How I Got Approved for Disability with Lyme Disease

Art: Miss Diagnoses

A page full of Lymies who won their cases! 

Daisy Wins Her Case with a Doctor’s Letter

🌺 Two weeks before my hearing, I met my attorney and he told me that I needed a doctor’s letter to make my case stronger. (He was right!).

Violet Wins Her Case with Function Forms

🌺  When I got to court, the lawyer said I had the best documentation she had seen all month.

Sweet Pea Gets Approved in Four Months (without a lawyer!)

🌺 Don’t assume that our doctors are knowledgeable about Social Security and know what to do. We need to be our own advocates.

Jasmine Gets Approved in Six Months (without a lawyer!)

🌺 We put ten things in one envelope. Six months later, I got approved

Lori Gets Approved in Three Months (without a lawyer!)

🌺 My doctor told me that I would not get approved for disability for Lyme Disease, but I could get approved for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. 

Buttercup Makes the Best Application Ever Seen

🌺 My mom was right: you have to do everything yourself. 

Acacia Gets Approved Through Observations

🌺 I didn’t know my doctor’s were observing me and writing everything down.

Poppy Wins Her Reconsideration in 5 Easy Steps

🌺 Some states have a “reconsideration” stage after initial applications. Only 7% of Requests for Reconsideration are approved. Here’s how Poppy did it.

Ivy Starts a New Application

🌺 Mental health can be incredibly important in Lyme Disease disability applications.

Free Samples

Lotus’ Disability Letter

Connie’s Disability Letter

Daffodil’s Disability Letter

Petunia’s List of Limitations

Lori’s Medical Summary

Rosemary’s Medical Outline 

Records & Paperwork 

Belladonna Turns Water into Wine

🌺 My doctor said she would not fill out disability paperwork. I was so upset.

Cherry Blossom Finds Secret Medical Records

🌺 I thought I had seen all my medical records. I was wrong. 

Dahlia Finds a Surprise in Her Medical Records

🌺 Why were my friend’s records so different than mine? I guess I will never know the answer, but I have a theory.

Cautionary Tale

Patty was not approved. But she is sharing her story so it can help you get approved.

How Patty’s Lawyer Never Told Her What She Needed to Know

🌺 I had my lawyer for 15 months. He never once mentioned that anything was wrong.


Every person on this page was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease.

And every person on this page was approved for Social Security disability.

But no person on this page was approved just for Lyme!!

Some people were approved for Lyme plus a combination of conditions and impairments caused by the Lyme. Other people were approved based solely on the impairments caused by the Lyme. Learn more about: What Diagnosis Helped You Get Approved For Disability?

Learn More

Lots more about how to improve your chances of getting approved: Disability for Lymies

The fantastic comic at the top of this page is by Miss Diagnoses. Come learn more about The Lymie Adventures of Miss Diagnoses

Please comment below with stories, ideas, questions or suggestions. Please let us know if any links on this page stop working. 

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