How to Make a Rental Loan Agreement (SSI Regulations)

Robin Mead

If you are unable to pay rent, SSI has a policy that will allow you to set up a rental loan agreement to pay back the rent at a future time without impacting your backpay.

🌷 Rental loan agreements are sometimes used by people who are renting or subletting a room from a friend or family member. Obviously, a landlord who does not know you is very unlikely to allow this kind of agreement.

🌷 Applying for SSI: A rental loan agreement can impact the amount of backpay you receive.

🌷 Already approved for SSI: Some people use a rental loan agreement while waiting for their SSI amount to be redetermined.

🌷 The date the loan agreement is signed is important. See articles below.

🌷 Loan agreements must be feasible, unconditional, and include a specific plan for paying the money back. See articles below.

Article on Loan Rental Agreements for SSI

Sample SSI Loan Rental Agreement

SSA Policy on Rental Loan Agreements

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