daughter lives with her and she gets SSDI from my benefits will my daughter still receive SSI if I’m getting SSI?

    2nd question……If I’m awarded both SSI and SSDI can I rent a 3 bedroom home with a monthly rent note of $1300 which is greater than my SSI payment and I stay alone????….with both SSDI and SSI I can afford the payments along with paying all utilities, food, lawn service, car insurance, and rental insurance which leaves me with roughly $400 to $500 left at the end of each month as longs as I don’t have to purchase clothes, repair my car or purchase additional meds past my normal monthly amount.

    3rd question…..if my duaghter is allowed to receive both SSDI and SSI, can her mom put her full SSDI check into a college fund for her and the fund not effect my daughter’s SSI check?

    4th question…. Will my require renter’s insurance and car insurance be seen as resources? Also, I’m I allowed to purchased a new car and pay a car note and keep SSI benefits? (Don’t have the money but would like to know the answer)

    Many thanks for providing answers to my questions!


    1. Hi tony,

      1. Is your daughter disabled and currently getting SSI? Who would be the primary custodial parent (person daughter lives with majority of time)?

      2. People on both SSI and SSDI only get a total of $750 per month. At the amounts you’ve listed here, you won’t be eligible for SSI.

      3. The SSDI will affect your daughters SSI. A college fund won’t change that. As far as I know: If your wife is caring for your disabled child, under certain circumstances she may be eligible for dependent benefits (mother/fathers benefits). If your wife files for dependent benefits, then her and your daughter will SPLIT the amount of benefits, causing both checks to be lower. (I’m pretty sure she can do this even if separated). Depending on other household income and living situation, this could make the daughters SSI check higher, or it could have no impact.

      4. As far as I know, the only kind of insurance seen as a resource is life insurance.

      Yes, you are allowed to purchase a new car. One car is excluded as a resource from SSI. A second car counts.

      – If you and your wife do not have a car now, then the new car does not count as a resource.

      – If you are separated and she has a car, you can also have a car, and that does not count as a resource.

      – However, if your household already has a car, then a second car does count.They will count your EQUITY value of the car. At the beginning, this may be zero and cause no problems, but eventually you would have some equity in the car.

      Hope this helps. ❤


  58. I recently won my SSI disability case and just had my financial interview. Currently, I pay 0 rent because I have no income and am on HUD does this mean when there figuring out my benefit it will be lowered because housing is paying my rent? My rent will go up as soon as I have an income.


    1. Hi Nicki,

      To the best of my knowledge, HUD assistance is a government program and should have no impact on SSI. If your check is reduced, that means they made a mistake and you can get it corrected. Congrats on your approval.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I have not seen any specific rules addressing this. I have met other people who met this criteria with a letter from the landlord or homeowner stating that they had researched similar housing in the area and were setting the rent at fair market rent, the same as they would charge any other tenant.


      1. I wonder if SSA even has the resources to check on that. I’m just getting started on this and I’m using $300 as a starting amount. Don’t want anything that seems too low, so definitely more than the 1/3 deduction, but can’t go too high because the amount they give us is just so low. The exact pro rata share 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 etc. assumes all the rooms have the same value, but consider some rooms are bound to be smaller than others, may have fewer amenities, any structural damage, etc. Consider 2 people living in a house where one of them gets the large master bedroom with its own private bathroom vs. a small simple room. Is that really worth a 50/50 split or more of a 60/40 or 75/25?
        I’m going to attempt writing into the rental agreement “The homeowners have determined this is a fair market rent for a room of this type [or size] and condition in the area.”


        1. Good ideas, Brian.

          You could also collect a few craigslist ads or classifieds for rentals in your neighborhood.

          For example, if you have a couple ads showing rent in your area is around $900 for a three bedroom, and you are renting one bedroom in a three bedroom house, that would show that you are paying about average for your area.

          I don’t think SSA will even ask for that, but it doesn’t hurt to have the documentation just in case 🙂


  59. I am in Sacramento, CA. My mom lives with me. I am her landlord. She pays $500 a month for rent with everything included. She pays for her food. I am not helping her financially in anyway. There is no mortgage on the house, but why should that be SSA’s business, as it has nothing to do with my mom.

    What she is paying is fair rent for my area, but we never signed any contract or paperwork. Would this be a problem? I don’t want her to lose anything unjustly. Thanks.


    1. It depends if she is on SSI or SSDI or retirement.

      If she is on SSI, and you feel she is paying fair market rent, then when she comes up for SSI review, you can follow the instructions above to write a letter stating this is fair market rent for your area.

      It’s a good idea to sign a lease and for her to pay her rent by check every month so she has a record. Hope this helps.


  60. I receive the full SSI amount. I was wondering if anyone knew if the amount would be effected if I moved in as a roommate with the father of my child? He would be charging me rent for the bedrooms me and my children occupy and we would split utilities. I would buy my own food. Since we do have a child together would it be seen that we are domestic partners and take his income into consideration? Thanks for any reply.


    1. Hi Sarah,

      I have no way of knowing how social security will decide to treat this.

      Other readers report that during SSI assessments, some workers at Social Security ask questions about “holding out as married” and some do not.

      You can look at the link to the regs above. I can’t really predict what they would decide in your case. I hope it goes well for you.


  61. my niece is living with my husband and I, we had to fill out papers for ssi explaining expenses, etc, well since this she hasn’t been honoring her agreement and hasn’t paid anything for the last month,actually she has been leaving for days on end and this last issue is i am expected to fill out ssi papers verifying she’s paying as we stated in order to raise her amount to a proper amount. she wasnt collecting thetotal amount because she wasn’t paying rent as she had no income, now they say she’s getting less because she didnt pay rent, with income of course we expect her to pay, we struggled financially for 2 years because she didnt have a penny to her name, at this writing i am seeking advice because she not only hasnt paid her rent for the month but she also hasnt bothered to respond as to when she’ll return, you still pay rent whether you physically are here or not, i don’t want to be stuck in a situation of lying about anything and i certainly feel at this time we have been put in an awkward situation
    everyone seems to think she should be entitled to a life of coming and going whenever wherever and however she wishes, but they don’t know all the facts, or our agreement, so if she expects to continue receiving her ssi we do expect her to abide by OUR agreement i dont think this is too much to ask. she isn’t receiving money to run around and enjoy everyday without responsibility and obligation being unable to work is one thing, if you can maintain a free lifestyle then you’re not unable to work and that puts us in a very bad situation, what do we do as we are now being totally ignored.


    1. All you can do is be honest on the SSA forms.

      If she agrees to start paying rent, get the agreement in writing, and she can contact SSI and request a redetermination to raise her SSI again. If she can’t afford it, you can loan her the rent money until her check raises, as long as this is part of the signed, written agreement.

      If she does not want to pay rent at all, then her check stays the same. Then it is more of a family matter where you have to make a decision what you want to do in your household.


  62. Thank you sleepygirl. My son is covered under my major medical insurance through work (Aetna) and has UPMC for You as secondary. The insurance he pays for is his share of the deduction that my work takes out of my pay. I will definitely look into the one room rent cost in my area and follow up as you suggested. You have been a great help.


    1. I hope it goes great for you. Yes, SSI will not care if he pays you back for insurance. 🙂 they only care about food, rent, and utilities.

      If for some reason, when you meet with them, they are still deducting his in-kind, you can appeal this or just ask to speak to a supervisor who can help you sort it out, but I think/hope it will go through without a problem. ❤


      1. So can someone pay medical expenses on your behalf and that not be counted against you? I’ve seen it said elsewhere that Social Security doesn’t care if someone pays for your phone, cable, internet. What about clothing, education, or travel expenses? Do you have a list anywhere of the expenses they do and do not care about?


  63. My son is 22 and lives at home and is receiving SSI. He works at a job with a piece rate income. I was told that he could split all the utilities, rent and food by 3 (mom, dad and himself). A third of Trash, Medical/Dental Insurance and Electric is $80/mo. and groceries he contributes $150/mo. and rent $200/mo. (mortgage paid off). I buy all the groceries and just have my son pay the monthly average of $150 his share. My son gets “In-Kind Support and Maint.” deducted. His SSI checks have only been between $58 and $119. Why is my son getting In-Kind Support deducted if he is contributing to his share of food and shelter expenses? He isn’t even able to contribute the full amount that would be his 3rd because he does not have enough income. Should I not be charging him for trash, ins. and rent? Please advise your thoughts, Thank you.


    1. Sounds like they may have made a mistake.

      If you want to make things as clear as possible, you can sign a rent agreement with him. It should not include insurance. Just rent and utilities. Food can also be included, or he can just buy his own food.

      Since there is no mortgage, I am not sure if they will consider it enough to be paying 1/3 of actual expenses, or if they will expect your son to pay market rate. the rules I have seen do not address this point.

      If you feel your SSI check is incorrect, you can call and request an SSI redetermination.

      His check will still be somewhat lowered because of his job income, though.

      It doesn’t matter who pays his insurance, you can pay it and this won’t affect ssi. But if he is on SSI, why does he have an expense for medical insurance? Doesn’t medicaid cover his medical?

      If his food is separate from you, he can also apply for food stamps:


  64. Hi. Thank you for the breakdown, it is really helpful but I need some answers
    In the case of individuals with SSI/SSDI and PAA, how much will such person be receiving and how much can be used for rent
    What is the process to apply for SSA/SSDI and PAA?
    How is PAA support different from SSI and what is the process for an assisted living facility to collect?
    What are the requirements to set up an assisted living facility?
    What are the services that need to be provided by an assisted living facility?
    Sorry for asking so much questions, any info you can provide will go a long way.


    1. Hi Keisha, I’m sorry I don’t know what PAA is. This might be the name of a program in your state. Do you know what it stands for?

      Not all states pay for assisted living. If you are in a state where medicaid pays for assisted living, and you go into an assisted living facility, I believe they will provide housing and food and assistance, but they will take almost your entire SSI check. They leave you a very small amount. I think it varies by state but may be as low as $30 per month.

      Another option is to get on a medicaid waiver program. In this case, you stay in your own home and keep your entire SSI check and medicaid pays for a home aid to come help you in your home.


  65. Example #1 of Suzy living with her mom, total expenses $1000 and she pays half = $500 for rent + utilities.

    That $500 is more than a 1/3 deduction, i.e. $250 out of $750 (2018 fed rate). If she was paying at least $250 but still less than $500 would that difference count against her?


      1. But I thought the whole 1/3 deduction is SSI rule. Living Arrangement category B living in the household of another where you’re receiving food and housing from someone in it. That’s where it says Federal SSI money is reduced by one-third whereas Categories A (living in own household) and C (child living in parents’ household) say the maximum federal SSI money is used to compute your SSI payment.


        1. Oh, I’m sorry, I misunderstood.

          You are correct that is an SSI rule 🙂

          In my understanding, they will still look to see if you pay your full share of rent. Paying one third of your income wouldn’t qualify you for maximum SSI. However, if you are paying some rent, it might not be reduced by the entire one-third. Sometimes it is reduced by less.


        2. I can’t get full amount for my sons. Many people go to the local office and get it but they want to know our family expenses and then tell us the support we are giving is a gift for them. I have two sons with sis . I am making another attempt with $ 700 + signed rental agreements in hands. Any suggestions? Ready to hire an attorney to fight for me.


          1. Also: Do they both live with you? Do you rent or own your home? Did you show that they were paying rent in the past, or is this the first time you are presenting proof of them paying rent?


  66. There is a scenario I did not see here that I know is an issue for many NYC people.
    There are “affordable housing” lotteries where people can apply for apartments for much lower than market rents.

    These “lotteries” usually involve you having to be in a very specific income range to qualify.

    The glitch is this: The rents are still usually higher than the 30% of income that SSI people are expected to pay, but if you have someone who is willing to help with rent above and beyond what you can pay, that money can be considered as “income,” as far as I know and thereby making it possible for someone to qualify for an apartment they would not be able to obtain just on SSI alone.

    I read an article by a local organization saying that some people are being given a hard time by SS because of someone contributing to their rent, even if the landlord is paid directly and when the reason is that the person is paying ONLY the amount above the 30% the SSI person is paying.

    Is there any resolution to this you know of?


    1. If someone is paying part of your rent, SSA will lower your check. The only solution I am aware of is to see if the housing organization will take into account if someone pays for something else instead (not food, rent or utilities), or if see if they would accept if someone is able to co-sign or undersign the lease. SSA has no penalty if someone assists with other kind of bills or household items.


      1. My son is living in a room in my apartment. He will pay me back the monthly rent he owes. I am charing him $400 rent per month, which i believe is the fair market rate for a room in my area.
        His monthly income is $250. He is paying $200 rent per month plus utilities. He has to pay back $200 rental loan to me, whether or not social security benefits are received. Do I have to include the $200 he is paying me monthly & the $200 rental loan in the rental loan agreement separately or I can just state “I am charging $400 rent per month, which I believe is fair market rate for a room in my area” in my rental loan agreement?


        1. I do not know anything about contract law, but I think in most loans the payment details are included in the agreement, and then there are records kept of exactly how much is paid and how much is still owed. I hope it goes well for your son.


  67. I receive the full 735 $ a month I just recently found a room for rent of Craig’s list . The room is 540 a month that includes Elise of the shower and electric . I buy my own food . The rest of money goes to laundry Matt and food that is mine kept in my room will this affect my ssi


    1. It sounds to me like you are correctly following all the regulations. I do not think this will have any effect on your SSI.

      It’s a good idea to keep a receipt to show you are paying your rent each month – or pay by check so the canceled check is your receipt. SSA does not ask for food receipts.

      Social Security may never have any issues with this amount, but if they want more info, other people have handled this by submitting a brief (one sentence) letter from their landlord stating “This tenant is paying the fair market rent for a room of this type in this area.” Since you got this room off a craigslist ad, you are obviously paying market rate.

      Hope your new place works out great for you. If this rent is higher than what you were paying before, you can contact your food stamps worker and let them know about the change. You may be eligible for more food stamps.


        1. In my understanding, this wouldn’t reduce your SSI. But the extra money is coming from somewhere.

          However you are getting that extra money could reduce SSI…. depends on the source of the funds…

          Hope this helps


          1. I’ve been using my student loans and grants for payments as well as TANF.

            Will they have me send in those proofs before they approve it.?


          2. Thank you, and its coming from student loans and grants, as well as TANF. Would they ask for proof of this before they start payments?


            1. Oh good answer. Student loans should be fine.

              TANF rules are complex and vary by state. However, if someone is on both SSI and TANF, I think that one or both checks will be reduced, so just something to keep in mind.

              I don’t see a problem with your rent being high. I do not know if they will ask for proof.

              You might find it worth it to get on some waitlists for affordable housing since of course you won’t be able to stay in this situation forever, hope that this helps. Congrats on your approval. ☀️💛


              ssi interview:

              boring tanf policy:


        2. Danni, SSI is so stupid! Why should you not having enough money to pay your EXPENSIVE rent make your SSI go down? If anything, it should raise it! But I also wonder where you’re getting the extra money from. Even if somebody else is paying it, you apparently have NO money for ANYTHING else!!! How is you even living???


  68. When someone writes an paragraph he/she maintains the
    thought of a user in his/her mind that how
    a user can understand it. Therefore that’s why this paragraph is perfect.


    1. What if you stay with a family/ friend and they receive section 8 and a form of SSI and you get SSI would that interfere with their hud


      1. To the best of my knowledge, the options for staying with someone on Section 8 are:

        1. stay as a guest. The renter would need to check with Section 8 and see if there is a limit on guests. Many Section 8 programs have a limit on number of days overnight guests are allowed (for example: 15 days per year). The guest cannot pay rent.

        2. Stay as a live-in aide. If the person is staying there to assist the person with disabilities, they could stay as a live in aide. A doctor needs to sign a form that a live in aide is needed. I could be wrong, but I believe the aide does not pay rent. I am not certain so you could check with the housing manager. Rent amount would not change.

        3. Stay as a family member or household member. The renter would need to contact Section 8 and ask if they are allowed to add a family member or another household member onto their Section 8. This may or may not be allowed. The new household member would then pay their share of the rent. Also, the rent would be raised based on that person’s income.

        Hope this helps.


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