Men on a Budget in the Time of Coronavirus

Art: Robin Mead

Ray Taylor Tetreault and his wife were able to save more than a thousand dollars a month with their mission of “having more by paying less.”

For men and (women) on a budget, Ray is putting together some fantastic tips for making it through the lean times. Visit Ray’s site: Men on a Budget.

Meet Ray

After my wife became disabled in 2006, we had to really look at our budget to identify the nickel and dime splurges that did not really give the best bang for the buck.

My wife and I have been able to save $1200 a month… $10 here and $100 there with the attitude: “if you can’t have the best of everything, make the best of everything that you have.”

Ya know, we really didn’t cut out as much as we cut back and swapped for more meaningful purposes. We were basically wasting that money on behaviors that were hurting us more than we knew.

Dining on a Dime

I earn nothing from my website. It’s for men on a budget (and those who love us). My mission is to help people have more by paying less. I just published this article on Dining on a Dime Deals

Streaming from Sling

New offer during coronavirus: Sling TV has just released Free Streaming for People Stuck at Home

What’s a Bot? 

Price shopping is just as important as discounts. There are some excellent price assistants out there, too many for ME to write about. These price assistants are called “BOTS.” Wot’s A Bot? I’m asked A LOT.


I was able to use the coupons for GoodRX and the Retail Me Not RX Saver programs to score medications for less. Some were 60% savings. Others were up to 90% off. How to Be Broke & Medicated

Online Libraries

Library offerings and digital collections will change by library systems, but here are some apps and tools to look for at yours: I Love My Libraries

Free TV and Movie Apps

We didn’t really watch $100 a month worth of cable. So now we are paying for internet only and streaming more TV and movies. We use that $100 each month for things that matter more: Free TV and Move Sites

Food For Thought

Looking to make better use of ingredients you have on hand or looking for fewer ingredient, yet healthier recipes? SuperCook is Super Cool.


Are you leaving your microwave plugged in 24/7 just for the clock? I’ll tell you the time if need be. How much of your energy bill comes from products plugged in but not used? Great question! A cable box with DVR costs about $7 a month to the average household in California, and that’s not including their coffee pots, microwave, internet broadband or other appliances and services.

Family Recipe

This recipe is a family favorite, made with only four ingredients and usually amounts to only $1 per serving… serves six. Ground beef is usually on sale under $3/lb, canned veggies around 50 cents and potatoes are around $1. Ray’s Family Recipe

Don’t Discount the Discount

Last September I registered for community college classes as part of our Encore60 program. Free classes that I can audit.

Now I can whip out my medicare card or student ID card to get the best of the best. I am not only old as dirt for senior discounts, but I also qualify for student discounts, many of which aren’t available for seniors.

While classes may not be in session now, the application processes may still be operational. See what options for schooling may be available to you in your area for free or low-cost education. I can prove one thing… we’re never too old to learn new tricks.

Teach a Teacher

Please share your tips in the comments below. I know a lot about saving money and making money, wisely and legally, but I don’t know everything! (On the other hand, my wife does know everything… Google calls her for help)

Budgeting in The Time of Corona

While store inventories are dwindling, there will be a lot of people dining on toilet tissue in the months ahead. The grocery industry will continue to replenish the store’s shelves with the perishables that are being snapped up like a blizzard.

Now is the time for us to use our money as wisely as possible across our budgets. Let’s use time to look at the visible and invisible ways to save in an effort to focus on not only the values of our money but the values of our lives.

Today’s Updates: Help During the Coronavirus: Food. Rent. Internet. Unemployment. Paid Leave. Student Loans. Grocery Delivery. Doctor Visits. What to Do During School Closings. Important updates and bright ideas: Read the Latest Updates

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