Sample Disability Accommodation Letter: Poor Credit History

Adapted From Disability Rights Oregon Fair Housing Handbook by McKenna Lebens and Kathy Wilde


Dear [Apartment Manager/Housing Authority/Landlord]:

I am applying to be a tenant at [address]. I have poor credit history due solely to my disability. My poor credit is the result of hospital bills which I incurred for treatment of my disability.

I am requesting that you modify your rules regarding credit history and disregard my poor credit as a reasonable accommodation under the Fair Housing Act. I am enclosing proof that I have sufficient income to cover rent.

Attached please find documentation from my [(physician, psychiatrist, counselor, social worker, case worker)] verifying the disability-related circumstances which led to my credit history.

Please reply in writing regarding this request for an accommodation within 10 business days. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to receiving your reply.

[Your Signature] [Your Name]

Optional: “If necessary, I can arrange to have a co-signer on my lease.” You can add this sentence if you have someone with good credit willing to sign with you. If you have a Housing Voucher please check with your Housing Authority to confirm that a co-signer will be allowed.

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2 thoughts on “Sample Disability Accommodation Letter: Poor Credit History”

  1. What if it happen because confusion due to disabilities, trauma from losing all in a fire you were injured escaping, buying more goods with credit than you thought the insurance was covering?


    1. This sounds to me like a good basis for a request, if you have a doctor or case worker confirming that these credit problems were caused by trauma symptoms related to disability. I hope it goes well for you.


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