How to Escape Medicare Fees

Robin Mead

If you are on Medicare, you may be charged co-pays for medical visits, plus your Social Security check may be lowered by about $100 per month to pay premiums.

Good news! You may have some options to escape all this.

Option #1

Get Medicaid also. This is the best option, since it will usually pay all your co-pays, plus pay all your premiums, plus give you some additional services and benefits. For example, in some states it will give you dental and vision care.

Option #2

If you got turned down for Medicaid program, or you got cut off from Medicaid when your Medicare started, don’t give up! Try a different Medicaid program.

Check out this list of Many Different Medicaid Programs You Can Apply For. People on Medicare can qualify for any of the different Medicaid programs listed below. Try them all!

💮 Medicaid waivers

💮 Medicaid for Working Adults with Disabilities

💮 Medicaid for Aged, Blind or Disabled

💮 Medicaid Spend Downs

💮 Medicaid waivers for Mental Illness

Option #3

Seriously, keep trying. Some people just call Medicaid and get told they are not eligible and give up! Don’t do that. How to Respond When You Are Told You Can’t Get Medicaid.

Instead, be like Pansy! Pansy is on Medicare and SSDI. She was repeatedly told she could not get Medicaid, but she didn’t listen. How Pansy Got on Medicaid By Being Smart, Scrappy & Persistent

Option #4

Apply for SSI. If your SSDI check is below $755 per month, you may be eligible to also collect SSI. This means you would automatically get Medicaid as well. To apply, call Social Security and request an SSI Interview

If you were turned down for SSI, or you think you are not eligible, look here: How to Apply for Disability When You are Told You Can’t Apply for Disability

Option #5

Sign up for a Medicare Savings Program. This is not as good as getting Medicaid, but it’s still pretty good, since this will pay for all your premiums. It may also pay your deductibles and co-pays. Don’t get scared off by Medicare website, which, oddly, does not include the correct information about the financial criteria for all states. Instead, check out this actually accurate guide to Medicare Savings.

Option #6

If the above options don’t work, you can look into:

Learn More

Many people report that the SHIP program was helpful to them in figuring out the best Medicare plan to use. The SHIP program will not know about and will not tell you about Medicaid regulations and many of the programs listed on this page, but they may be able to help you navigate Medicare in general.


2 thoughts on “How to Escape Medicare Fees”

  1. This page has been so very helpful. Do you have any plans on expanding your Medicare section? Assistance for finding affordable secondary insurance plans if Medicaid only covers the Part B premium and navigating the rest of what Medicare covers?


    1. Hi Gigi,

      So glad it helped. I do not know more about Medicare plans, but I’ve met people who said calling a SHIP counselor was very helpful with figuring out this kind of thing ❤


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