How to Get the World to Come to You

Missed The Bus by Donni Lockridge

Tips from readers on how to make life easier when you can’t leave the house.

🌹 Craigslist

I use Craigslist a lot and many people are so kind to deliver right to me — even setting up items for me. I sell unneeded items on Craigslist, too, and make a few dollars now & again. I also sell my paintings & bird houses & feeders & painted tennis shoes . I also grow my own veggies & strawberries.” – DL

🌹 Referrals Through Area Agency on Aging

“When I needed wheelchair ramps, I called every organization in the state. The only one that was helpful was the Area Agency on Aging – even though I am only 30 years old. They sent me a list of resources and I got custom-built free ramps on my house. They have all kinds of resources and information there for help you can get in your home.” – DN

🌹 State ID

“If it is a renewal, you can do it by mail. If it is not a renewal, in my state, the DMV can come to your house to take a picture, fill out forms, and give you a state ID. This is for disabled people. Call the DMV and they will direct you to the closest DMV that will come to your house.”

🌹 Living With Others

“I am not well enough to make social plans and it stresses me out to have people come over. Living with housemates works really well for me. I don’t have to plan anything, but if I want company, people are already there in my house. I never invite people to the house, but my housemates sometimes invite their friends and family, so I make new friends that way.”

🌹 Electric Wheelchairs and Scooters

“Medicare and Medicaid paid for me to have an electric mobility scooter to use in my home. It’s been a big help.” – JS How to Get an Electric Wheelchair or Scooter Through Insurance

🌹 Faxing

“For anyone who is not aware, there is a really cool inexpensive way to fax online. I’ve had to do quite a bit of faxing since I’ve been sick and this program has been a God send for me.” – JC

Little faxing: Hello Fax

Lot of faxing: Metrofax

🌹 Pharmacy

“Online pharmacy delivers your meds to your house. My friend liked this service so much, he applied for a job at the company.” Pill Pack

🌹 Eyeglasses

“Sounds too good to be true. But it is true! Prescription eyeglass for $7. You have to know what your prescription is. Try to exercise a lot of self-control at check out. Uncheck all the boxes to add bells and whistles and just buy the basic glasses. $7. Really. Zenni Glasses. If you can’t leave your house to get to the eye doc, for $40, this business offers online vision testing and prescriptions. I have not tried it: Opternative

🌹 Packages

“I am bedridden and can’t get to my front door to take delivery of postal items that need to be signed for. But I can walk to my bedroom window so I have delivery people deliver items through my bedroom window.” -KC

🌹 Family Events

“For one daughter’s wedding and the other daughter’s baby shower, their friends set up a live feed for me so I could watch on laptop from my bed. It was truly wonderful to be included in that way!” – KC

🌹 Power of Attorney

“I’ve had a number of times where I needed a notary (for Power of Attorney and other documents). A traveling notary who would come to my house was not cheap. I called my State Representative’s office and they offered to send staff over (for free!) to notarize documents. It seems like it should be a simple problem to solve, but I was almost in tears at the offer. We had to reschedule twice, but they took care of all the notarizing.” – JM

🌹 Practitioners 

“We have had acupuncturists and a cranial osteopath come to our home. Insurance paid for part of it. We also found a service that would send someone to our home to insert a PICC line. You can also find people who give massages it will come to your home. And sometimes a lymphatic massage might be helpful if people have sensitivities or if deep massage might release something that could be not so great for a CFS patient.” – JD

🌹 Stools

“I bought a rolling stool to use in the kitchen. It is a little bit tippy/dangerous, but it makes it possible for me to prepare snacks.” – VO

🌹 Caregivers

“I’ve had a hard time finding people to be caregivers. I finally discovered a site called which has been just great.” – JD

🌹 Bored While Resting?

Colleen Steckel has created this great list of activities you can do from home or from bed.

Learn More

How to Be Homebound

🌹 Updated May 2017. Please let me know more ideas to add to this list!!

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