5 Tips for Medical Expense Deductions in HUD Housing

Art: Robin Mead

Tip: Not everyone qualifies for medical expense deductions. For example: Sometimes disabled children don’t qualify. And sometimes non-disabled children do qualify. Confusing! Who Gets Medical Expense Deductions in HUD Housing?

Tip: Medical expense deductions use a special formula. Unless your expenses are extremely high, or your income is extremely low, it may not be worth the trouble.

Tip: You may be able to include non-traditional health expenses. For example: travel to doctor, vitamins, herbs, supplements, eyeglasses, equipment, cost of food and care for an assistance animal, and food/hotel/transport for medical travel.

Tip: Please make sure to always make your request in writing, and if anyone tells you it is not possible, ask for a written decision letter.

Tip: There are two different kinds of deductions. “Medical Expense Deductions” and “Disability Assistance Deductions.” The second kind only apply if someone in the household works. Some housing workers get these two kinds mixed up! Disability Assistance Expenses Deductions

Bonus Tip: Medical expense deductions are not reasonable accommodations. You don’t need to make an accommodation request. These deductions are part of HUD’s standard policies on calculating income.

Tools for Troublemakers

Facebook Group: HUD and Section 8 Disabled Residents & Family Members

The whole shebang: Epic Master List of Disability Accommodation Letters

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3 thoughts on “5 Tips for Medical Expense Deductions in HUD Housing”

  1. Do you know of any way to get a medical deduction for increased food costs due to needing organic foods, or grass fed, no hormone added foods, etc. The costs of course, are higher to do this. I could get a doctors note. I just don’t know if there’s a way to delineate the cost specifically enough for them.
    Also, Is there a cap on the amount of medical deductions they’ll take?


  2. i suggest always asking them to send their total for medical expenses. i’ve fond they changed the rules for filing, or didn’t calculate properly. this ensures I get the full deduction as they’ve either made mistakes with me in the past, or didnt inform me of the new paperwor they needed for the deduction.


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