How to Please the Social Security Gods

Artwork: Robin Mead

Here are five doctor rules you might not know. If you can follow these rules, the Social Security Gods will be happy.

Please follow these rules before you apply, while you apply, and after your are approved, and for the rest of your life or as long as you are on disability.

Five Social Security Rules For Doctor Visits

  1. Social Security would like your doctor to be an MD or another kind of acceptable medical source.
  1. Social Security would like you to see your doctor regularly. Whatever amount your doctor recommends.
  1. Social Security would like you to follow your doctor’s medication and treatment recommendations. According to the policies, it does not matter what the treatment is, as long as your doctor recommends it and writes it in your records.
  1. If you have a good reason for not following treatment, please let your doctor know the reason. If possible, check that this reason is written in your records. Good reasons may include no money, no health insurance, or too many side effects.
  1. It is better not to cancel appointments, if possible.

Already approved?

Social Security would like you to keep seeing a doctor and getting treatment FOR THE CONDITION YOU WERE APPROVED FOR. If you got approved for Bipolar, and then later you got cancer, the easiest way to pass medical reviews is to stay in treatment for the Bipolar. They will not look at the cancer unless there is a problem.

Can’t get to a doctor?

If you haven’t been going to a doctor, the best thing you can do is start going immediately. You may still be able to turn thing around. If you can’t get to the doctor because of finances, insurance, transportation, or being homebound, check out How to Get to the Doctor When You Can’t Get to the Doctor.

Meds not working out?

If you need to stop meds because of side effects, try to talk to your doctor about this if possible. You are allowed to stop medications. It is only a problem if your doctor writes down that you “refused treatment” or were “non-compliant” or decided to stop taking medication that the doctor thinks you should continue taking.

If you do not like your doctor’s treatment, you have the right to switch to a doctor who recommends a different treatment. Very important: new doctor must be an acceptable medical source. Some people switch from a psychiatrist to a psychologist if they want less psych meds.

Want to make the Social Security Gods love you even more?

How to Work with Your Doctor to Get Great Disability Documentation

Updated Oct 2017. Please share questions, stories, ideas below. 🐳🐬💙

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