How to Escape Medicare Fees

Artwork: Zeraph Dylan Moore

If you are on Medicare, you may be charged co-pays for medical visits, plus your Social Security check may be lowered by about $100 per month to pay premiums.

Good news! You may have some options to escape all this.

πŸ… Option #1

Get Medicaid also. This is the best option, since it will usually pay all your co-pays and premiums, plus give you some additional services and benefits. Some states will allow you to have both Medicaid and Medicare.

πŸ… Option #2

Try Medicaid again. Many, many people get turned down for Medicaid because of mistakes or misinformation or because they applied for the wrong Medicaid program. There are several different medicaid programs you can try. If you are having trouble qualifying for Medicaid, check out: How To Get On Medicaid Even if You Can’t Get On Medicaid

πŸ… Option #3

Sign up for a Medicare Savings Program. This is the second best option, since this will pay for all your premiums. It may also pay your deductibles and co-pays. Don’t get scared off by Medicare website, which, oddly, does not include the correct information about the financial criteria for all states. Instead, check out this actually accurate guide to Medicare Savings.

πŸ… Option #4

If you have high medical costs, you may be eligible to get into a medicaid through a Medicaid spend down or buy in program. These programs vary by state.

πŸ… Option #5

If one and two and three don’t work, you can look into:

πŸ…Β Learn More

Many people report that the SHIP program was helpful to them in figuring out the best Medicare plan to use. The SHIP program will not know about and will not tell you about Medicaid regulations and many of the programs listed on this page, but they may be able to help you navigate Medicare in general.


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